Enagic Company: Enagic Kangen Water Business Plan (2024)

Enagic Company

Enagic Company Limited is Japan Based MLM Company that sells Kanzen Water machine Products. In this article, I’m gonna show you the complete information about Enagic Company Limited and Enagic Kangen Water.

Here, you will know about,

  • About Enagic Company
  • Enagic Business Plan
  • Enagic Products
  • and, Lot’s more information

Let’s dive into this topic.

About Enagic Company

Enagic Company Limited is a Japanese-based MLM Company that manufactures and sells a type of thi-purifier that converts ordinary water into alkaline water. In the Japanese language, Kangen meaning is the return from the Original (Note: Probably, that’s why the company decides on this name). Hironari Ohshiro is the Founder and CEO of Enagic Company Limited.

Enagic Company Started its business in India in 2016 and list its name MCA Directory. Now Enagic Company Limited is on the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India.

Enagic Company Limited is continuously growing and expanding its business Globally. In the last 3 years, they set up their new office in India, Russia, and Brazil There are plans to build new Enagic centers in 20 more countries in the next few years.

These are some following countries where Enagic company is working;

  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Mongolia
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
  • France
  • US
  • Canada

Enagic Co. Ltd. Company Profile

Incorporated On6 May 2015
DirectorsReema Jain, Santinder Kaur, Pooja
ProductsAlkaline Water Machine
Corporate OfficeThe Millenia Tower-B, 4th Floor,
Unit-401, No. 1&2, Murphy Road,
Ulsoor, Bangalore- 560008,
Karnataka, India
Websitewww.enagic.co.in OR, www.enagic.com
Email IDcompliance-india@enagic.co.in

What is Alkaline Water?

Basically, Here, you need to measure the PH level of the water, How Much Acid, Base, or Neutral is in the water.

  • 0 to 6 Acids – Tamarind
  • Neutral around 7
  • 8 to 14 in base – section

Normally Water was Mild Acid or Neutral. The Alkaline Process of Acidic water is called Electrolysis. Basically, this process is carried out by the Enzymatic Cannabinoid Water Machine.

Benefits of Alkaline Water:

  • Anti-aging or antioxidant properties
  • Good Skin
  • Hydration
  • For a good immune system
  • Detoxifying properties
  • Weight loss
  • Anti-cancer properties

Side Effects of Excessive Alkaline Water:

  • Vomiting
  • Trembling Hand
  • Tension in the muscles

Enagic India Products

Enagic Kangen company divided its products line into 2 parts.

  • Kangen Water Machine
  • Enagic Supplies

Kangen Water Machine

Enagic India has 6 types of Kangen Water Machine, the names, and prices of which you can see below.

Here are the 6 types of Kangen Water Machine and their Price Tag.

Kangen Water Machine

By the way, the price of the Machine depends on the capacity of the Water and Plate. Normally, this Machine is long-lasting from 20 to 25 Years. The company Provides a 3 to 5 Year Warranty Period.

Enagic Supplies

Enagic also sells their supply along with water machines, such as machine parts, bottles, filters, Pipes, Adapter, etc.

Enagic Supplies

Enagic India Compensation Plan

The Enagic Compensation Plan is called the 8-Point Business Model. The Downline up to Enazic up to 8 levels, the commission is started.

When Anyone will buy the Water Machine and become a Distributor of the company, it is called 1A

Rates are measured in points, with different common denominators according to the product level. If you are at the 1A level, you get 1 point on the downline rate cell, 2 points at the 2A level, and 6 points at the same 6A level.

The Price of the Kangen Water Machine is Different. The More Expensive Products, A Distributer can sell, the more commission you get. Therefore, the income of distributors will be high or low.

You can change the rupee at in point. But how many rupees will match at the rate point, it is being sold which machine, this stage is being accepted. 

Here are the Chart of Rank and Sales of the Water Machine.

Enagic India Compensation Plan

In addition to owning and downline product sales, there is more income from Enagic Kangen Company, which you will earn, which is as follows.

  • Educational allowance
  • 6A Step-Up Award
  • 6A Title Incentive
  • 6A 8 Level Group Motivation (Quarterly)
  • 6th Group Cell Award
  • UKON® DD Commission
  • Filter sales


  1. How to join Enagic Business?

    To Join Enagic Business, you need to contact an Existing Distributor of the Company. It is the Easiest Method. Just Provide, the Required Document (Voter Card, PAN Card, Bank Passbook) and purchase any Products of the company. Remember that you should go to the same Upline or team, from where you can learn this business.

  2. Should I join Enagic?

    Joining the Enagic Kangen Company depends on you. If you know what MLM is and what Enagic I do? You can decide for yourself. By the way, remember that, According to John M. Taylor, the MLM Succes rate is 0.04%. In My opinion, the products of Enagic are much more expensive which is not right for Indian People. I’m not disappointed you, I say real truth. By the way, there is also other Top Direct direct selling company in India with good products.

  3. How much income will be from Enagic?

    There is no fixed income in Enagic Kangen Water Business. The More product sales by you and your Team, the more commission you will earn.

  4. Is there a fee to join Enagic?

    As per the Direct Selling Rules and Regulations, there is no Joining Fess. Therefore, to join Enagic India, you will not have to pay any kind of fee, but you may have to buy any Enagic Kangen Water product.

  5. Is it necessary to buy products from Enagic?

    Obviously Yes. To join the company as a Distributor of Enagic, first, you have to buy Enagic Kangen Water Machine. Then, you can use it by yourself and sell it to others.

  6. Is Kangen water Approved by FDA?

    Enagic’s Kangen machine is known as the only medical device. FDA has Approved Enagic Kangen Water for therapeutic usage.


To Sum up, Enagic Company Limited is an MLM Company that sells Alkaline machines in India and worldwide. I hope you have got the full information about Enagic Kangen Company and Enagic Business Plan from this article.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Are you Drinks Alkaline Water?

Do you have any Alklain Water Machine?

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