What is FDSA Membership? Full-Form, Criteria, Company List [2024]


FDSA (Federation of Direct Selling Association) is another Non-Government Multi-level Marketing Union in India like IDSA.

Are you want to know about the myth of FDSA Membership?

Let’s dive into this topic…

1. What is FDSA?

The full form of the FDSA is the Federation Direct Selling Association. It is a non-Government Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, or Direct Selling Union. FDSA manages the Direct selling community of Indian Direct Selling Company. But, not all companies are registered on this.


FDSA keeps up the Guideline of Direct selling of the Indian Government since 2011.

Basically, RCM, Tranzindia, Sarso Biznet, and ARL are the founder of this MLM Union, FDSA.

The headquarter of FDSA, Federation Direct Selling Association, is located in Hyderabad.

2. Who is the operator of FDSA?

AP Reddy is the Chairman and Rajiv Gupta is the Vice President of the FDSA. Rajiv Gupta also has a chief secretary and four regional secretaries.

The FDSA is a private and self-regulatory body with no affiliation with the Government of India. However, the FDSA follows and promotes direct sales guidelines of the Government of India.

Not only that, when there was no law on direct selling (MLM), the FDSA contributed and proposed to bring guidelines before the Rajasthan government in 2012.

3. FDSA Company Member List 

There are 3 types of Membership available in the FDSA Membership Programme.

  1. Founder Membership 
  2. Fellow Membership
  3. Provisional Membership

1. Founder Membership Company List

  1. Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd. (RCM)
  2. SARSO BIZNET International Pvt. Ltd.
  3. TranzIndia Corporate Network Pvt. Ltd.
  4. ARL Retail Pvt. Ltd.

2. Fellow Membership Company List

  1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd
  2. Ok Life Care Pvt Ltd
  3. My Recharge Pvt Ltd
  4. Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt Ltd
  5. Oriens Global Marketing Pvt Ltd
  6. Oxi9 Essentials Pvt Ltd
  7. Add Shop Promotions Pvt Ltd
  8. ProYoung International Marketing Pvt Ltd
  9. HHI Marketing Pvt Ltd (Happy Health India)
  10. Green Planet Bio Products Pvt Ltd
  11. Pro Healthwayz International LLP
  12. Sahaj Life Care Products Pvt Ltd
  13. Welocity Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
  14. Arya Smart Marketing Pvt Ltd
  15. Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd
  16. Dearlife Empower India Pvt Ltd
  17. Fortune Smart Lifestyle Pvt Ltd
  18. Alex World Class Products Pvt Ltd
  19. Ayurpower Products Pvt Ltd

3. Provisional Membership Company List

  1. Amrutveda Wellness Pvt. Ltd
  2. Retail 1947 Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

4. How to get FDSA Membership?

If an organization wants to get an FDSA Membership, there are certain rules and requirements. Which must be met.

  • First, the direct sales company has to follow the direct sales guidelines, then the company can apply for FDSA membership.
  • For Getting membership, the organization has to fill up a form and send it to the FDSA headquarters in Hyderabad. In addition, you can visit their site for registration.
  • FDSA operators then check the company to see if the company qualifies for a membership like Is the Company doing Business Legally? And many more.
  • The company has to pay a certain amount to register.
  • Each company has to pay an annual fee to continue the membership.

5. What are the Fees of FDSA Membership?

According to the information available on the internet, you have to pay 25000 rupees as a Security amount. If your company is more than one year old, it joins a fellow member and pays 2 lakh rupees per annum.

If the age of the company is less than 1 year, the fee is 1 lakh as a temporary membership. When your company will be old, then your annual fees will be 2 lakh per annual. Because Your company is growing.

6. What are the Benefits of FDSA Membership?

The benefits of getting an FDSA Membership are the same as IDSA Membership.

There is no special advantage of this Membership.

7. Is it necessary to be FDSA certified?

It is not necessary to be a member of any MLM Union, be it FDSA or IDSA. But it is a misconception in people’s minds that they must be members.

If an MLM organization is not a member of this community, it does not mean that there is something wrong with that MLM Company.

Many large Network Marketing company like Smart Value, does not register in any Network Marketing Union either FDSA or IDSA.

8. FDSA name is Using for Marketing

Nowadays the name FDSA has become also a part of marketing like IDSA.

Many associates say, “Our company is an FDSA member, Bla Bla, Your company have not“. 

Do not worry. It is only used for confusion.

Naming FDSA and IDSA and imagining your own company big makes sense for other companies.

Remember, when choosing a Network Marketing company, make sure that the company is registered under the MCA and is on the list of legal direct selling companies.

 You do not need to be a member of this private community.


So, This is the Truth about the Federation of Direct Selling Association. I hope you know and understand the hidden information of FDSA.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

What is your Company name?

Did you face any debt from IDSA and FDSA?

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