44 Direct Selling Companies in the UK (DSA Approved)

Direct Selling Companies In The UK

This is the list of 44 DSA Approved Direct Selling Companies in the UK.

Direct Selling or Network Marketing is one of the Less Hardworking ways to Earn Extra Money to save in your Bank. Though you see, it is an easy process in front, keep in mind, According to John M. Taylor’s study, the Success rate of MLM is 0.04%.

There is almost 1000 or 1000+ Network Marketing company in the World. Most Companies Sell Health Wellness products. In the United Kingdom, the Mostly Active Legal Companies are Health Products Based.

By the way, Let’s see these Legal network marketing companies’ UK List.

44 Direct Selling companies UK List

Sl. No. Company NameFounder/CEO/DirectorFounded
1.ACN Telcommunications ServicesGreg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz1993
2.AmwayRichard M. DeVos, Jay Van Andel1959 
3.Aquasource Arthur Spurling1998
4.ArbonnePetter Mørck1980
5.AvonDavid H. McConnell1886
6.doTerra David Stirling, Dr. David K. Hill, Corey B. Lindley, Mark A. Wolfert, Emily Wright, Gregory P. Cook, Robert J. Young2008
7.Captain TortueLilian1993
8.ENERGETIX Bingen Roland Förster2002
9.ENJO InternationalVince Roig2004
10.ESSENS Dalibor Kopel2011 
11.Forever Living ProductsRex Maughan1978
12.Herbalife NutritionMark R. Hughes1980
13.It WorksMark B. Pentecost1995
14.Juice Plus+Jay Martin1970
15.Kirby Jim Kirby1914
16.KyäniKirk Hansen2005
17.Lifeplus Bob Lemon1992 
18.Mannatech Samuel Caster1993
19.Mary Kay Inc.Mary Kay Ash1963
20.ModereAsma Ishaq1991
21.MonatLuis Urdanet, Rau Urdaneta2014
22.Neo LifeJerry Brassfield1958
23.NewGen Direct LtdClinton Sellers1989
24.Nikken Tonny Bowkett2015
25.Nu Skin EnterprisesBlake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, Nedra Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie N. Tillotson, Steven J. Lund1984
26.NYR OrganicPeter, Barnabas & Anabel Kindersley1981
27.Organo Nagesh and Vijaya2012
28.Oriflame Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick, Bengt Hellsten1967
29.PartyLiteRobert B. Goergen1909
30.Reliv, IncRobert L. Montgomery1988
31.RevitalizeFrankie Parker2013
32.SaladmasterHarry Lemmons1946 
33.ScentsyColette Gunnell, Kara Egan2003
34.Sunrider CorporationTei-Fu Chen, Oi Lin Chen1982
35.Tessellate CollectiveSativa Wellness Group2019
36.The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight PlanDr. Alan Howard1984
37.THE BODY SHOP AT HOME™Dame Anita Roddick1976
38.Tiens GroupLi Jinyuan1995
39.Usborne Peter Usborne1973
40.Usana Health Sciences, Inc.Myron W. Wentz1992
41.Vorwerk Adolf Vorwerk, Carl Vorwerk1883
42.ValentusDave Jordan2014
43.Young LivingDonald Gary Young1993
44.Younique Derek Maxfield2012 


So, Here is the list of 44 Legal Direct Selling Companies In The UK. If you are from the United Kingdom and wanted to join Network Marketing, You can choose any company from this Legal UK MLM companies List.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Why do you want to join this Multi-Level Marketing?

Do you want to buy Health Wellness Products from a Direct Selling Company?

Let Me know in the Comment Right Now.

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