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Earn Money From Smart Value

Are you an associate of Smart Value Products and Services Limited?

Maybe, YES.

Today you’re going to learn the EXACT Way to Earn Money from Smart Value.

Here is the 7 Smart Value Income Process to earn money from this company.

Let’s get started.

Smart Value Income List

1. Earn More Money New Repurchase Plan

This is a new addition to the Repurchase Plan Best Ever in the Direct Selling Industry. Launched on 6 January 2021

  • This Plant brings unlimited earning Potential.
  • Income will grow even when Business is the same.
  • SVPS Limited is the Top Player in the Direct Selling Industry.
  • Flagship Bonus is the New Plan that will make every Associate unique by Paying a way to earn even your one side is Active.
  • This plan will suit all classes of People, from Young Youth to Middle-aged or even Old aged.
  • Smart Value will do all the above without touching the Binary Plan and without Compromising the Binary Structure.

In this Plan, There are 3 Types of earning potential of a Leader or Associate.

  1. Business Point
  2. Retail consistency Bonus
  3. Flagship Bonus

1. Business Point Commission

When you earn 1 mile, you will get 120 BV (Business Volume). Now, you complete 100 Miles, in other words, you complete a total of 12000 BV. Keep in mind, the total of 12000 BV will be in a 1:2 or 2:1 Ratio.

Now, 12000 BV is called 1 BP or Business Point.

Smart value BP income

2. Retail Consistency Bonus

Eligible Criteria: IBA needs to do a minimum of 2BP for consecutive 3 weeks, once in a financial year. It will be eligible for RCB throughout the Year.

It will be called STAR Retailer.

Smart value Retail Consistency Bonus

Basically, It will be divided into 3 Parts:

  1. 1-5 Points: Retail benefits will be given every week.
  2. 6-50 Points- Car Fund: It can be claimed anytime after the completion of 6 months during the Financial Year. If the same is not claimed, the total will be paid by the year-end to the concerned leader.
  3. The Last is 51-100 Points. It will be a Home Fund. If you do this business with Strategy.

This is the Mathematical Calculation of Retail Consistency Bonus.

Smart value RCB

3. Flagship Bonus

This helps the IBA each time their direct sponsors earn through Business Point earnings. Even if IBA’s direct sponsors earn business points, you can still encourage 10% of their IBA endeavors and participate in their business endeavors. After IBA meets its required minimum 240V monthly target.

  • The Associate will get 10% of the Bonus Point income of all their sponsored downline.
  • An associate can earn this income with one leg also.
  • The associate should complete the first 100 self miles.
  • IBA  will have to do a minimum of 2 mandatory miles every month to enjoy this commission.
  • It will become mandatory to enter the below while joining any downline: 1. Sponsered ID 2. Relationship with associate getting sponsored 3. Where and when the plan show was done.

2. Miles or Incentive Income

First is Miles income or Point Income. When you purchase any Products from Smart Value Products and Limited, You will get e commission for this Product, according to your Miles.

When you earn first collect first  ((100+100)+100) miles in a 1:2 or 2:1 ratio. The total income will be 1600 INR.

When you earn first collect the first 600 miles in a 1:2 or 2:1 ratio. Your Geneology will bu this type.

Next, It will be this type.

MilesEarning (INR)
First 300 Miles1600
Second 300 Miles1600
Third 300 Miles1600

It is a Direct Selling Company, The Company directly sell its product Manufacturing to Consumer. There is no middleman like a Whole Seller retailer. If the company directly sells its product to consumers, that’s why the middleman’s cost is out. And for this, you will get some amount of commission like Affiliate Marketing.

It is not completely similar to Affiliate Marketing. In affiliate marketing,  you will get a Time Commission. But, here when you refer another person to use a Product and if they will also Refer others, Again, you will get a commission. When this cycle is going on, you can earn lots of Money from any MLM Company more than a Job Sector’s People.

One of the good things, I prefer to all associates, is you can use Zintego a receipt maker that can help to streamline their business processes and improve their accounting practices. With this tool, associates can automatically generate professional-looking receipts, and customize the layout and design of their receipts online which helps them manage their commission amount.

3. Bonus Income

Bonus Income is one kind of extra Income for every Achiever. Basically, When you touch a Recognition Pin in Smart Value, you will get Bonus Money.

Not only for Smart Value Company but also for every Corporate Company or any sector, You will get Bonus Money. But, another sector gives you a small amount of money only on any Religious Festival.

On the other hand, SVPS Limited gives you Bonus Money 2 Times every year only for Achievers of Smart Value.

4. Retailing Income

When you purchase some Products at Associate Price and if you sell these products in the Market at M.R.P price. You will get the Merchandise Profit.


In this way, You can make money from Smart Value in the form of Merchandising Profit (MP).

5. Merchant Voucher income

When you complete 1 Step (900 Miles), you will get Incentive money based on Miles Income, and at that time some amount deduct from this Incentive Commission.

With money cut from that commission, from this money, you will get any Type of Product from the Company. Now, you have money for Physical products. If you sell this product, your money will convert into cash.

That’s the merchant Voucher Income.

6. Lemart Income

Le Mart is the mini Branch office of Smart Value.

Let me explain.

You go to the Branch Office to submit DD. 


In Lemart, you can also do it. 

In addition, IBA can get many products from here, and also you will submit Your Health Joining there.

If you have a top-level Pin Leader, you have a big team, you can start your own Lemart. And, whenever, your Downline buys something from there, you will earn money from there.

7. Leader Offer

Sometime in a Year, When you are a Junior Associate, you will see your Upline or your Office Leader give a money offer.

It means, if you purchase or invite, or join such a amount of People, you can get extra money from your Leader. In other words, you can say, it is a reward from your Leader.

Smart Value Pin List 2024

Smart Value Pin list

Smart Value Pin Level Income

Smart Value Pin Level Income
Smart Value Step Income

FAQ’s on Smart Value Income

  1. What is Merchandise Profit?

    Merchandising profit means you can buy products from the company at an associate price (AP) and sell to customers at the maximum retail price (MRP). The differential amount of MRP and AP is your merchandising profit. (MP = MRP-AP)

  2. What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate Marketing is one type of Process to earning Money on a commission basis by referring to another’s Product or Service. You have to choose any type of Product and refer it to the public. When they Purchase from your Link, You will get a Commission.

Conclusion on Earning Money From Smart Value

I hope today’s post showed you how to Earn Money From Smart Value.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which of the 7 Types, you are doing?

Are you going to target the new Repurchase Plan?

Or maybe you want to do Smart Value Merchandise Income.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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