Asclepius Wellness Review 2024 | Asclepius Wellness fake or real?

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Asclepius Wellness Private Limited is an Indian Direct selling company that is started in 2014. It is listed in the Legal Direct Selling Companies list of India, and also it has the approval of FDSA membership.

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In this post, I am gonna show you the complete company information of AWPL like my other post about Indian Company, Vestige Marketing Private Limited, and Smart Value. And also a Foreign Company, Tupperware.

Here you will know about;

  • What is Asclepius Wellness
  • Is AWPL Scam
  • Method to make money from AWPL
  • Lot’s More

Let’s dive right Now.

What Is Asclepius Wellness?

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited also known as AWPL registered in 2014 in MCA. Some Business Professionals Founded this Company. Currently, Mr. Sanjeev Kapur is the CEO and MD of this Direct Selling Company.

Asclepius is a Greek word that means in Simple English a “God of Medicine”.

So, it is easy to understand, this company definitely works in the Health Wellness Sector.

Asclepius Wellness Company Profile

Company NameAsclepius Wellness Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U51909DL2014PTC272296
GSTIN. No. 07AAMCA9419N1Z0
Established Date2014
DirectorSanjeev Kumar (MD), Chand Raipuriya, Amit Kumar
ProductsWellness, Oral Care, Hair Care, Beauty & Food Care
Head OfficePlot No. 18, Pocket-8, Block-C, Sector-17, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075

Legal Documents

1. Consumer Affairs – Undertaking Acknowledgement

2. FSSAI License

Note: The official website of the company is Here we have shared the Information and documents of the company for information and Education purposes only which will prove the Authenticity of the company.

Is Asclepius Wellness A Pyramid Scheme?

Actually No, AWPL is not any type of Pyramid Scheme or Illegal Business. Basically, it works in Direct Selling Model.

Associate or Direct Sellers can earn commission and Retail Profit when they sell Products and Recruit other Members. 

Recruiting… What the hell?

Don’t worry.

According to the method of Direct Selling, If you made a new Direct Seller by purchasing the Joining Kit under you, I mean your Downline, It’s called Recruiting in Direct Selling. 

This is not an Illegal or Fraud Scheme if the New member gets the Product of his Money from the company.

Asclepius Wellness Business Plan

According to the guideline of Direct Selling, You have to do 2 Major Tasks to get a commission or money whatever you call it, from the company, Asclepius Wellness.

1. Product Selling

Probably, you already know this term and How it works, So Here I will explain it to you in a real example.

SR No.Product NameQuantitySPDPMRP
1Dental Cream100 ml1210252

Here you see, the DP of Dental Cream is 210 and MRP is 252. It means, as a Distributor or Direct Seller, you will get this product at the price of 210 from the company and you can resell this Product maximum of 252 rupees. So, your Product selling or retail Profit of yours is 42 rupees.

Retail Profit = MRP-DP

In addition to the retail margin, You will also get 1 SP (1 SP= Rs.10) which is added to your account as a Sales Commission.

2. Recruitment

In this scenario, When you will join another person in your Downline by purchasing Some Asclepius Products, you will get a commission on Long Term Basis. It means, Whenever you downline made a purchase from their account, You will also get a commission from them.

Asclepius Wellness Products

Asclepius Wellness has 5 categories of Products, Those are:

  • Health and Wellness Products
  • Oral Care Products
  • Hair Care Products
  • Food Products
  • Beauty Care Products

Already, I have shared the AWPL Product Price List and the PDF format where you will see all the categories of products.

Can I Make Money With AWPL?

Sure, you can make money from AWPL.

We already know it is a direct-selling company, so why do you ask this question, According to Direct Selling industry rules you can make money from the company by Product Selling or Recruiting.

Although there are many offers and bonuses available in the company, Product Selling, and Recruiting is the main task that you have to do. 

Keep in mind, there is no shortcut to earning money from Network Marketing, You have to do much Hard Work to get Desired High Amount of Income.

Asclepius Wellness Income Plan

There are 5 ways to earn money from Asclepius Wellness, Those are:

  • Sales Commission
  • Monthly Sales Performance Commission
  • Star Sales Leadership Commission
  • Ambassador Club Leadership Commission
  • Regular Sales Commission 

How to join AWPL?

There is an easy way to join Asclepius Wellness Private Limited.

  1. Contact the Old Direct Seller of AWPL.
  2. Give them a xerox of your PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, and Passport Size Photo.
  3. Choose the Package: Welcome Pack or Executive Pack or Premium Pack.
  4. Then the existing Direct Seller will fill up the form.
  5. After getting Confirmation from him, You have successfully joined the Company and worked with their Products.

What is the Joining Package of AWPL

Package NamePackage Price (INR)
Welcome pack3111
Executive pack5551
Premium pack9995

FAQs on Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

  1. How to correct the direct seller name on the Asclepius Wellness site?

    You can not correct the Direct Selling name in Asclepius Wellness If Your ID is Verified and Activated according to your Legal Document. 

  2. Can a government employee work in Asclepius Wellness company?

    Sure, A government employee can also do Network Marketing either Asclepius Wellness or any other company besides their Government Job.

  3. How to cancel an Asclepius membership?

    Why do you want to cancel the Membership? By the way, It is your choice. You can cancel an order by visiting their nearest branch and the official Asclepius Website within 30 Days of joining.

  4. What to do actually after joining Asclepius Wellness?

    After Joining Asclepius Wellness, You will get some product which is decided on your Package. Then you can either sell this product or use it at home. Besides selling and using Products, You can recruit other people in your downline to earn more commission from them.

  5. What is the success rate of Asclepius Wellness?

    There is no actual Success rate percentage of Asclepius for individuals. But, John M researched and showed that Network Marketing Success rate is 0.04%.

  6. How many rupees did Asclepius donate in Pulwama Attack?

    Asclepius Donates 11 Lakh Rupees in Pulwama Attack.

  7. Who is the top rich upline at AWPL company?

    According to their official website, Mahipan Singh, Ramvir Singh and Shiv Kumar are the ambassadors and Top Upline at AWPL Company.


I hope you have got all the details of Asclepius Wellness Private Limited from this article.

As you know, Network Marketing Success rate is 0.04%. So, this is your choice, Do you want to join this industry or Company?

I am only just showing the details of AWPL. I am not forcing you to join the industry and company.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Is any friend or relative say you to join the company?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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  1. Hi friends im Acharya Jas
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    Great I just joined this company
    It’s a wonderful experience 😊 getting relief from ailments personally and my known ppl
    It is also mention here the I’m very new to this area

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