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Asclepius Company Profile

Company NameAsclepius Wellness Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U51909DL2014PTC272296
GSTIN. No. 07AAMCA9419N1Z0
Established Date2014
DirectorSanjeev Kumar (MD), Chand Raipuriya, Amit Kumar
ProductsWellness, Oral Care, Hair Care, Beauty & Food Care
Head OfficePlot No. 18, Pocket-8, Block-C, Sector-17, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited is an Indian Network Marketing Company that is on the list of legal direct selling companies in India. In addition, Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd has also FDSA Membership.

AWPL was started in the year 2014 and grows rapidly within 6 Years in Indian Direct Selling Market.

In this pandemic, People are more conscious about their health and want to take care more. That’s why, Many Health Wellness Direct Selling companies like Herbalife Nutrition, Smart Value, and Vestige, are producing more health wellness supplements and making a high margin profit. 

The term Asclepius is a Greek word that means ‘God of Medicine‘ in Simple English.

Like other Direct Selling companies, Asclepius Wellness promotes herbal ayurvedic health wellness products. 

Needless to say, you can understand the English meaning of names and which types of products they want to sell and make a profit in the Indian Market by Direct Selling Method.

AWPL Product Information and Category

Nowadays, Most network marketing company pays a lot of attention to health, wellness, and supplements products. During the Pandemic, Most people are very conscious about their health, people want healthier. That is why Network Marketing Companies are manufacturing Health Wellness Products. The AWPL company also makes medicines in this case so that they can give you the distributor maximum income.

Basically, Asclepius Wellness serves 5 Types of Products in India.

Here is the products Category of Asclepius Wellness :

  1. Oral Care Products
  2. Wellness Products
  3. Hair Care Products
  4. Food Products
  5. Beauty Care Products
  6. Agriculture

The Price of this company’s products is a bit cheaper and more efficient than other Network Marketing companies. You will buy Asclepius Wellness Pvt ltd products or other company’s products, This is your Choice. In this blog post, I have only let you show the AWPL product list 2024 and Asclepius wellness all product list PDF.

AWPL Product Price List 2024

Here are the Asclepius Wellness product details with MRP, Sales Point, and Distributer Point. If you want to buy any Products or you are an existing Direct Seller of Asclepius Wellness Private Limited and want to know more AWPL product details, this Asclepius product rate list is very beneficial for you. Moreover, you can also download the PDF file of this list. Basically, I added a Google Drive Link there to the Asclepius product rate list.

Here, In this Product list, I am using some short forms of Attributes.

These are;

  • SR No. – Serial Number
  • SP – Sales Point
  • DP– Distributer Point
  • MRP – Maximum Retail Price

Let’s Get Started.

1. Asclepius  Oral Care Products Price List

AWPL company has only one Oral Car Product which is Dental Cream.

SR No.Product NameQuantitySPDPMRP
1Dental Cream100 ml1210252

2. AWPL Health Products Price List

In the Asclepius Wellness product list, the company has a total of 35 AWPL health products such are ADIDOC Drop, Aloe vera Juice, Ayush Kwath, Braindoc Ras, and many more. Here are the AWPL wellness products. Moreover, you can also Download the PDF file of the list at the bottom of the content.

Sl No.Product NameQuantitySPDPMRP
1ADIDOC Drop25 ml2375450
2Aloevera Juice1000 ml58341001
3Alrgydoc Ras500 ml710681282
4Ayush Kwath100 Gm1241289
5Braindoc Ras500 ml711351361
6Cardiodoc1000 ml1319282314
7Chlorodoc Ras1000 ml1320912509
8Coughdoc Ras200 ml2412495
9Daibodoc Ras1000 ml812431492
10EXE B-TON OINT100 gm3595714
11EXE Herbal Mehandi200 gm2395474
12EXE JC OINT50 gm2356427
13EXE PANCH TULSI OIL25 ml2345414
14Exe Wheat Grass Powder100 gm3520624
15FEVODOC PRAVAHI KWATH1000 ml1218292195
16Free You ANION SANITARY PAD10 pc.0.5115138
17Genodoc Wash100 ml1198238
18GYNEDOC500 ml812291474
19H Doc Hand Sanitizer500 ml0.25232250
20Herbal Green Tea100 gm2370444
21IMMUNODOC1000 ml1217632116
22Joint Curator Oil50 ml2328394
23Kidgdoc250 gm4680816
24Livodoc500 ml812731528
25Obeodoc1000 ml1521892627
26ORTHODOC PRAVAHI KWATH1000 ml1319162299
27Pilodoc Ras1000 ml1320632476
28Prassdoc500 gm69521142
29Prodoc200 gm3534641
30Stondoc1000 ml1421522582
31Thunder Blast500 ml1319102292
32THYDOC PRAVAHI KWATH1000 ml1320912509
33Triphala Ras500 ml2384461
34Veindoc Oil25 ml1219263
35VIRALDOC500 ml3588706

3. AWPL Hair care Products Price List

The company has only 3 AWPL hair products such are AWPL hair doc oil, Exe Hair Cleanser, and Exe Shine Oint. Here is the price list of individual Asclepius wellness hair products.

Sl No.Product NameQuantitySPDPMRP
2EXE HAIR CLEANSER100 ml1202242
3EXE HAIR SHINE OINT100 ml1236283
4HAIR DOC100 ml1202242

4. AWPL Food Products Price List

AWPL Pvt ltd has 23 food products such are BERRYDOC Capsule, BERRYDOC Juice, CURCIDOC Capsule, DIGIDOC Powder, and many more. Here is the price list of individual AWPL food supplements.

Sl No.Product NameQuantitySPDPMRP
1BERRYDOC Capsule30 cap69341121
2BERRYDOC Juice1000 ml1116601992
3COW-C-DOC Capsule30 cap69511141
4CURCIDOC Capsule30 cap69371125
5CURCIDOC Drop50 ml3478574
6DIGIDOC Powder100 gm1199239
7FENNELDOC Drop50 ml1193231
8FITDOC Powder100 gm2405486
9G-COFFEEDOC100 gm3527633
10Giloy Capsule30 cap1195234
11Giloy Juice500 ml2362434
12HEIGHTDOC Powder500 gm1726693203
13 Immunity Drop50 ml1186223
14MASSDOC Powder1 kg2033624034
15MORIDOC Capsule60 cap69481137
16MUSCLEDOC1 kg2543655238
17Noni Juice500 ml69811177
18OMEGADOC Capsule30 cap.69501140
19SEABUCKDOC Juice500 ml710651278
20SLIMDOC Powder500 gm813831660
21SPIRADOC Capsule60 cap69551146
22STEVIADOC Drop50 ml2339407
23VITADOC Capsule30 cap812681521

5. AWPL Beauty Care Products Price List

The company has 6 Asclepius wellness beauty products such are EXE ALOE VERA CUCUMBER CREAM, EXE HEAL DOC CREAM, EXE ALOE VERA SAFFRON POINT, and many more. Here is the price list of individual Asclepius beauty products. Moreover, you can also able to download the PDF file of this price list of AWPL beauty products which also include SP and DP value.

Sl No.Product NameQuantitySPDPMRP
3EXE HEAL DOC CREAM50 gm1223268
6EXE HERBAL FACE WASH100 ml1207248

6. AWPL Agriculture Products Price List

Sl No.Product NameQuantityDPSPMRP
2AWPL VEDIK AGRO- PGPR250ml4843581
3AWPL VEDIK AGRO-AGRO 90500ml4592551
4AWPL VEDIK AGRO- Bhuvita4 kg4592551

AWPL Products New Price list PDF Download

So, If you really want to Download the AWPL product price list pdf file, click the below button. And, this file will open in Google Drive. Then you can save the file on google drive or download it to your Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop.

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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is an AWPL?

    AWPL is the full form of Asclepius Wellness Private Limited, which is a Network Marketing Company in India.

  2. Is Asclepius Wellness fake?

    No. Asclepius Wellness a Legal Direct Selling Company in India. Established in 2014 with the head office located in New Delhi.

  3. Who is the founder of AWPL?

    Sanjeev Kumar.

  4. Is AWPL a network marketing?

    Yes. AWPL is a Network Marketing Company.

  5. What type of product does Asclepius Wellness sell?

    Asclepius Wellness sells health-related products via Network Marketing Business Model.

  6. What products are found in Asclepius Wellness for hair care?

    For hair care products, Asclepius Wellness sells Exe Hair Cleanser, Hairdoc (Herbal Hair Oil), and Exe Hair Shine Oint.

  7. Can AWPL Products be purchased from General Store?

    No, If you want to buy products from Asclepius Wellness company, then you have to become a member of the company and buy products from AWPL Shops, stores, and Branches.

  8. Which Oral Care products can we buy from Asclepius Wellness?

    You can buy DENTODOC Dental Cream from Asclepius Wellness.


To sum up, As per the feedback of the Customer, the  Asclepius wellness product result is Good. I hope this Blog Post on AWPL Product Price List was helpful to you. And, You are able to Download the AWPL products list 2024 PDF.

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