DXN E World Login and Registration Process (2024)

In this post, I am gonna show you some knowledgeable information about Malaysia-based Multi-level Marketing company DXN and learn the procedure of the New DXN E World Registration and Login Process.

DXN MLM Company was started in 1993 in Malaysia and is now expanding its business globally in European and Asian Countries.

What is DXN and DXN E World

DXN is a Multi-level Marketing Company. Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin, the Founder, started this company in 1993 in Malaysia, to share the benefits of Mushrooms for our Health. DXN is also one of the Best Health Wellness MLM Company in the world.

DXN Direct Seller sold the so-called Herbal Products widely. The company claims to be the world’s Largest Manufacturer of Ganoderma Products. By the way, I am referring to this article, DXN Products Price List.

DXN E world Login

DXN company brought a big update and implemented its website in 2017. Their website domain dxn2u.com has got a new layout and some new features. To access the Business Information such as Downline, Sales, Profits, Revenue, and much more, DXN Direct sellers can simply log in to the DXN Dashboard via the URL, www.eworld.dxn2u.com.

So, If you are interested to join the DXN Business Plan, you can visit DXN E World for new registration.

We have already written the steps below to register and log in to DXN E world.

DXN E World Benefits

DXN E World is an example of an Online MLM software. The software helps the company management and direct seller to calculate all business material. Here are the all benefits of DXN E World Service.

  • Direct sellers can check their sales and PV profit.
  • Latest DXN news and seminar updates.
  • DXN Products Guide and each and every update on DXN Business Plan and Product.
  • DXN Income and Downline Tracking.
  • DXN Product order and invoice history details are available.
  • Easy Online DXN New Registration and Login.
  • Provide guides and updates on DXN MLM plans and products.

DXN E World New Registration

To join and register in DXN E World, Here is the Step by the step registration process.

  • Step #1: First, Go to the official DXN E World (The official website link is below), Then Click on “Become A Distributor“ in the menu bar.
  • Step #2: Check the box of Accept the DXN Terms and Conditions. And, then fill up the registration form.
  • Step #3: Add all the required information, Like Country, Sponsor Name, Sponsor ID, and many more. After filling all the details in the form click on Continue.
  • Step #4: After filling in all the information and clicking on the Continue Button, you need to review your form and then click on the Submit button.

Once you complete the registration of DXN E World, you need to go to the nearest DXN branch and purchase DXN products.

You’ll also find a distributor code that allows you to sponsor new people.

DXN E World First Time Login

If you recently registered with DXN E World and received your distributor code, you may be logging in to DXN E World for the first time.

Once you complete the registration in DXN E World and receive your Distributor Code, Probably, you want to log in to DXN E-world for the first time.

So, here is the following Step to login into the DXN E World First Time Login.

  • Step #1: First, Go to the DXN EWorld official website and click on Login in the menu there. And for first-time login, Click on “Login for the First Time” at the bottom of the page.
  • Step #2: Enter your DXN E World Distributor code and click Confirm.
  • Step #3: Enter all details that have been asked in by default and Enter Registered Mobile Number and Email ID.

You will receive an Activation Code on your email ID or mobile number. And, then, enter the Activation Code in the Portal which you received.

After doing these 3 steps, you can successfully log in to DXN E World Dashboard.

DXN E World login

After successfully registering and activating your DXN E World Account, You can log in to DXN E World and see the Business Status.

DXN EWorld login

First, open DXN EWorld, and then click the Login button on the Menu tab.

After opening the login page, Enter your Distributor code and Password.

 Next, Enter the security code and click on the Login Button.

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DXN E World Forgot Password 

If you forgot your password and can’t log in to DXN E World. Now, it is time to recover your password.

DXN EWorld Forgot Password 

Basically, you’ll find a Forgot button on the login page, click the button.

Now enter your distributor code and click Submit. You have only 2 ways to recover it, either in Email or Mobile Number.

Choose any one option. After submitting, you will get an OTP in your mobile number (If you select Mobile). And, atlast, Enter the OTP.


So, these are the DXN E World login Process of every DXN Direct Seller

I hope, you understand this DXN E World Login and Registration Process of this network marketing Company, DXN.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

How many days have you been working in DXN company as a Direct Seller?

How many associates do you have in your Downline?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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