Happy Health India – Business Plan, Company Profile (2024)

Happy Health India is an Indian Direct Selling Company that Sell Health Wellness products like Forever Living Products, Vestige Marketing, Smart Value, and much more companies. Most of the products of HHI are Ayurvedic.

happy health india

In this article, I’m gonna review the Happy Health India Company and show you the complete Business Plan and company profile of this company.

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About Happy Health India Company

Happy Health India(HHI) is a Legal Direct Selling company in India that was registered in MCA in January 2016 has MCA. The Full name of the company is Happy Health India Marketing Private Limited. The Headquarters is located in Ludhiana, Punjab. It is great to say, three women, Reema Jain, Satinder Kaur, and Pooja are managing this company.

Vision and Mission of Happy Health India (HHI): 

  • At a very reasonable price, they will provide natural high-quality Daily use health wellness products that are needed for daily life.
  • To make people healthy and rich.
  • The company provides a Business Opportunity for every customer to become a Direct Seller of the company and build a better life for themselves and their families.
  • Becoming India’s largest direct-selling company and changing the lives of those who believe that the journey to success begins with a dream, a focus, and a commitment to do what is needed to reach your goals.
  • Provide a simple and best business plan.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all sections of society.

Happy Health India Company Profile

Company NameHappy Health India Marketing Private Limited
Incorporated On08 January 2016
DirectorsReema Jain, Santinder Kaur, Pooja
ProductsWellness, Personal Care, Agriculture, Household, Footwear & Garment
Head OfficeB-31, 129/247, St. No. 7, Guru Arjan Dev Nagar, Near Samrala Chowk, Ludhiana – 141008, Punjab
Website www.happyhealthindia.co.in
Email IDinfo@happyhealthindia.co.in

Happy Health India Products

Products are the backbone of every MLM Company. If the product gives value to people at a reasonable price, people will buy it. Happy Health India company has more than 300 Daily needed Products. 

The Products categories of Happy Health India are;

  • Health Wellness Products
  • Food Products
  • BioEnergy Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Home Care Products
  • Agriculture
  • Beauty and Cosmetic Products

By the way, you can check out the Happy Health India Products Price List, article to see the DP, MRP, and BV points of the individual Product. For proving the quality of the products, Company has many certificates such as HACCP, GMP, WHO, ISO, FSSAI, and HALAL.

How to Join Happy Health India? 

Everyone can join the HHI company and become a Direct Seller of the company and get the opportunity to earn money.

Here is the following process for joining the Happy Health India Company and Happy Health India Login. 

  • First, you have to go to the official website of the company, www. Happyhealthindia.co.in.
  • Then, find the signup button and do registration.
  • After that, fill in the basic details of yourself and later fill in the referral dial, lots of personal information, nominee details and bank details, etc. And, all Done.

After registration, you have to buy s Join kit, named, HHI Activation Pack. By the way, keep in mind, that you may not charge or charge any fees in conjunction with any MLM company, under Direct Selling Guidelines and Rules.

How to make money from Happy Health India

Basically, there are 2 ways to earn money from MLM Company.

  1. Product Selling
  2. Recruitment

1. Products Selling: There are many daily usage products that HHI provides. As a Direct Seller, you can buy this product at the Direct Selling price and, sell it in MRP to get retail profit.

2. Recruitment: To earn a huge amount of money, you have to do a Recruitment rate was the most important and difficult job in an MLM company.  Recruitment means you will have a new distributor of Happy Health India added to your downline. The more people, you will add to your Downline, the more money, you can earn.

The earnings from the company depend entirely on what you buy and sell by yourself and by the downline. If your downline, HHI does not have the product, then if you add them there will be no income.

Happy Health India (HHI) Income Plan

There is a total of 9 types of income which Happy Health India provides with some criteria. 

1. Retail Profit

Income TypeCommission Percentage
Retail Profit25% – 35%
Performance Bonus10% – 30%
Special Incentive15%
Leadership Bonus14%
Traveling Fund2%
Motorbike Fund2%
Car Fund2%
House Fund2%
Loyalty Fund5%

As we already know about Retail Profit in other MLM company’s income plans. First, you have to join Happy Health India Company as A Direct Seller Then, you have to buy products from the company at a Distributer Price, and you will get a 25% to 35% discount on each and every product. DP Rate, which you can use yourself. And, then, You can also sell it in MRP which is where the retail profit income goes.

2. Accumulative Performance Bonus

In this Accumulated Performance Income, when a sale is accomplished by yourself or your downline distributor, you get a fixed BV Point per Product in return. According to the total collected BV, the percentage level of the performance bonus is fixed, then this income is received according to the BV of each month.

Here is a list of How much percentage of profit you will make as per the total BV Point.

BV PointsCommission Level

Here, you can see, that when you earn a total of 1001 BV points in a month by selling products yourself and also by your Downline, you will get 10% of the commission of the total turnover of the company. This commission varies from 10% to 30% as per the total BV point, you have collected.

HHI Achiever Ranks & Other Income

Here is the Distributor Rank chart of Happy Health India with commission percentage.

happy health india rank level
  • Star Achiever of Happy Health India (HHI): Whenever you reach the Achiever level, you will get a huge amount of money from this level. By the way, you have to do more hard work than at other levels. At this level, you will get a 30% commission on the total turnover of the company. If you have a distributor downstairs, you can get in there and be in the percentage of your level. You can create a Join Count distributor with you. The more distributors you win, the more profits you will get.
  • Personal Business Volume: Personal Business Volume is when you buy products from the company by yourself. The BV point of these products is called Personal Business Volume.
  • Group Business Volume PGBV: You will have different lags BV. And your BV was created by you. Your personal group will be PGBV. 
  • Qualified Star Achievers: Qualified Star Achiever Level is called when a Star Achiever can generate 21000 personal group business volumes in a month.
  • Silver Star Distributor: In this level, the commission is 33% when you have one of the distributors whose month can be Qualified Star Distributor if you have 21000 PGBV in the same month.


  1. What is the Joining fess of Happy Health India?

    According to the direct selling guideline, There are no joining fees for the MLM Company. But, first, you have to buy the Joining Products combo.

  2. Can you return Happy Health India’s products?

    Yes. You can return Happy Health India’sProducts and get your money back within 30 Days. Keep in mind, Product must be in a pack with the seal.

  3. How Much Money Can You Make From Happy Health India?

    There is no limit to how much money you can make money from the company. It totally depends on your and your downline’s product selling and generating commission as per the BV points. The more downline products you buy, the more profit you will make. Remember, MLM does not have a fixed salary like a job and you get a commission on product sales.

  4. What is Happy Health India (HHI) Company?

    Happy Health India (HHI) is a Legal MLM company which is incorporated in January 2016 and is located in Ludhiana, Punjab. This company sells Ayurvedic Health Wellness MLM Company. 


Happy Health India is one of the Indian health wellness product-selling companies with a great Vission and strong compensation plan. I hope you have found complete information about Happy Health India Company’s profile and its’ business plan in this in-depth written article.

Joining this company as a Direct Seller is fully dependent on you, I am not your adviser. Though there are a few factors, you can check this article before joining a Network Marketing Company.

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