Atomy India Company Profile, Income Plan, Products (2024)

In this article, I am gonna talk to you and another Multi-level Marketing company and its business named Atomy Enterprise India Private Limited or Atomy India.

atomy india

Sorry to say to my Indian citizens. It is not an Indian Direct selling company, it is a Korean company. Don’t worry, what happened. If the product of this company is good, you can use it.

In this article, you’ll know:

  • What is Atomy
  • Is Atomy India registered in Direct Selling List
  • Are Atomy Product Very Low Quality
  • Method to make money from Atomy
  • And, Lot’s More about this company

So if you are a Direct Seller of Atomy or Wanna be this year, you will like this.

Let’s get started.

What is Atomy Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd?

Atomy Company was started by Han-Gil Park in South Korea. Atomy is a joint venture of Kolmar and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Han-Gill Park founded Atomy Co., Ltd on June 1, 2009, in South Korea. This company started with a joint venture of two manufacturer company Kolmar and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Company NameAtomy Enterprise India Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U74999DL2019FTC346490
FounderHan-Gill Park
ProductsWellness, Skincare, Home Care, Personal Care, Food and Beverage
Registered Office in India L-19, LGF, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019, Delhi, India
Atomy India Company Profile

Basically, Everyone says Kolamr is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in South Korea. It manufactures many products for many world’s biggest global companies.

For the last some years, Atomy expands its business globally. First Atomy was only work in South Korea, but now, it is working in Western and Asian Countries.

Here is the country where Atomy is working:

  • USA
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • China
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Singapur
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand

Note: Though Atomy is a Direct Selling Company, in India, Atomy has not fully started yet. Basically, Company has not appeared in the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies in India. But, somehow, people are still working here.

Though, Atomy is not registered in the List of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India, Is Atomy a pyramid scheme?

No, Atomy India Enterprise Private Limited is not a Pyramid Scheme. Though it is not registered in the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies in India, like Vestige, Smart Value, and Tupperware added. it is registered in the Ministry of cooperation affairs of India.

Distributors of Atomy only get commission while they sell Company’s Products. And, To get a higher commission, you need to recruit people.

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History of Atomy 

Since the company was started in 2009 in South Korea then the head of the company decided to expand its branch globally so it fast started are International branch office in the United States in 2010.

Then they are moving to Japan Canada, Russia, Mexico, and many others in Asian and Western countries.

Since its inception, Atomy claim, its purpose has not been to compete with other network marketing companies.

In other words, they compete with mass merchandisers such as Shopping malls, supermarkets, Retail Stores, etc. And also, in the Online Market.

From 2019-2021 Atomy has got many national and international awards. You can check out their official website in the history section.

In addition, in 2021, they were Recognized as the best company to work for in Korea.

Vision of Atomy 

The Vision of Atomy India is,

  1. Customers’ Success
  2. Distribution HUB
  3. Leading Company

1.Customers’ Success

Atomy says,

In order for our customers to succeed, we must go beyond simply satisfying them.

We must dazzle them, giving it our all to see them succeed. Through the medium of Atomy, consumers will achieve success and our business partners will establish successful businesses.
Atomy India

2. Distribution HUB

The Ultimate goal of Atomy is to become the world’s leading and biggest distribution hub.

They say,

The hub is the central unit of a distribution network. Atomy will secure absolute competitiveness to reach a position that connects all the manufacturers and consumers in the world.
Atomy India

3. Leading Company

Atomy says,

1. To do so, we have adopted a management philosophy called “Honesty and integrity is the best policy”.
2. We will always stay the course of providing consumers with good-quality products at affordable prices.
3. Not only is the company aiming to be a leading company, but its employees are also walking the same path.
4. We focus on programs that foster human resources, through which employees learn that value is added through being honorable and good-willed.
Atomy India

How does Atomy Work?

Atomy makes it possible for normal people to become a millionaire without putting their purses or moneybag on. Already Atomy works in 16 different countries globally with their 200+ health wellness, skincare, and many more categories of products.

According to the expert, it is expected that Atomy will operate in 30 other countries by 2025.

There are two ways you can work in Atomy India Enterprise Limited. 

  1. As an Independent Business Partner
  2. Using their Binary Marketing Plan

Independent Business Partner

By opening an online shopping mall, You can become an independent business partner of Atomy. As a wholesaler or Independent Business Partner, you get a commission of up to 30-70% on sales.

The Good thing is, there is no investment or headache required to deliver the ordered product. The company will deliver the materials to the names and addresses mentioned in your online shopping mall.

Your pressure and responsibility are limited to collecting orders from customers.

Binary Marketing Plan

This is a binary marketing plan program of Atomy. Here you need to join 2 other members in your downline I mean you have to approach them to work with you.

The 2 newly joined members will add in your two sides, the left side and the right side, according to Binary Plan.

After doing this, you will get up to 44% commission on these products that the new member purchase to join.

In addition, you’ll not only get this Commission for this product. Whenever your downline will purchase more products on their account you will also get a commission from their purchase.

Atomy India Products

Any business cannot run without any products or services. 

In this way, every MLM or Direct Selling company has its own products or services to run the company. And the most important thing face if the products are not good quality and not affordable, Then it is very tough to run the game in this competitive market.

Atomy India has health care, skincare, personal care, fashion, and food products. 

But looking at Atomy Products Price List, it is clear that its products are a bit more expensive than other sommelier brands.

Probably, this is the main reason, Why Jon M Tylor says, the Success rate of Network Marketing is 0.04%.

Can you make money with Atomy?

Yes, Obviously, If you sell products personally or your team generates a sale, you will get a commission.

You will know everything about How you can earn money from Atomy and also their Income Plan, just dig into this article.

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How to Join Atomy India ?

Before taking the Registration form to join Atomy, I will recommend you check the Criteria for Joining.

Are you really eligible to join Atomy India or Not?

Check below;

  • Your age must be 18 or 18+.
  • You have legal Government Registered Identity Proof (PAN Card, Voter ID card, Adhar Card).
  • To join in India, You are a citizen in India
  • You have Bank Account.

So If you are eligible, Watch this video to know the Step by Step Process of Joining and further Process in Atomy India.

How much does it cost to join Atomy?

There is no registration or joining fees for joining Atomy. Basically, Joining is free but, You have to purchase some products after completing the registration.

Atomy India Income Plan

The Atomy Compensation Plan does not contain any type of information about the PV(Point Value).

When you buy any product from Atomy, You will get a fixed PV(Point Value) on every Atomy product. On Each Product, the Point Value is Different.

So, Let’s dig into deep information.

There are 5 types of Income for Atomy Distributor:

  1. Retail profit
  2. General Commission
  3. Mastership Bonus
  4. Mastership Promotion & Incentives
  5. Education Commission

It is given in the following order when you complete the Class sequence and conditions:

  • Sales Representative
  • Agent
  • Special Agent
  • Dealer
  • Exclusive Distributor (E.D.)

When you complete accurately 10,000 PV, you get the title of First Sales Representative and then Agent on fulfilling the next condition and further process will go on after getting the exact point. 

Type #1: Retail Profit

Like other Top Direct selling companies, You can also make money from retailing up to 25% Profit of each product.

You already know what Retail Profit is.

You will buy products from the company at your distributor price which is called DP and then you can sell this product in MRP.

The Distributor Price of the Atomy Fame Skincare Set is 7906 INR including Tax and the MRP price is 9100 INR. If you sell this product at the exact MRP price, your profit is 1194 which is 15.1% and also you will get a PV point of 60000 for this product.

Type #2: General Commission

After becoming a Sales Representative, If you do 3 lahks own PV and the downlines, Left and Right also get 3-3 lakh PV, then you get 15 points and have an income of 70.

Remember, your own PV is “cumulative”. Which never decreases, always increases. But Downline’s PV goes back to 0 once it gets its income.

Look at the chart to understand the General Commission.

General Commission Income of Atomy

If you want to earn 300 Points, then both the downlines (Left and Right) should have 50000000 PV and your position on the final level is ED.

Type #3: Mastership Bonus

Basically, This Bonus is, 20% of Global PVs will be distributed among the achievers (7 levels of Mastership) who are eligible for this.

Mastership Bonus will be paid for the 1st period on the 22nd and the 2nd period on the 7th of each month. When a normal distributor gain 25 Lak PV in their Downloline and become a Special, Agent, this Bonus income is started.

Look at the chart, and you will understand;

mastership bonus in atomy

You can understand this from the chart below. This income runs from Sales Master to Imperial Master. It takes a long time to reach this income. 

In this income percentage, all PV the converted into points to earn income

Type #4: Mastership Promotion & Incentives

When Distributor achieves any Mastership (Sales Master, Diamond Master, or any), they get extra incentives such as Cash, Product Combo, and Tour Package.

Mastership Promotion & Incentives (One time) in Atomy

Type #5 : Education Commission (Centre Commission)

Atomy Provide 6% of a center’s total PV is paid to the applicable center to cover operational expenses like Showing Atomy’s Compensation plan to the new prospect, Training, and Products Review Session.

FAQs on Atomy India

  1. Is Atomy legal in India?

    Yes. Atomy Enterprises Ltd was incorporated under MCA Act, 2013 but not registered in Legal Direct selling Company List in India

  2. Is Atomy company registered in India?


  3. What country is Atomy?

    Atomy is Based in Gongju, South Korea.

  4. Who is the founder of Atomy?

    Han-Gill Park

  5. Is Atomy a Chinese company?

    No, Atomy is not a Chinese Company. Atomy is a South Korean Company.

  6. How many countries are in Atomy?

    For the last some years, Atomy operating in 16 Countries with 4 Million + Active Distributors.

  7. Is Atomy a direct-selling company?

    Yes. Atomy is a Direct Selling Company. It is not any Pyramid Scheme or illegal Scheme.

  8. How long has Atomy been around?

    Globally, Atomy has been working for around 13 years. In India, Atomy Enterprise Private Limited was incorporated in 2019 and works for around 3 years.

  9. How many products have to be taken in Atomy to start the Business?

    Atomy says you have to buy at least 10,000 PV if you want to start the business and earn. That means you have to buy products worth Rs. 1500 to 2000. But, to make a better income, you are recommending buying 3 lahks PV.

  10. Is PV Cumulative in Atomy or is it low?

    PV in Atomy is cumulative. It is always increased on purchase and never decreases.

  11. Need to make purchases products from Atomy every month?

    Nope, There is necessary to shop for Atomy Products every month. But it is important to shop once or twice or triple a year. Otherwise, the company will close your Membership.


I hope, this in-depth article is helpful to you before thinking about joining Atomy India Enterprise Private Limited

Now, It is your choice Do you want to Join Atomy or Not?

By the way, I am only just showing the details of the company. I am not forced to work and join the company.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Is your friend saying to join the Atomy? That is why you are searching for Atomy.

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