5+ Best Running Apps For iPhone and Android (2022)

best running apps

Did you know there are a lot of easy ways to measure and Track Running time from your Smartphone? 

There are lots of Running Apps for iPhone users Available to do that.

By the way, The average smartphone user spends 4 hours and 30 minutes on their mobile phone and spends time on social media is 2 Hours 24 Minutes every single day.

People on social media

While you could use Mobile Phone for any kind of work either office or home. So, Why you are not using this device in your running for better Measurement and Tracking.

After doing some comprehensive research, I ranked and reviewed the best Running Apps for iPhone Users.

1. Strava

Strava is by far the most popular running app when I ask you what you are using for your Runs. This App for athletes was launched in 2009 in San Fransico. If you are using this app on your phone, you are not alone. There are 50 Million People registered for this app and 3 Billion activities shared.

Key Feature:

  • You can Plot routes in a desktop version and some people even go to the extreme. This will show you in the red line.
  • You can record your run directly in the app.
  • Starva has a feature of Third Party links. It links with a Whole Host GPS device so you can record on your Watch and then Upload it to the Platform Later.
  • It offers all kinds of Matrix-like Elevation, Peace, and even more detailed breakdown, as well as a Training Plan of you, are Choosing Summit Membership.
  • This application works with almost all GPS running clocks, cycling, and activity trackers.
  • There are Segment features which means you can see how you compare to other runners running on the same segment of your Route.
  • You can feature to follow friends to see each other’s activities and encourage them with comments.


  • Summit users also get access to the beacon which is a safety option that alow 3 Trusted Contacts to Minter Your Location while you’re running out. It is super useful for Safety.
  • As long as a take Part in Challenges that Pop up in the app and earn badges, Reward star.
  • It allows you to share your Performance activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


It is free Sign up. But if you want to get more features, you have to pay 7.99 Doller Per month.

2. Garmin Connect

garmin connect

Garmin Connect is the app that links with your Garment Device. Of course, there are other running watch brands out there each with their own app. But, Garment Connect dominates the running world, so we are not surprised to hear this was very high up the list of running app. Which you love most.

Key Feature:

  • Once you record your run on your GPS watch it then syncs via Bluetooth to the Garment Connect App on your Phone.
  •  You can have a closer look at all of the Data you are acquired and that Does not just focus on Running.
  • It takes Holistic Approach to all parts of your life so, there is info on your step count for the day flights, Climbed Sleep info, and depending on the model of GC you have. 
  • Garmin Connect also tells you things like your Heart Rate, Stress level, and Body Battery.
  • An Insight Level feature in the app lets you see How your level of activity compares to thousands of other Garment Connect Users. around the world.


  • There are also community aspects to Garmin Connect so you have to ability to connect with your Running Friends who can see your activity.
  • In addition, you can do Head Head Challenges against them.
  • There are badges to be earned- some of their obvious ones like running set distance others are one-offs like a leap day Badge for recording activity on the 29th of February.
  • Garmin coach lets you set your Goal and work through a Plan with Specific Running Season to follow you can send it straight to your Watch.
  • Garmin Live Track helps you to send an email to your Trusted Contact to link your Activity to see where on the Place you are.


Free to use with their Device.

3. Runkeeper

Runkeeper by Asics is really Popular among channel Audiences. It has a user-friendly wide array of features. It is very easy to use whether you are a beginner runner or an experienced marathoner, this app is something special for everyone.

Key Feature:

  • You can use the GPS feature of this a[[ to track your running distance, pace, and time. 
  • It mixes up your running routine by following one of the Runkeeper’s pre-created routes.
  • Runkeepers lets you set a goal and watch your Progress to stay Motivated.
  • You can also go into biking, fitness walking, or other activities, you can do those.
  • Runkeepers give personalized training for runners with a helpful reminder to keep you on track.
  • It also syncs with other app and devices like Fitbit as well as the apple watch. 

All of these features can use in the free version.


  • In the Paid version, you can access to training Plan for all abilities across most distances that are also customizable.
  • This is the correct tracking of calories acceptable or speed, distance, and steps taken.
  • Maintain a detailed workout history and share your progress with friends.


Runkeepers is free of cost. But, if you want to use the Paid version, You have to Pay 9.99 Dollar Per month or 39.99 Dollar Per year.

4. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is your virtual running buddy in your ear. This app guided runs some of the best titles, I have ever seen like ‘Don’t want to run run’, running on empty’. These recordings help you to push through the run when the going gets tough.

Key Feature:

  • Regardless of what your tracks, trails, treadmills or roads are, ‘integrates your phone’s GPS and accelerometer and provides accurate tracking of your distance, speed, and time. Measure your progress per mile, including audio feedback.
  • Compete with your friends and top the leadership charts and healthy competition is a perfect motivation.
  • Looking for a coach and your goal is to run 5K or a marathon. 
  • Nike Run Club Coach provides you with training programs, coaching skills, and daily workouts to prepare you for the race.


  • This app logs your miles, split time, and average mile, pace tracks, your route, and stores all of your workouts in the app.
  •  There is also social sharing Platforms where you can post your run video and Photo also, the Nike Run Club coaches give you a shout of recognition after each run and nice little motivational touch.


Nike Run Club is free to use for everyone.

5. MapMyRun


MapMyRun is one of the good running apps for busy people. By under Armor, MapMyRun is perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle and relies heavily on planning and scheduling runs right down to the time, Distance and Location.


  • After each GPS-track running, you get audio feedback for statistics such as speed, route, distance, calories, and height.
  • List your running shoes and track the mileage with a gear tracker and be notified when it’s time to get new shoes to avoid injury. 
  • Routes allow you to find places to run, save your favorite places, add new paths, and share them with others. 
  • The app lets you sync your data with fitness apps and devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Reply, Garmin, Winnings, Android Clothing, and Google Fit.


  • MapMyRun app links directly with Apple Music which is why you can Play your Powerup Playlist as you go along through the app itself.
  • This app also helps you to set up your Personal Goal, Linking with a Fitness Pal o track your Nutrition, and add the details of running shoes to track the keep of their mileage.


There is a free version of this app. but if you want to dig down deep into your Stats or use their Training Plan Feature, you have to Pay the Premium Version.

6. RunGo

Running on the route, lost your way to come back, don’t worry, Run go is an app that not only tracks your fitness discipline but also gives voice directions in turn. one of the best running apps, RunGo works in Offline Mode.


  • RunGo app has real-time voice navigation to keep track of time, distance, altitude, and calorie statistics as well as suggest the best route.
  • Once the routes are downloaded, you can work with this road in offline mode.
  •  Audio response to your distance and speed after each run.
  • You can use this app without signing in or registering in this app, Just download it.


  • This app has a Real-time voice navigation feature which very good to keeps you’re running on the track. And also, with this feature, you can focus on your running.
  • This app Stores all of your running data like Distance, Route, and Time.
  • Once your running root is downloaded, it can operate offline, thus saving your mobile data and battery.


It is free to use.

Best Running Apps: Summary.

This was a list of my best running apps for iPhone and Android devices.

From cricketers to fitness trainers, everyone needs to run for their health. That’s why I list this app.

So make your choice based on your running fitness app. Which app is best for your device.

Read more at noni4all.com: If you are wanted to know my strategy for a long run in time, Check out my guide on How to run 2 miles in 13 minutes.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Which of these best running apps, do you like most?

Let me know in the comments below.

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