6 Factors Before Joining No.1 Network Marketing Company in 2024 For You

5 Factors Before Joining No.1 Network Marketing Company in 2021

Do you want to know that this year’s No.1 Network Marketing Company?

Which is that company which you should join now in 2024?

Which in the next 5 to 10 years is going to grow well?

Do you want to know which is such a company where after joining you can earn maximum income will definitely?

As well, you will get the perfect answer to this question.

But in a different way, I will answer these questions instead of telling you which company is number 1 in a different way.


I am going to give you some factors with which you yourself will judge which is the number one company? I don’t have to say the name that is best for you telling you that is more important for your future for your personality.

Which company is the best in the network marketing industry for YOUR PERSONALITY? Basically, there are thousands of thousands of companies now worldwide.

When there are thousands of companies so to get a No.1 Network Marketing Company. It is a very big deal to choose, Which company is perfect for you.

So, I will give you 6 Factors to choose the right Direct Selling company for you.

 Now, Let’s check this…

1. Define Sector

Most people make the mistake that they just hear that this company is famous this company is growing. That time, you decide, I will join this company. It is speedily growing. It is wrong to choose.

What you have to do very first you have to see which company is best for you. 

So the industry is very large now in the direct selling industry.

There are multiple sectors of the Direct Selling Industry:

  • Skincare
  • Health Drinks
  • Nutritional Supplement
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Service
  • Travel 
  • Garment
  • Lot’s more

Now, You have to decide the sector that your interest is in.

Which sector that you have to do that work in.

Which sector do you want to work well in don’t see that you have to join a Multi-level marketing company? You have to see that you are starting your business now. In which business there is a margin in which business will grow.  

Then, You have to decide on the company. I will join this MLM Company.

You have understood that but which sector you have to choose the Sector. if you haven’t chosen till now, so you decide that your interest is in.

Which sector if you will do a business how you will do it? You definitely see that in that industry what is the growth? whatever products you are going to go sell. 

What is the demand for that now you see that in the market?

For Example, many people have a problem with pimples now, they will you some cosmetic cream or some face wash, and your product is very effective.

If the man like your Products, they will definitely use it with.

Which you will have a repeat trying the base now this business is profitable for you. 

So, just like that, you have to create a thought process that whichever business, you are going to do.

Remember these 4 questions before choosing Right Sector,

  • What are the categories of that?
  • What is the sector of that and in that
  • What is demand?
  • How much is it going to grow?

So, This is the 1st factor before joining and grabbing any Direct Selling Business Opportunity. 

2. Track Record of Company


This is a very important thing before joining any MLM company.

Check the company’s track record and see how much the company is capitalized.

What does it mean?

You will see the past years of the company you will check what is the track record of the company.

You have to clear these 2 questions.

  • Is the company growing or not?
  • Is the turnover of the company high or low?

Along with this, you have to see the founders of that company how much money do they have. how many assets do they have?

You can tell me, What’s the need to see the asset of Founder?

Why am I saying this If a company has to grow then they need money definitely. 


They can earn and reinvest. But, when there are hard times then many network companies get closed now in the hard times will be there.

So what the founder of the company will think that the first money should be given to me or to the distributors.

Therefore, the person who does not have money must think that he must get the money because he has to sustain the company. But the person who himself has a lot of money?

He will think that my distributors must get income in hard times also. So you choose a company whose track file is best and that company’s capitalized and their founders are very potential.

3. Group of People

group of people

Now the third factor which you have to see and analyze before entering a market is People.

Let me discuss.

You are not joining a Multi-Level Marketing company you are joining a group of people, you are joining a team.

Now whichever team you are joining you see the team in which team you are going what is the energy of the people. How much they are passionate about their goal.

It will be your turning point to achieve your Goal Quickly.

Because, if they will be passionate then they will develop a culture, and because of that culture all the people every member of the team will grow. So becoming a part of such a team is better where people have a vision have high energy.

So guys, before entering the company, you have to see the group of people that are these people is good for me? 

or will I get the right guidance and the right culture here?

4. How Legally Company is Working

Let’s see my 4th Point which you have to focus on is how legitimately the company’s working and Operating now?

What is the way to check legitimate the factor that you have to see is the company is giving money for connecting the people or when the turnover is getting produced when lead generation and sales are there.

Then, it is giving money on that.

Keep in mind that if you are getting money only to connect people then it is not business. 

It is a money-making scheme.

Because network marketing is a business model, where you will get a commission there when turnover is increased. So, if you are getting a percentage of turnover then it is a legitimate business.

So you can join that.

And, if it is a scheme then you will get money just by joining people that just joined the person and you will get the money then that is a Fraud scheme.

That the business won’t grow it won’t sustain you don’t have to join it. 

If you are getting turnover-based money that will grow also and move forward.

5. Only Doing Bussines or Have a Vission

Is the company only doing business or does that company have a vision?

What does the company want to create an impact on society?

The products which it has with those products what company is helping in the society? and what the vision of the company is in the market? 

What change does it want to bring into the market with Impact does?

It wants to bring in the world because the visionary leaders are going to grow a hundred percent and no one can stop visionary companies also.

But the companies don’t have a vision there you should not go now.

Here is the Video on the Case study of Vision and What is Vission Mission? by Dr. Vivek Bindra.

6. Support System of the Company

When you start any new job in a Corporate Company, Learning new skills, the culture of the company, background, completing tasks, and attending meetings can be overwhelming.

It is exactly the same in Network Marketing or Direct Selling. It is very important to know that you start your business with someone who will hold your hand.

Your upline always guides you, teaching you how to work, where to find information on your company’s website, who to contact or order issues, How to recruit new people. Keep in mind, it is not your upline that is always supporting you, so, find active upline. Your sponsors will be there to support your growth in any way they can.

You also need to be aware of whether your company provides any additional support to help your business. Do they host any local training sessions or information evenings? Do you have any tools to help you on social media like pictures or training on what to say to potential clients and customers? Your sponsor will be able to show you where to get these details initially but it is worth asking before you sign up for a company.

Some network marketing companies have a head office in each country where they are doing business This is great if you have one in your company Better yet, ask your sponsor if there is a dedicated support team for network marketers to communicate any order issues.


Now, These are the 6 factors before joining any Direct Selling Company in 2024.

Before joining any company, or an Associate who wants you to join, ask them to show and define these factors.

You have understood these factors and choose the right company for you and help people to learn and do new Business and Management skills.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you already work with any MLM or Direct Selling Company?

If, Yes.

Which Company?.

Let me know in the Comment Right Now.

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