6 Best Amla Juice Brands In India (2024)

best amla juice

This is the list of the 6 Best Amla Juice Brands in India.

In fact, One of the Juices in this list has helped one of our Team Member’s fathers to Control Hyperacidity in 2 Months.

Firstly, I am not sure about this Amla Juice. But, After using 2 Months, I will definitely say, Nourish Amla Juice is very good. It is very much helpful for me. My Digestion and Hyperacidity Problem is fully solved.

Prasanata Manadal

All of these Juice has lots of BENEFITS, these are a good choice for you.

In the market, most of the People are confused, 

Which do I want to buy? (Don’t Worry)

So, Let’s see this Juice… (By Rank)

1. Nourish Amla Juice

nourish Amla Juice

SVPS Limited Present Nourish Amla Juice is No.1 in these Best Amla Juice Brands List.

Lifespan Manufactured Nourish Amla juice is made from fresh and natural juice. It is the main source of vitamin C, which is a very powerful antioxidant.

Lifespan pvt ltd

It neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals. This juice helps to repair cell damage.

It promotes cell regeneration and delays aging. And, it detoxifies red blood toxins and the Liver.

Amla boosts the body’s immune system and helps protect against colds, coughs, and other infections.

it regulates bowel movements and regulates hypersensitivity.

On the other hand, Nourish Amla juice with Honey helps lower cholesterol and maintains blood pressure levels.

Most Importantly, Amla is strengthening the tonic for the brain and eyes.

By the way, Guys, If you want to know more about this Nourish Amla Juice with Honey Product in Visual, Kindly Watch this Smart Value Amla Juice Video.

Nourish Amla Juice Benefits:

  • Improve Immunity Power and System.
  • Helps in Weight Management.
  • Quick Flush out Toxin from Human Body.
  • Helps to reduce Bad Cholesterol Level.
  • Very Good choice for Diabatic Patient.
  • Helps to Increase the strength of the digestion.
  • Improve your Eye Power

2. Baidyanath Amla Juice

Baidyanath Amla Juice

Baidyanatha Amla juice is the most effective herbal juice which is basically beneficial to strengthen your immune system to protect your health from cough and cold. You can get 100% Extraction of pure  Amla Fruit.

The product has many other health benefits such as promoting healthy hair.

This juice helps to control cholesterol levels, supporting weight loss, rejuvenating the eyes. And also acting as anti-aging herbs for the human body.

This 100% organic natural and safe amla juice is free from sugar, dyes, oils, and seeds. You can apply it directly to the scalp to control hair loss, graying, and dandruff problems naturally.

Baidyanatha Amla Juice Benefits:

  1. Prevent seasonal diseases.
  2. Promotes healthy hair.
  3. Helps reduce bad cholesterol.
  4. Made with authentic amla fruit extraction.
  5. There is no added sugar, color.
  6. Rich in vitamins C, A, and B6.
  7. Very Effective for clear Eye vision.

3. Nourish Vitals Aloe Vera+Amla Juice

Nourish Vitals Aloe Vera+Amla Juice

Amla and Aloe vera are healthy combinations that make a strong herb for the human body. Nourish Vitals (Aloe Vera + Amla) Super Energizer Juice. 

This Juice brings many nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and more healthy ingredients.

This health tonic from Norish vitals works as a great antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory. Taking it regularly can improve our immunity, glowing skin, healthy hair, strong digestive system, and more effectiveness.

Moreover, this Nourish vitals health syrup is a vegetarian and 100% suitable product for men. The drink is composed of 65% aloe vera and 30% amla extract with citric acid.

Nourish Vital Juice Benefits:

  • Made from Aloe Vera and Amla fruit.
  • Fulfill with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many more.
  • No artificial colors, preservatives, smell, or flavors.
  • 100% vegetarian product Guarantee.
  • Helps to Increase your immunity power, digestion, hair, and skin health.

4. Kapiva Amla + Giloy Juice

Kapiva Amla + Giloy Juice

Amla has been considered as one of the most essential traditional herbal ayurvedic ingredients for many years which enhances our immunity and digestive system with regular use.

Kapiva 100% Natural Amla + Giloy Juice is the best amla juice product made from top-quality pure amla from Pratapgarh.

This healthy drink is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron as well as many other nutrients. It is a great detoxifying drink that fights inflammation, alzheimer’s disease and protects us against free radicals.

Moreover, this ayurvedic remedy obtained from Kapiva helps to keep our body in a healthy range by controlling blood pressure, metabolic rate, and blood sugar levels. 

It has a positive effect on our hair and skin to make it nourished and healthy.

Kapiva Amla + Giloy Juice Benefits

  • Very Effective one to boost immunity, and metabolism.
  • Works as an anti-aging herbs.
  • Supports weight-loss effort and glowing skin.
  • A helpful product for making hair healthy.
  • Be safe from cough and cold.
  • Keep blood sugar & pressure at Normal Mode.

5. Patanjali Amla Juice

Patanjali Amla Juice

Patanjali is a famous brand that manufactures all Ayurvedic healthcare products for us. Patanjali Amla juice is not just a healthy drink. It is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine made from fresh and pure amla extract.

The product from Patanjali is beneficial for self-defense deficiency, healthy skin and hair, strong eyesight, and strong immunity and digestive system. This prevents us from getting coughs and colds.

The product is a real source of vitamin C and lowers bad cholesterol and is effective in keeping your heart healthy while maintaining a positive nitrogen balance in the human body.

However, it is recommended to use this product within 12 months from the date of manufacture to avoid any damage problems with it. As a result, drink amla juice with water twice a day on an empty stomach.

Patanjali Amla Juice Benefits

  • Made with fresh amla extract.
  • Rich in vitamin C.
  • Strengthens the immune system and digestive system.
  • Promotes heart health.
  • Contains dietary fiber.
  • Good for controlling BP for humans.
  • There is no added sugar or color.

6. Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Juice

Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Juice

Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Juice is the healthiest and most suitable product for diabetics which promotes the physical and mental health of its users. 

The product is carefully processed with top-quality pure amla extract (98%) and sodium benzoate (2%) which contains all the necessary nutrients.

This health juice from Jiva is a great source of energy that can keep you fit at all times. It contains vitamins A, C, pectin, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, carbohydrates, and calcium.

Well, What are the health benefits of this product?

It acts as a great blood purifier for the human body which helps to enhance the beauty of the body. It prevents unwanted hair fall and gray color. 

On the other hand, This juice regulates blood pressure levels, promotes weight loss activities. If you have low eye vision,  it helps to improve your eyesight with regular use.

Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Juice Benefits:

  • Effective products for hair and skin health.
  • Helps to Maintain normal Blood Pressure.
  • Processed specifically for diabetic patients.
  • Promotes weight loss activities.
  • Made from high-quality bureaucratic extracts.
  • Rich in Vitamin C, A, Iron, and many more.


  1. What are The Best Brands of Amla Juice?

    1. Nourish Amla Juice
    2. Baidyanath Amla Juice
    3. Nourish Vitals Aloe Vera+Amla Juice
    4. Kapiva Amla + Giloy Juice
    5. Patanjali Amla Juice
    6. Jiva Swadeshi Shudh Amla Juice


In Short, Here is it is, 6 Best Amla Juice Brands in India. This is important to know that, The rank of these 6 juices has depended on our Member Review.

Now I’d like to know from you:

Are there any Good Juice here that we missed in our List?

Or maybe you have a question about our Product Rank.

Let us know in a Comment RIGHT NOW.

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