Direct Selling Company Products Price List and PDF [2024]

Direct Selling Company Products Price List

If you’ve spent lots of time on Google to Find the Products Price List and PDFs of 2024 of Direct Selling Companies like Vestige, Smart Value, Tupperware, Asclepius Wellness. You’ve seen many Articles where is not a complete Product list with MRP, Volume, BV, and the latest PDF.

Probably, I have caught your problem. You are very tired to search individually Direct Selling Company Products Price List in Google. It is very irritating.

In this post, I am gonna share with you the Products Price List and PDF of almost all Popular Legal Direct Selling Companies.

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What is the Direct Selling?

Direct Selling or Multi-level Marketing is one of the oldest forms of selling method wherein you refer someone to any product and when that person purchases the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. And also, If the person Joined with your Downline and sells the product, you will also get a commission from their sale according to the Company’s Network Marketing Plan.

What are the top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India?

Rank No.Company Name
1.Smart Value Products and Services Limited
2.Modicare Limited
3.Amway India
4.Vestige Private Limited
5.Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
7.Herbalife Nutrition
8.Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)
10.Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited

What types of Products most of the Direct Selling companies made?

Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, and Agriculture Products are the most popular categories of Top 10 Direct Selling Companies.

According to Statista, Herbalife Nutrition which is a Health Wellness Direct Selling Company made total sales worth 4877.1 Million US dollars in 2019.

In fact, India’s Largest Manufacturer Unit, Lifespan Private Limited has Featured in Forbes Magazine for producing High-Quality Health Wellness and Nutrition products.

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Conclusion of Direct Selling Company Products Price List

I hope you got the product list of most of the Direct Selling companies in one place. Typically, you just click to get the Direct Selling Company Products Price List and PDF Download Page, individually.

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  1. We need SH Kelkar perfumes
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