Can be Ayurvedic is Best Against Covid-19 by India Govt

India on Ayurvedic
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Ayurvedic medicine test is start in india for against Covid-19.

The COVID-19 outbreak initially in China. And now this Corona Virus is continuing to grow all over the world.

Ths a Pandemic situation, the World Health Organization Declares it. This small virus destroyed almost every country in the world.

There have been more than 7 Million confirmed cases in the World. Total death is not cross 5 Lakh Up to this time. It is increasing day by day.

America has currently reported the highest confirm cases. More than 116K people have died.

On 13.06.2020

America will reach the 4th Stage of Covid-19 Cases in June-July.

Ayurvedic can Be Vaccine of Coronavirus

As we know, Anyone can not discover the vaccine of the Corona Virus. We know, the Covid-19 Virus first Present in China.

But the fact is, The effect of the virus in China is decreased. But, the effect of Covid-19 is increasing in the world day by day without China.

Chinese report on Recovery

Coronavirus affects in China at first. Naturally or artificially this COVID-19 spreads from china. But also China is the 1 st country that controls this virus the most. Though becoming 140 crore country, China is able to stop affecting in its small area.

Some say that China made this Coronavirus. It is a perception, there is not any real official proof.

Recently in Bejing’s white paper says that Ayurveda of China cures a maximum of COVID patients.

92% of people have been completely cured by Chinese Ayurveda. Chinese medical science is around 3500 years old.

China applies the “Lianhua Lingayen capsule” to the COVID-19 affected persons. Maximum people have been recovered by this.

India Govt on Ayurvedic

On 13.06.2020, Report of Cocid-19 in India

The Ministry of AYUSH and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) are working together to legalize four AYUSH formulations against Covid-19 and the trial will begin in a week.

CSIR Director General, Shekhar Mande, and AYUSH Secretary, Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha said the results would come within three months.

Basically, we know The Lower level of Immunity Power is the main reason for Death in Corona Virus. Therefore, we have to increase our Body’s Immunity Power.

But, the question is How we Increase our Immunity Power with Food?

Noni Fruit is the best Fruit to Boost Immunity Power

Therefore, Govt selects the main things to Boost Immunity Power is Ayurveda.

We know, Noni Fruit is the Power House of Anti-Oxidant. In addition, It is the best Fruit to Boost Immunity Power.

So, you have to choose Noni Juice of this fruit, But the problem is, there are many companies of Noni Juice. But, as we recommend, Smart Value Nourish Noni Juice is the best option for you.

Government speech on Ayurvedic

Mr. Kotecha said AYUSH and CSIR have a broader vision of cooperation.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This kind of study has never happened in our country. These four candidates are Ashwagandha, Yashmidhu (Mulithi), Guduchi + Pippali (Gilay), and AYUSH-44, which was invented to treat malaria and is being rebuilt. “He said.

These four candidates are Ashwagandha, Yashmidhu (Mulithi), Guduchi + Pippali (Gilay), and AYUSH-44, which was invented to treat malaria and is being rebuilt. “He said.

So, we are studying 2 types of stimuli as profile access on high-risk populations of horse odor. We also plan a competitive study between hydroxychloroquine and horse odor,” he added.

The AYUSH Secretary said these four formulas will be tried as add-on therapy and quality care for COVID-19 patients.

“So, we believe in Ayurveda. We can’t demonstrate the process of action like modern medicine. Ayurvedic practices existed a lot before the advent of modern medical practices. So, we need to validate some Ayurvedic principles. So, the time is absolutely right against coronavirus. We try some Ayurvedic formulas against the coronavirus, ”he said.

So friend here is the Some well-known Ayurvedic herbs and spices are- Ashwagandha, Noni Fruit, Triphala, Brahmi, Cumin, Tulsi, etc.

The China Government has done very well in the practice of traditional Chinese Ayurvedic medicine. They have been able to show why some medicines are effective,” he added.


Many of us take the homeopathy because its effective as well as low in cost. But in this situation, Ayurveda proves that it also can be trustable. People forgot about their old Indian culture.

Keep believe in Ayurveda, and be healthy.

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Stay Home Stay Safe.

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