10 BEST Food for Calcium in Your Body [2021 Reviews]

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This is a complete list of the best food for calcium. If you want to see the high Calcium foods chart in One Place, then you will 🙂  LOVE this in-depth Article.

So, Let’s dive into this…

10 Best Food for Calcium 🙂 


 ➡ Cheese is a 🙂 Storehouse of Calcium.

Parmesan Cheese delivers 33% RDI per 28mg.

Is cheese a dairy product?

Basically, Cheese is Dairy Products. We know our body is easily absorbed Dairy Products than any Plant Source.

So, our bodies easily Soak Calcium from Cheese.

There are many types of Cheese which are fulfilled with Protein. By the way, you can read this list to know the best cheapest food for High Protein.

Some facts of Cheese

 ➡ It helps to digest for Oldage, Less Lactage.

 ➡ Cheese is to reduce the risk of Heart Diseases.

 ➡ Keep in mind that, Cheese contains Fats & Calories highly.

Bonus: You can read this point that how much Calcium is it take? 

The Bottom Line

Parmesan Cheese has 33% RDI oof Calcium, which is Good. On the Other hand, it reduces the Risk of Heart Disease. However, it’s fulfilled with Calories and Fat. That is to say, it is a very high calcium food.

Are you losing your Patience by reading sentence by sentence about the Amount of Calcium? So, Let’s Check this Table.

FoodCalcium (mg)
Calcium Per Food Table

2. Milk

 ➡ We know, Mother gives milk for her Baby’s health.

On the other hand, Milk is one of the best and affordable sources of Calcium.

One cup of Cow’s Milk delivers approximately 276mg Calcium. Besides this, Milk is a very good source of Protein, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D.

However, Goat’s Milk is another source of Calcium.


The Bottom Line

Milk is a great root of dry Calcium. 1 Cup’s Milk provides 30-35% RDI. By the way, it is the Cheapest best food for Calcium food in India.

3. Seed

 ➡ Seeds are simple & little storehouse of Nutrients. But, Some seeds contain very much Calcium such as poppy, sesame, celery, and chia seeds.

Chia Seeds also contain boron which helps the body metabolize calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. And, it also improves bone and muscle health.

For example, 1 tablespoon poppy seeds have 126mg Calcium.

Similarly, Sesame seeds have 9% RDI for 1 tablespoon (9 g) of calcium.

Also, Seeds are provided Protein, Fat for your body.

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The Bottom Line

Most of the Seeds are a good source of Calcium. For example, 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds has 13% of RDI.

4. Almonds

 ➡ Almonds Nuts are one of the sources of high calcium.

The contains of Calcium in Almonds is more than one-third of the recommended daily amount. It is top most listed element in Best Food for Calcium List.

1 cup of whole nuts contains 385 mg of calcium.

Which is WOW.

Although fat is mostly healthy and monounsaturated, calorie counts are high.

For example, a person should limit the amount of food they eat to a small portion of a quarter cup per serving.

Bonus: Similarly, it has 838 calories and about 72 grams of fat.

The Bottom Line

In short, Almonds nut has a maximum level of Calcium. Basically, 22 nuts provide 8% RDI of calcium. By the way, Almonds are premium food in this 10 Best Food for Calcium Chart.

5. Beans

 ➡ Beans have mostly contained with Fiber and Protein.

On the other hand, Bean also has Iron, Zinc, and also Potassium.

Some varieties have a little amount of calcium.

White beans are also a good source, one cup (179 mg) of cooked white beans provides 13% of RDI. Other varieties of beans and lentils contain less, about 4-6% of RDI per cup.

The Bottom Line

In short, Beans are extremely nutritious.

One cup (172 g) of cooked winged beans provides 24% RDI of calcium, while other varieties provide about 4-10% for the same serving size.

6. Amaranth

 ➡ Basically, Amarnath has a very much nutritious element.

If you cooked 1 Cup Amaranth which is 246grm, It will provide us 116 mg of calcium.

On the other hand, It is a good source of very high of certain minerals.

But, The 😥 sad news is, Amarnath Banned in the USA.

The Bottom Line

Besides, Amaranth leaves have more Calcium than 132 g of RDI per cooked cup. Although, The leaves are high in vitamins A and C. In this list Top Best food for calcium, I write about ‘Amarnath’ but it is banned in the USA.

7. Figs

 ➡ Basically, guys, Dried Figs contain Fiber and Antioxidants.

If you eat 8 Figs per day, It will deliver 241mg of Calcium in your body.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, It has little amount of Potassium and Vitamin K. Although, Dried figs have more calcium than other dried fruits.

8. Broccoli

 ➡ Broccoli is a human invent vegetables.

When you eat one cup of frozen Broccoli, you get 87mg Calcium from it.

National Cancer Institute of the US declares that It reduces the risk of cancer.

On the other hand, Broccoli helps to keep fit Liver, Breast, Bladder, and Stomach Cancer.

The Bottom Line

In short, If you eat Broccoli in your daily life meal, It helps to maintain your short problem in the Long term.

9. Edamame

 ➡ Edamame contains 98mg of Calcium.

It is mostly available in Shales or Ponds in East Asia.

Moreover, It has a high quality of protein.

The Bottom Line

In Up, we write, it has a high quality of Protein, But, there is little blank information. The blank information is, It has nine essential Amino Acids.

10. Orange

 ➡ In the Top 10 Best food for calcium Chart, Orange Fruit gives you 74mg Calcium in Single Glass Juice. Basically, Among all local fruit, Orange provides maximum Calcium. But, It is a low calcium food in this List.


The Bottom Line

Basically, One Orange fruit gives you a 74mg Calcium in Juice. If you have Baby, then it is the best calcium food for baby. You can read this point to know how much Calcium Baby’s Need.

Bonus #1: Yogurt

 ➡ Finally, In the list of the Best food for calcium, Yogurt is an excellent food for Getting more calcium.

By the way, Yogurt is my favorite, and YOU? (Let me know in Comment)

There are different types of Yogurt in different Benefits.

30% of RDI for Calcium is available in 1 Cup of Plain Yogurt Food.

In Addition, One cup of low-fat yogurt may have more calcium than 45% (245 g) of RDI.

The Study Report

Eating yogurt to improved overall diet quality and also metabolic health in One Study.

There is a low risk of Metabolic & Heart Diseases who ate Yogurt.

The Bottom Line

On the other hand, Greek yogurt is great for Dating Person. It is a WOW way to get extra protein in your diet. Greek Yogurt provides a little amount of calcium than regular yogurt.

By the way, Yogurt is most Targeted food in this Post 10 BEST Food for Calcium in Your Body [2021 Reviews]’

Frequently Asked Questions

Did I Miss Any Food?

There is my Maximum tested food on this list: Top 10 Best Food for Calcium.

Now, Guys, we want to hear from you:

Which food on this list is your favorite? Or maybe you have a food that we didn’t include here.

Let me know by a comment below.

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