Dayjoy Products Price List 2024 PDF Download

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Dayjoy Products Price List

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about Dayjoy Marketing?

Dayjoy Marketing Private Limited is a Legal Direct Selling Company of India which is incorporated in 2018. Mr. Anmol Agarwal & Divyansh Agarwal are the directors of this company.

Dayjoy is another Indian wellness brand like Vestige and Smart Value which provide all kinds of Health and Beauty Products to Household Products. Mainly they focus on providing the Best and highest-quality products to their Customers

In addition, Dayjoy Marketing made a plan to push upcoming Entrepreneurs to achieve Success through their Direct Selling Business Plan.

Dayjoy Marketing Company Profile

Company NameDayjoy Marketing Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U52600RJ2018PTC062258
Incorporation Date2018
DirectorMr. Anmol Agarwal & Divyansh Agarwal
ProductsHealth Care, Home Care, Personal Care, Food Care, Agriculture
Head Office A-780, Indra Vihar, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan 324005,

Dayjoy Marketing Company Products

Adila Biotech Private Limited Manufacture all the Products of Dayjoy which Prices starting from Products 10 or 4000. According to their official site, Dayjoy Provides almost 100 Products of all categories.

These are the 5 Categories of Products that Dayjoy Provides:

  • Health Wellness
  • Food 
  • Home Care 
  • Personal Care 
  • Clothing and Agriculture

Dayjoy Products Price List 2024

Food Products

Serial No.Product NameDPPVBVMRP
1.Ayush Kwath Tea (25 Pcs249135135400
2.Chicken Masala (100g)75282890
3.Chaat Masala (100g)55192165
4.Clove Green Tea (25 Pcs)249135135400
5.Daily Tea (250g)1203030195
6.Dhaniya Powder (30g)101215
7.Dhaniya Powder (200g)30151575
8.Dhaniya Powder (500g)1453535199
9.Garam Masala (100g)80303090
10.Haldi Powder (30g)101215
11.Haldi Powder (200g)60151575
12.Haldi Powder (500g)1453535199
13.Jaljeera (100g)50151860
14.Jeera (250g)1102830155
15.Kahwa Masala Chai (25 Pcs)249135135400
16.Kasuri Methi (50g)40121260
17.Mirchi Powder (30g)101215
18.Mirchi Powder (200g)70121285
19.Mirchi Powder (500g)1723535215
20.Sabji Masala (100g)80282890
21.Total Joy Rice Bran Oil (1 Litre)220035225
22.Total Joy Rice Bran Oil (1 Litre) x 2 +
Sabji Masala (100g) + Jaljeera (100g)
23.YumDum Lime Pickle (500g)1695555199
24.YumDum Mango Pickle (500g)1655555199
25.YumDum Mixed Pickle (500g)1655555199

Personal Care Product

Serial No.Product NameDPBVPVMRP
26.Aloevera Shower Gel (300ml)249100100325
27.Aloevera Shower Gel (300ml) + Wild Muse Premium Loofah299110110474
28.Anti Pollution Face Wash (150ml)1495050225
29.BR Rich Oil (200ml)1606060190
30.Daily Care Face Cream with SPF-30(100ml)1595565220
31.Dayjoy Saffron Soap70202090
32.Dayjoy Hand Sanitiser (200ml)1094040135
33.Ecofriendly Toothbrush (Pack of 2)1092828149
34.HerboSmile White Toothpaste (100g)65151785
35.HerboSmile Herbal Toothpaste (100g)80212499
36.Hydra Aloevera Body Lotion (300ml)249100100325
37.Milk and Keratin Extracts Shampoo (150ml)1494556210
38.Milk Bath Soap45111155
39.Milk Bath Soap (Pack of 3)1202828165
40.Mogra Body Wash (150ml)1494556110
41.Mogra Body Wash (150ml) + Wild Muse Premium Loofah1996565359
42.Neem Soap (100g) (Pack of 3)69101290
43.Regain Aloevera Shampoo (300ml)249100100325
44.Sandalwood & Shahi Gulab Body Lotion (150ml)1494556210
45.Sanitary Pad (Pack of 10)1095050199
46.WildMuse Premium Loofah994545149
47.TeaTree Face Wash (100ml)1254050180

Health Care Products

Serial No.Product NameDPPVBVMRP
48.Asthprash (300 grams)13401008001999
49.Adicardial (120 Tab)10996756751499
50.Adicardial Syrup (500ml)8995505501399
51.Adila Forte (30 Tab)10997257251499
52.Adila Forte (60 Tab)1999130013002999
53.Adilipo (120 Tab)2499187518753499
54.Adilipo (60 Tab)1499112511252499
55.Adiliv (60 Tab)7494504501199
56.Astheal Cough Syrup (100ml)994040175
57.Ayush Kwath (120 Tab)400175175599
58.Detox Tea (25 Pcs)100300300625
59.Di-beat (60 Tab)7494504501199
60.Gas-O-Free (200ml)475300300699
61.Gas-O-Free (500ml)9996506501499
62.GoPiles (60 Tab)7494504501199
63.HB+ (200ml)475300300699
64.HB+ (500ml)9996506501499
65.Hi-Energy (60 Tab)7494504501199
66.Immunity Tea (25 Pcs)500300300625
67.Kabz Har Churn (100g)1155555149
68.Liv-Ease (200ml)475300300699
69.Liv-Ease (500ml)9996506501499
70.N-astheal (60 Tab)1499112511252499
71.N-astheal (120 Tab)2499187518753499
72.Orthofix (60 Tab)7494504501199
73.Pure Honey (500g)249105105315
74.Rich Berry Juice (1 Ltr.)14999009003499
75.Seabuckthron Juice (1 Ltr.)12508008002499
76.Tulsi Max (30ml)1507070220

Home Care Products

Serial No.Product NameDPBVPVMRP
77.Dishwash Bar (200g) (Pack o851820100
78.Dishwash Liquid (250ml)802020110
79.Homeshine Dishwash Gel (500ml)1203030180
80.Detergent Bar (200g) (Pack of 4)851820100
81.Toilet Cleaner (500ml)922828125

Clothing Products

Serial No.Product Name DP BV PV MRP
82.Premium Suit Length (Black)599950005007500
83.Designer Mask (Pack of 5)1805055220
84.Suit Length (Blue)3250225022504999

Agriculture Products

Serial No.Product Name DP BV PV MRP
85.Prosperous (1 L)599270275725
86.Prosperous (10 Tablets)575260265699
87.Transporter – 80 (250ml)279100105349

Promotioanl Tool

Serial No.Product Name DP BV PV MRP
88.Compensation Plan Brochure (English)490049
89.Compensation Plan Brouchre (Hindi)490049
90.Dayjoy Diary + Dayjoy Pen2693030299
91.Dayjoy Leather Bag1499600600299
92.Dayjoy Mask (Pack of 6)1502525180
93Product Brochure (English)990099
94.Product Brochure (Hindi)990099
95.Product Leaflets (Set of 65 Leaflets)16000160
96.T-shirt (Available in M, L, XL)4507575499

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