Dhanwantari Product Price List PDF Download (2024)

Dhanwantari product price list

This is a complete post where you will have the opportunity to download the Dhanwantari product price list PDF file.

Dhanwantari Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. is another legal direct selling company in India. Dr.Ramesh Patil founded this Direct Selling company on 17th November 2008.

Basically, Dhanwantari has a wide range of products, from Ayurvedic to Animal Food products. But, I’ve seen a lot of people searching on Google, about “Dhanvantari products list”, “Dhanwantari Products Price list”, “Dhanwantari Product Price List PDF”, and many more terms.

Don’t worry, here, In this post, I will show you the Dhanwantari Product Price List 2024, along with the Dhanwantari Product Price List pdf.

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About Dhanwantari Business

The full corporate name of the company is Dhanvantari Biosciences Private Limited. Dhanvantari is an Indian MLM company that sells Health Wellness, Personal care, Home Care, Farming products, and many more categories through its Company’s Distributor. Dr. Ramesh Patil founded Dhanvantari Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. company on November 17, 2008.  Like Smart Value, Vestige Marketing, Mary Kay, and Mi Lifestyle, it is also a well-known direct selling company.

Dhanwantari Business was India’s leading growing FMCG network marketing industry. The company deals with the direct sales business-based industry of Ayurveda and medicinal products throughout India. And today we will share with you dhanwantari product list. After getting the list, you can decide, if these products are beneficial for you on not. So, that, you can buy dhanwantari products online or in offline mode through dhanwantari distributor.

Dhanwantari Company Profile

NameDhanwantari Biosciences Pvt. Ltd
LLPIN/CIN No.U74999AP2017PTC105482
FounderDr.Ramesh Patil
Year Started17 November 2008
ProductsAyurvedic Products, Nutritional Products, Home Care, Animal Food
Head OfficeHeart Line, First floor, Plot No.24,
Behind Sanjeevan ICU, Sadar Bazar,
Satara – 415002. M.S. (India)

Dhanwantari products Category

There are 8 categories of Dhanwantari Products;

  1. Dhanwantari Aayurjal
  2. Dhanvantari ayurveda products
  3. Dhanvantari healthcare products
  4. Body & bath
  5. Home essential
  6. Organics farming Products
  7. Animal feeds
  8. Accessories

Dhanwantari Products Price List 2024

Here, I am gonna show you the Dhanwantari all products by their category. If you want to buy any product from Dhanwantari Pharmaceutical or you are an existing direct seller of the company and want to know more information about Dhanwantri products, this Dhanwantari all products list is very useful for you. Here, we categorized the list with Dhanwantari herbal products, Dhanwantari health care products, Dhanwantari ayurvedic medicine, Dhanwantari organic products, Dhanwantari agricultural products, and many more. Moreover, you can download the Dhanwantri all-product List PDF below the list. Basically, I added a Google Drive link to the PDF there.

Let’s start with Dhanwantari all product price list.

1. Dhanvantari Ayurjal products:

In this table, the company has placed its first life net in the first category. In this Ayurjal of the company, you will find beverage products, where the Dhanwantari industry promises that our Ayurjal products are true to these 5 things.

  • 17 level process
  • Truly healthy drinking water,
  • Only 100% pure drinking water in the world
  • Drinking water rich in safe alkaline antioxidants
  • Zero electricity, zero waste

2. Dhanwantari ayurvedic Medicine list:

These are the some Dhanwantari ayurvedic products

of the company;

  • Arthurich
  • Greenrich
  • Immurich capsule
  • Dhanvantari ayurvedic oil
  • Oraq 99

3. Dhanvantari healthcare products:

Everybody eats food today but only for survival, whatever food you eat today does not contain protein or nutrients, which makes you sick quickly. That’s why, the company has manufactured Dhanwantari healthcare products including Carnico 10, ChocoCommunity, Dreamrich, and Dhanvantari green tea Tablets.

4. Dhanvantari body and bath:

In addition to protecting your body, the company also maintains a catalog of premium body and bath products for your lifeless and beautiful skin, including products such as shampoos, body washes, body lotions, and face washes.

5. Home Essential Product:

There are products to use at home that you eat in the morning, including products like Lemon Green Tea, Premium Tea, Gold Petals, and Coffee Premix.

6. Dhanwantari agriculture organic product:

This organic farming of the company has revolutionized network marketing as there are very few network marketing companies in India today that include organic farming in their products. Dhanwantari company has manufactured many dhanwantari agri products for the farmers.

Here is the list of the Dhanwantari agriculture organic product  which is a blessing for the farmers:

  • Rod Soil Guard
  • RPS 76 grains
  • RPS 76 fluid
  • RPS Immunorich
  • Bacterich Neutracts
  • Immunoric Ultra
  • Traprich products

7. Animal Food Products:

This product category refers to the company e and the animal-related products involved as their names

  • Aquarius
  • Cattlerich powder
  • Cattlerich liquid

Dhanwantari Product Price List PDF Download

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