Altos Enterprise Limited: altos Business Plan 2024

Altos Enterprise Limited is one of the direct selling companies in India, with many direct sellers in India. Many people have questions about Altos and especially those who hear about Altos MLM for the first time on Social Media and in Groups.

Altos Enterprise Limited

In this post, I’m gonna show you the complete information about Altos Enterprises Limited Company.

Here, you will know about;

  • Altos Company Profile
  • Altos Business Plan
  • Altos Products 
  • and many more.

Let’s dive into this topic.

What is Altos Enterprises Limited?

Altos Enterprise Limited is an Indian Direct Selling (Multi-level Marketing) Company that was started in 2000. Dr. Ashwin Gupta is the founder of Altos Enterprise Limited. The Headoffice of Altos company is located in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Altos started with 7 products and was registered under MCA in 2002 and now it is one of the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies and also this company member of IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association). Since then till today lakhs of people have made their future by joining it. In this too, like other companies, there is a chance to earn money by selling the product and recruiting new people.

Altos Company Profile

NameAltos Enterprise Limited
FounderDr. Ashwani Kumar Gupta
Incorporation Date28 October 2002
Product CategoriesFMCG, Personal Care, Wellness, Garment
Office AddressAltos Nagar, Humbran Road, Ludhiana-141008, Punjab, INDIA

Altos Business Plan

Basically, Altos Enterprises Limited is working on Binary Plan like Smart Value Company. Which, every Distributer has two-leg, Left and Right, where they have to add new people.

1. Altos Loyal Uses Plan

As we know, Under the Direct Selling Guideline of India, there are no joining fees in a Direct Selling company, you need to buy some products first.

After joining Altos Company, you have to buy the company’s products and you can get up to 50% discount on each product and the same discount is the retail profit when you sell the product in MRP Price.

Loyal User Plan is only used for those who are doing business by themselves, I mean, they buy products themselves and sell them themselves. There is no other person working for them. Now let’s talk about Career Builder, which involves connecting people and is the main income plan of the company.

2. Altos Career Builder Plan

Under Altos Career Builder Plan, first, you have to add people on the Left and Right Sides. And, In the same way, you have to motivate and say those two people to add 2 more people below them. This is how you build your binary network.

When you are building a team under you, members of you are purchasing products and selling Products, in which each product has a different BV (Business Volume).

First, you get a Supervisor Level in the company, in which you have to buy a product of 500-500 BV on both the left and right sides. According to the purchase, your income is 50 to 100 rupees.  After Supervisor, there are many positions of Director, Champion, Manager, Executive, and many more which increase with the purchase of your network. 

You can also understand these BV-Earnings Methods from the chart below.

LevelTotal BV in Left and Right SideAverage Income (INR)
Chief Executive50,0005,000-11,000
Chairman1 Lakh7,500-19,500

Altos Income Plan

As we have already known in this article, in the part of Altos Business Plan, there is 2 main income from this company. 

  1. Retail Profit Income
  2. Career Building Income

The first income is the retail profit, which is the same as the discount on the MRP of the product.

If the price of Altos facewash is Rs. 200, if there is a 15% discount, the direct seller will get that facewash for Rs. 170. And, when the direct seller of the company sells these products at a maximum of Rs. 200 MRP price, their profit will be Rs. 30.

The second income is Career Building Income which is used when the Distributer adds new people and earns commission from their sales. The higher-priced products your network buys, the higher the BV and the higher your profit.

Then the other bonuses come from Altos. Which are found on completion of Fix BV (Business Volume).

Altos Products

The business plan of any company works only when its products and services are good. The success of the company and its distributor depends on it. However, John M. Taylor researched that the success rate of Network marketing is very low, which is 0.04%.  

Altos Company has over 250 products available. About 90 of these are manufactured by its own Manufactured unit, Abhisheik Pharmaceuticals.

Altos Enterprises Limited provides Health Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, Agriculture, and Garment Products, there is a huge list of products in this Category which you will get find one my another Blog Post, Altos Products Price List also, here, in this post, you can download the PDF file of this list.

 This company also gives some offers to its distributor from time to time. Which is much more beneficial. Such as 1 absolutely free on the purchase of 3 products, 1 free on the purchase of 2, or 1 absolutely free on the purchase of 1, etc. Apart from this, the Company has also a lot of Schemes that work to grow the business of the Company.

Altos Business Apps

After Joining the Altos Company, if you want to manage your business through your phone, there is an app named, “Altos Business Application” which you have to download on your phone and use it.

Why choose Altos enterprise Limited Company?

There can be many reasons to work in Altos Company. Some of these are listed below;

  • Altos has almost 20 years of experience in doing Direct Selling Business which is important for a good company.
  • Altos Company is a member of the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA).
  • It is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.
  • Altos has a range of about 150 High-Quality Products at affordable prices.
  • This Company has fulfilled the dreams of many people through its Business Plan.
  • The Management of the company is very strong and very helpful with a good team of professional, dedicated, and experienced distributors.
  • The company provides testing and quality education systems for its distributors.

Altos Company Review

Now, We know the Altos Business plan and its products. Now the question is, is Joining Altos Worth it?

First of all, Altos is a product-based MLM company that does not charge any joining fee, only you have to buy products by filling out the Joining Application. In a way, Altos is following the direct selling guideline. So, the chances of companies disappearing and fraud are low. And also, The price of Altos products is Affordable, normal people can afford them.

On The other hand, The BV of many products in Altos is very low, one of the shortcomings we have seen in Altos. Because the lower the BV, the lower the profit on that product. So, Apart from the performance of Altos Enterprise Limited has been much worse than most of the Indian MLM companies like Vestige, Asclepius Wellness, and Modicare, it has not had any significant impact on the direct selling industry.

FAQs on Altos Company

  1. Who is the owner of Altos company?

    Abhishek Gupta is the Director of Altos Enterprises Limited.

  2. Is Altos an Indian company?

    Yes. Altos Enterprise Limited is an Indian Company.

  3. Is Altos is a direct selling company?

    Altos Enterprise Limited is an Indian Direct Selling Company. Dr. Ashwin Gupta is founded this company in 2000.

  4. How many products does Altos have?

    According to Company’s official site, Altos has now more than 250+ products & its wide range includes Health Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, Home Care, FMCG, Agriculture, Deo & perfumes, Aroma Natural Beauty and skin treatment.


I hope you have gotten the all information about Altos Enterprise Limited Company from this article.

In Short, Altos Enterprise Limited company is good for getting Affordable products, but do not see one thing of the company, there are lots of factors before joining the network marketing company. I am not an adviser to say join the company or not to join the company.

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