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In this post, I am gonna show you the DXN Product Price List for India which is updated in 2024. In addition, I am also sharing with you the PDF file of the DXN Products Price List.

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About DXN

DXN is a Health Wellness MLM Company in Malaysia. Most of the Products of DXN are Health Wellness Products. In India, they are running their company with the name of DXN Marketing India Private Limited. In addition, DXN is also a member of IDSA.

As per DXN Marketing available in the Legal Direct Selling Company List in India, so you can understand many people and also be a Distributer of DXN are searching for DXN product price list 2024 in India.

DXN Product Price List

That is why I came here to write this article along with the DXN product list in India 2024 PDF.

DXN Company Profile

Company NameDXN Marketing India Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN NoU15490TN2014PTC095516
Incorporation Date18/03/2014
Founder Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin
ProductsNutrition, Apparel & Clothing Beauty, Skincare, Personal Care, Ayurveda
Head OfficeNew No.69 (old No.29), Eldams Road,
Teynampet, Chennai – 600 018
Tamil Nadu, India
Email IDinfodmi@dxn2u.com

DXN all Products Price List India

The products of this Direct Selling company are very good and organic. You can use DXN Products without any hesitation and Side effects. Most of the products of DXN are Organic. And, Now Most people are India like to use organic Products. DXN India Products is very beneficial for such people.

By the way, I have also added the download button of the DXN New Product Price List PDF at the end of this article. It will allow you to get the DXN all Products List into your device.

So, Here is the list of DXN Products in the Below Table including DP, MRP, and PV.

Serial No. Product NameDPMRPPV
1.Ganocelium GL 90 8901115245
2.Ganocelium GL 360 338042251300
3.Reishi Gano RG 90 11851485380
4.Reishi Gano RG 360 446555901700
5.DXN Spirulina Capsule 120’s395490160
6.DXN Spirulina Capsule 360’s 11401420500
7.DXN Spirulina Tablet 120’s 395490160
8.DXN Spirulina Tablet 360’s 11401420500
9.DXN Gano Extra Virgin coconut oil 615775245
10.DXN Noni670835215
11.DXN Reishi Gano Tea 310385135
12.Lingzhi Coffee 2 in 1 595735145
13.Lingzhi Black Dip Tea 14018060
14.Lingzhi Green Dip Tea18522580
15.Lingzhi Masala Dip Tea 16520070
16.Lingzhi Spices Black Tea 300375125
17.Bajral/Pearl Millet Coffee GL 13015545
18.Bajral/Pearl Millet Spirulina 13015545
19.Ragi Finger Millet GL 16019055
20.Bajral/Pearl Millet GL(FP)11551390400
21.Bajral/Pearl Millet Spirulina(FP) 11551390400
22.Ragi Finger Millet GL(FP) 14751765500
23.DXN Jewellery Clean670850280
24.DXN Aloe V Cleaning Gel 23528570
25.DXN Aloe V Hand & Body Lotion27533075
26.DXN Chubby Baby Oil29035095
27.DXN Ganozhi Shampoo28534550
28.DXN Talcum Powder 26532088
29.DXN Gano Massage Oil325390100
30.DXN Tea Tree Cream 28534580
31.DXN Morinzhi 250ml600660200
32.DXN Morinzhi 600ml 12601445480
33.DXN Nonizhi 250ml585730200
34.DXN Nonizhi 600ml12351545480
35.DXN Roselle Juice 250ml 390490175
36.DXN Cocozhi 605755135
37.DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 645805150
38.DXN Ganozhi Soap20022590
39.DXN Ganozhi Soap 20022590
40.DXN Ganozhi Soap 10012045
41.Ganozhi Toothpaste 25527090
42.Ganozhi Toothpaste25527090
43.Ganozhi Plus Toothpaste25531090
DXN Product Price list in India 2024

Download DXN Product Price List PDF

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FAQs on DXN Products

  1. Are DXN products harmful?

    Not for all Products. But, there are some side effects like Rash, Problems in the Liver, and Diarrhea from some products.

  2. What are the products of DXN?

    More than 40+ DXN Products are available in India.


I hope you get the DXN product list of India from this article and also be able to Download DXN Product Price List in India 2024 PDF.

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