Forever Living Products Price list 2024 PDF Download

In this post, I am gonna show you the Forever Living Products Price list 2024 for India.

Most of Forever Living’s products are made with natural aloe vera including healthcare, nutrition, and personal care products. FLP Distributor or Direct Seller always looks for the Forever product list with price. So, to solve their issue in one place, here, I am showing the price list of FLP and also sharing the PDF file of forever living products and price list.

Forever Living Products Price list

About Forever Living Products Company

Forever Living Products International, Inc is an American Direct Selling company that was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978. Forever Living Products is growing rapidly and large scale in India as well as the World.

This is the time to be a very proud moment for every Direct Seller that Surya Sinha is the most popular MLM Leader and Highest MLM Earner of  Forever Living Products (FLP) India and also all over the Network Marketing Industry in India.

In addition, We Already Know about Pushkar Raj Thakur who is Youtuber and Businessman, he also starts his Network Marketing Career at FLP. Then, he moves to his own business.

This Legal Direct Selling Company, Forever Living Products, is also a member of IDSA. Forever Living Products is also known as FLP in India. Forever Living Products is the world’s largest Aloe Vera Manufacturer company. Forever Living is also listed in the list of Top 10 Network Marketing Companies of India competing with big players like Smart Value, and Vestige.

Forever Living Products Company Profile

Company NameForever Living Products (India) Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN NoU74120MH2005PTC152597
Incorporation Date12/04/2005
DirectorNavaz D Ghaswala, Sanjay Dhondu Bhostekar, Pravin Sudhakarrao Bhelkar
ProductsNutritional, Drinks, Personal Care, Skincare, Weight management products, Bee Products
Head Office74 Hill Road, Forever Plaza,
Bandra West Mumbai

Forever Living Products Price List

Many Indian direct sellers want a forever living products list with Indian prices and FLP products price list PDF file.

Here is the forever all products price list with Product code and MRP. If you are a new customer, want to buy Forever Products, or an existing direct seller of the company, want to know more information about all products of Forever Company, this Forever living products India price list is very useful for you. Moreover, you can download a PDF file of the price list of FLP products at the bottom of the post. 

Now, let’s get started.

1. Forever Living Personal Care Products

To live a good lifestyle, every human need to care for himself. By using personal care products such are Soap, Facewash, Toner, and Lotion, you need to take basic care yourself to live a well-maintained lifestyle. To make it, FLP company has introduced a total of 43 Forever Living Personal Care Products such are Forever Aloe Lips w/Jojoba, Forever Bright Toothgel, Aloe Lotion, Forever Marine Mask, and many more. Here is the list of forever living personal care products with its Company’s Product Code and MRP.

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
1.022Forever Aloe Lips w/Jojoba226.00
2.028Forever Bright Toothgel605.00   
3.040Aloe First1,342.00
4.051Aloe Propolis Crème1,234.00   
5.055Aloe Body Toning Kit6,114.00
6.056Aloe Body Toner1,837.00
7.057Aloe Body Conditioning Crème2,199.00
8.061Aloe Vera Gelly978.00
9.062Aloe Lotion978.00
10.063Aloe Moisturizing Lotion978.00
11.064Aloe Heat Lotion978.00
12.067Aloe Ever-Shield DEOSTICK547.00   
13.069R3 Factor2,126.00
14.070Gentleman’s Pride1,062.00   
15.187Forever Alpha-E-Factor2,049.00
16.199Aloe Sunscreen1,116.00
17.205Aloe MSM Gel1,612.00
18.20825th Edition Perfume Spray – Women2,976.00
19.20925th Edition Cologne Spray – Men2,976.00
20.233Forever Alluring Eyes1,553.00
21.234Forever Marine Mask1,446.00
22.236Forever Epiblanc1,371.00
23.238Forever Aloe Scrub1,039.00
24.261Aloe Conditioning Rinse1,299.00
25.284Avocado Face & Body Soap460.00   
26.286Relaxation Bath Salts1,928.00
27.287Relaxation Shower Gel1,596.00
28.288Relaxation Massage Lotion1,808.00
29.307Forever Aloe MPD1,972.00   
30.318Forever Hand Sanitizer290.00
31.319Aloe Sunscreen Spray1,295.00
32.337Aloe Fleur De Jouvence8,636.00
33.338Rehydrating Toner1,114.00
34.339Aloe Cleanser1,100.00
35.340Firming Day Lotion1,746.00
36.341Mask Powder2,084.00
37.342Recovering Night Creme2,072.00
38.343Aloe Activator1,114.00
39.462Forever Sun Lips382.00
40.515Aloe Shave Gel1,422.00
41.521Aloe Jojoba Shampoo1,608.00   
42.522Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse1,719.00   
43.523Aloe Hand Soap1,452.00

2. Forever living Nutritional Supplements

We have to maintain every Nutritional element in our Bodies to become Healthy people. But, in this busy life, it is very difficult to do it by eating Nutritional food from time to time, and also difficult to maintain a Diet routine. So, to intaking every essential Nutritional element into our body, by taking one thing, Forever company has manufactured 8 nutritional Supplements such are Forever Arctic-Sea, Forever C Plus, Forever Active Probiotic, and many more. Here is the list of all Forever living Nutritional Supplements with its Company’s Product Code and MRP.

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
44.039Forever Arctic-Sea2,391.00   
45.048Forever C Plus1,597.00   
46.222Forever Active Probiotic2,701.00
47.264Forever Active HA3,151.00   
48.355Forever Immublend2,143.00   
49.374Vitolize Men’s2,758.00   
50.464Forever Fiber2,416.00   
51.473Forever Argi+6,993.00   

3. Forever Living Drinks

In the price list of forever products, Company has also listed their total 4 Drinking Products which are Forever Aloe Vera Gel Tetrapak™, Forever Aloe Vera Gel Tripak™, Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Tetrapak™, Forever Aloe Peaches Tetrapak™.  In the below table, I have listed this Forever Living Drinks product with its Indian Price.

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
52.715Forever Aloe Vera Gel Tetrapak™1,728.00   
53.716Forever Aloe Vera Gel Tripak™1,893.00   
54.734Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Tetrapak™1,781.00   
55.777Forever Aloe Peaches Tetrapak™1,823.00   
ALOE MANGO – 1L TETRA 1,728.00   

4. Forever Bee Honey Price list

You will be surprised, FLP company has also manufactured Honey Products for Daily Healthy living. There are only 2 forever living bee products. In the below table, I have shown you the Forever living bee Products including their Product code.

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
56.036Forever Royal Jelly2,581.00   
57.207Forever Bee Honey1,647.00   

5. Forever living weight loss Products Price List

Nowadays, Men or women, everyone has weight management issues. Some are very confused about how to lose weight and some are, about how to balance weight. To try to solve this issue, Forever Company has made forever living weight loss products. There are only 3 forever living weight management products of the company. 

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
58.071Forever Garcinia Plus2,549.00   
59.470Lite Ultra – Vanilla2,460.00   
60.471Lite Ultra – Chocolate2,460.00   

6. Forever Living Sonya Skin Care Products

In the Forever company products price list, the company has only 6 Skin Care Products such are Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser, Sonya Aloe Deep-Cleansing Exfoliator, Sonya Aloe Balancing Cream, Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner, Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum, Sonya Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream. Here is the list of Skin Care Products with Indian prices in Table Format.

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
61.277Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser2,245.00
62.278Sonya Aloe Deep-Cleansing Exfoliator1,687.00
63.279Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner2,245.00
64.280Sonya Aloe Balancing Cream2,140.00
65.281Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum2,951.00
66.311Sonya Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream2,050.00

7. Sonya Daily Skin Care System Products

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
67.605Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser1,783.00   
68.606Sonya Illuminating Gel1,694.00   
69.607Sonya Refining Gel Mask1,783.00   
70.608Sonya Soothing Gel Moisturizer1,944.00  

8. Infinite by Forever Products

In the forever products price list, the company has also listed manufactured a special skincare product that combines pure aloe vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients, which is called, infinite by Forever Products. The 2 Infinite By Forever Products is Infinite Hydrating Cleanser, and Infinite Firming Serum.

Serial No.Product CodeNamePrice (in INR)
71.554Infinite Hydrating Cleanser2,291.00   
72.555Infinite Firming Serum3,637.00   

Forever Living Products List PDF Download

So, here is the section to Download the PDF file of the forever living products list with prices. Now, All you have to do is click on the ‘Download PDF’ Button, Then You will be redirected to your Google Drive Page where you can either save the Forever living price list PDF in your Drive Account or Download the file.

Note: If you face any issues downloading the forever living retail price list PDF file, immediately, Contact Us. We will try to solve your issue as possible as we can.

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