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What is Crizer Network?

Crizer Network is the ultimate digital product-based network marketing company. It is a platform of digital revolution and distribution system to providing financial aid to those associated with the company as affiliates.

Crizer Network logo

Many People get confused in Crizer Network and Crizer World. Basically, Crizer World was founded in Scotland in 2019 and drives a network marketing plan according to the Crowd Funding model.

While Crizer Network is an Indian company based on digital products and Auto Pool plans. The relationship between these two individual company are unknown, but both level name and the same logo.

Crizer Network is registered under MCA on March 24, 2021, and the head office of the company is located in Surat, Gujarat. Anil Suresh Sharma and Vipul Kumar Baviskar are the directors of this company.

Crizer Network Company Profile

Registered Company NameCrizer Technologies India Private Limited
Incorporation Date24 March 2021
DirectorAnil Suresh Sharma, Vipul Kumar Baviskar
Address216, Raj World, Opp Nilkanth Residency, Surat , Gujrat, 395009, India,

Joining & Products Package

CP is one of the important factors in joining and understanding the product Package.

The CP was a full-fledged Crizer point. It was a kind of currency unit for the company, to make its practical income. 

1 CP = 80 Rupees

In Crizer Network, you need some legal identity to be a part of this company, such as a PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter Card, and bank account, and also have to buy the company’s product due to the ID activation.

Basically, there are a total of 9 packages in the company.

PackagePrice (INR)CP (Crizer Point)
CrizerRs. 2400 30 CP
SapphireRs. 3200 40 CP
RubyRs. 8000 100 CP
EmeraldRs. 40000 500 CP
DiamondRs. 80000 1000 CP
CrownRs. 400000 5000 CP
BronzeRs. 800 10 CP
SilverRs. 7200 90 CP
GoldRs. 28000 350 CP

Crizer Network Compensation Plan

1. Booster Income

This income If you buy your direct inline product, you have to activate someone else’s ID, their product package CP 50%.

2. Team Activation Bonus

When you get the product purchased by any downline up to the eighth level of the downline, you will get some income per downline.

Here is the Team Activation Bonus (in INR) Table.

LevelTeam Activation Bonus (in INR)

3. Autopool Income

The key to this Auto pool Income is team building. First, you need to activate the ID for entry dex, then have to take a product of 300 CP and buy another product.

When you open a new ID in your Downline, That time Auto Pool is income is came. It will come to you in your dateline and some income will be combined according to 3 such quality teams.

When Distibiter is joining this company, this automatically increases with the speed of Joining.

4. Business Bonus

Here, in this income, there are some conditions of certain CP set by the company.  When Distributer touches the required Bonus CP, they will get a label name.

You can know how much CP is paid by the company in the form of this income and what level is given from the Below Chart.

Serial No.LevelTeam Top-up (CP)Rewards (CP)Rewards (INR)
2Sr. Leader1500025020000
4Sr. Manager1500001875150000
6Sr. Director1500000125001000000

Feature of Crizer Network

  • Personal or Company Details
  • Fixed themes (1)
  • Quick Call or Massage or Whatsapp
  • 10 shares per month
  • Quick Social Media Access

Is Crizer Network Pyramid scheme?

In my opinion, The Actual Products of Crizer Network are Digital Products which is not worth it, and Probably Crizer Network is Pyramid Scheme

The company taking large amounts of money from people in the name of digital products and is circulating this same money in the name of Auto Pool Income.

Money Circulation is Pyramid Scheme and it is illegal, either it is on a Physical Product based company or Digital Product Based Company.

So, stay away from this type of company and do research before joining this type of Scheme.

My Personal Review on Crizer Network

If I talk about my personal review of Crizer Network, I will give you 1 out of 10 on Crizer Network. Fully Negative.

By adding a logo and Label, Crizer Network’s Auto Pool plan seems to be a way to make money.

But if we talk about its product package, people’s money is being wasted. In the name of digital products, Crizer Network claims to offer some Themes, plugins, and training courses, which have no real value in the Market as per quality.

All the Digital Products of this company are already freely available on the Internet, you do not need to pay thousands of money for this. And, there are many tutorials available on Google and Youtube, you can get quality Training from there.


So, I hope you totally understand Crizer Network MLM & Auto Pool Company. How it works and How you can make money.

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