35 Best Health Tips for Bloggers (Pro+New) You Need to Know

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This is an Complete article about Health Tips for Blogger.

In fact, Today many peoples are Blogging in the world and they turned it’s into Professional. However, they forget to take care of their health at the same time.

Not only for Full-time bloggers but also for IT Person face a lot of health problems when they are working on a PC or Laptop.

So, To know this Tips , Let’s started…

Before Work on Blog

1. Wake Up Early-Morning: To Spend an amazing Day with Freshness, you have to Wake Up at 5.A.M.

    Waking up early is very good that once you are able to develop it you will surely wonder. In Other Words, this Practice will make your mind peaceful.

    Because the Dawn time has its own peace and greatness.

    2. Exercise: You have to do some exercise for 1 hour. For example, RunningPush UpSit UpSquat, etc. Moring Exercise will help you to stay Energetic all over the day.

    Also, you can say, Daily Morning Exercise keeps your body fit. And, Looks Beautiful.

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    3. Expose your Body: Expose your body to the sun for at least 10 minutes. Because you never get a chance again after you start Blogging. Not only for Bloggers but also for every Working Person.

    4. Stretch your Neck: This Practice is most important for every IT and Technical Person. Because, when you working on Laptop, you have to concentrate on Display with the face.

    That is why you have to Stretch your neck in sunlight before your work.

    5. Check your Blog Routine: Before started Blogging, Look at your Blog Writing Scheduled. Because it will memorize your work.

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    6. Breakfast: you have to eat your breakfast before starting Work. When you will be work, you feel free from Hunger. And, you can get more Concentrate to write Quality Article.

    7. Hand Exercise: Do some hand exercises, wrists, and fingers before starting work and in the middle of work.

    During Blogging

    8. Body Position: Maintain a good body position while working on Blogs. If you say for, What is Good Position? The Answer is Straight Position.

    Straight Position will keep you more flexible during Working time.

    9. Comfortable in Chair: To be more comfortable, Use a good flexible chair. That will give you more comfort.

    10. Screen Guard Protector: When you use your phone Roughly, you use Screen Guard Protector for more safety, Similarly, When you are Pro or Newbie Blogger, you use your Laptop or PC roughly.

    That is why we recommend you to use Screen Guard Protector.

    11. Lap Cooling Pad: If you are a Laptop User, Use Lap Cooling during Work. It will give you a more comfortable interaction.

    12. L-Shape: For PC users, Adjust the height of your chair so that while holding the mouse, your hand will appear “L” shaped when viewed from the side.

    Not only for PC Users but also for Laptop Users who use external Keyboard and Mouse.

    13. Avoid Low Light: When you are writing in a blog, Use bright light in Room. It’s mean that Don’t use your Computer or Laptop in low lightroom.

    Because, If you are using Mobile or laptop screen in Dark Place, the blue light of the screen will affect you.

    14. Use a Single Room or Loneliness Place: When you write an article, your mind wants a freshness. If you are in a noisy place, You feel distribution. So we recommend to use a single or loneliness room.

    15. Tight Mouse Comfortably: Do not hold the mouse tightly, hold the mouse comfortably. For Cheap Price Mouse; color will waste.

    16. 5 Minute Break: Do not spend too much time on the desk. So, Take min rest or break after every hour.

    17. Strech in Break: When you are in the break, kindly walk away from the computer. And stretch your body in sunlight.

    18. Eye Exercise in Break: Do some eye exercises at breaks such as focusing on distant objects, long blinks, etc. It will rest your eyes after facing blue light.

    19. Snacks in Break: If necessary, you can eat some snacks or you can drink coffee.

    20. Drink Purify Water: Keep a Purify water bottle with you. And drink 4-5 times regularly. But, if you don’t know the water Purification method at home, Read this article.

    Ways to purify water
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    Or, if you have enough money, you can buy a water Purifier.

    21. Avoid Headphones: Do not use headphones during writing or Backlinking time. When you hear music during writing, your mind can not catch 2 things at the same time and you can not add value in the content.

    22. Use Anti-Glare: You can Use anti-glare glasses on eyes to avoid Strain.

    23. Take Care your Eyes: As a blogger, the best health advice is to take care of your eyes. Since we need to work in front of the laptop, work in every corner to make sure you don’t have to wear glasses.

    Keep your eyes 12-24 inches away from the Monitor Screen.

    After Work on Blog

    24. Lunch Time: When you realize your work is finished, Now Create a Scheduled Table for Next Day Blogging. Next, Complete your lunch with Healthy High Protein Food.

    protein food
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    25. Refresh Yourself: If you feel depressed for Blog’s Ranking then you read some jokes, watch funny videos. Also, you can play some mini-games like Ludo, Chess Candy Crush, etc.

    26. Take a short rest or Sleep: After working full time in Blog, Now you are tired. So, now you can take a short rest. In other words, you can take a short sleep to relax.

    27. Meditation & Yoga: If you take short Sleep, It is OK.

    On the other hand, you can use Meditation and Yoga to relax your Mind.

    28. Avoid Tech: Do not use Mobile and Laptop after Full-time Blogging. Because you spend the most time in Blue Screen, that’s why It is not good to use Mobile Phone. You know too much time Blue Screen is not good for your Eyes.

    29. Fun With Friend: In the afternoon or Evening, Go outside and Hanging up with your Friends. It will Refresh your Mind.

    30. Play Outdoor Games: In the evening, Play Outdoor game with your friend. Which makes your Life More Beautiful.

    31. Don’t addict: Don not drink Alcohol and Avoid Smoking. It will strongly affect your immune system. Using Smoke and Alcohol is very bad for your health.

    32. Avoid eat Fast Food: When we are hanging with our friends, we eat Roadfood which is not good for your health, try to limit this.

    homemade food
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    33. Avoid stress: Excessive stress over a long period of time will affect your mind and body a lot. If extra work puts you under pressure, take a short break, and go for a walk.

    If this is due to work and you can’t fix it, try restarting and with clear focus but after the break.

    34. Dinner time: Come home. Do not late to come home at night. Take Dinner and grab this Read book habit before sleep.

    35. Take Good Sleep: We know Sleep is very important for our health.

    why sleep is important
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    Our body needs rest and when we work at odd times from home. That is why we need to make sure that our body gets proper sleep.

    In short, We can say, Sleep Early and wake up early.

    Conclusion: Health Tips For Blogger

    That’s quite a list of Health Tips for Blogger.

    To summarize, here are the most important Health Tips For Blogger (PRO+NEWBIE) in 2020:

    • Expose your Body in Sunlight
    • Body Position
    • Avoid Low- Lightroom
    • Take care your Eyes
    • Avoid Mobile Phone and Computer after Full time Blogging
    • Fun With Friend
    • Take Good Sleep

    Now we had like to know from you:

    What is your Blog name? and Describe your Blog.

    How you feel after reading this Article?

    Let us know in Comment.

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    Disclaimer: This Health Tips or Guide are Written by our Expert Team. For any Emergency or Critical Condition, Contact your Nearest Doctor.

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