10 Free Ways To Make Money as College Student (2024)

How To Make Money As College Student (2021)
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In this post, You are going to see How to make money as College Student

In fact, this exact Way, I used to earn money during Lockdown in 2020 and 2021.

And today you’re going to see how can a student earn money online in India.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Become a Private Tutor

Tutors educated at the same school as their children have a natural tendency to be parents.

Nowadays, Private Tutoring is a Legal Education Business.

Basically, every parent wants to give their child Best Education. So, they want a Private Tutor to teach their Child Especially from School Study.

If you are a college student, you can do this easily by tutoring a school student.

 You can register yourself for online tuition and look for interested people. You can also learn things from your colleagues or juniors in college and charge them money for it.

 Keep your rates lower than professional tutors so students can see an advantage in learning from you.

By the way, It is one of the good ways to nourish your Basic Education.

2. Become a Blogger

This is one of the growing fields in the Digital Marketing Industry. Already many bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agrawal leading their successful careers in this field.

You can earn Unlimited Money from Blogging.


Is it Really Possible?


If you do this in Proper Way, you can make money, whatever you want.

You can start earning money in college by starting a blog about something that you are passionate about. 

Before making a Blog, Remember these 3 Things;

  1. Passion
  2. Traffic
  3. Profitability

Write interesting things that people like to read and post on your blog. You can get a free blog or even better, a domain name and hosting which is fairly cheap nowadays.

While blogging will make some money in your college, it can also be a great source for a lifetime if you decide to continue.

A blog also helps to make a Portfolio of a college student for their future job in MNC or any Digital Work.

3. Become a Youtuber

We everyone watch videos on Youtube.

But, Did you know?

You can Earn Money from Youtube just by Uploading a Video.

Maybe you think, oh shit.. Just Uploading a Video.

By the way, not just uploading a video, you have to consistently work on this Platform.

Basically, When your video will get Like, shares and comments, this video automatically ranks on Youtube by their Algorithm. When it ranks, it will get more views.

More Views= More Ads Impression= More Ads Click= More Earning.

By the way, Ads are not the only thing to earn Money, When you came to Youtube, You make a Brand. When your channel will have Quality Content, Many Brands will Approach you to advertise their Product, called Sponsorship.

In addition, You can do Affiliate Marketing from the Video by putting Affiliate Link in the Description.

4. Do online Internship

These Days Online Internships are common jobs to grab new skills and Make money as College Student from the intern Programme.

You can apply for an online internship for written content, proofreading, and designing. There are also people looking for candidates like you and these are not very technical fields so you can do these things very easily after college and earn money while you enjoy it. 

Look for internships on various websites and look for freelancer, Internshala, and many more. Before starting work clear about your time and the number of content or designs with the employer.

Before completing registration, you need to check these things;

  1. What are the types of Work?
  2. How much time to complete the work?
  3. What skill you will learn?
  4. How and When you will get Paid?

5. Work at a store or restaurant Part-time

Although this trend is not so famous in India, if you really want to make money you can go for it. But, In foreign Countries like the US, UK, it happens.

Just try to persuade your parents by telling them in a way that will enable you to spend money so that you can save money without asking for it. 

Because most Indian parents are not like it.

You can apply for jobs at McDonald’s, KFC, or other Restaurants and adjust your work schedule according to your college schedule.

The funny thing is, It will allow you to have free or discounted meals as well as a good amount of money.

6. Party DJ (Average Pay $25/ hour)

 Do you love parties? 

DJ, Dancing, and fun.

Then you can easily work as a DJ in Disco, Club or Bar Party.

 Play the latest music, crack jokes, and help people have fun with your skills.

And also enjoy the party. Nowadays, it’s not just restaurants, clubs, and bars that need DJs individuals, families, and small businesses also need DJs at various events.

You can find several party DJ jobs online. Event companies also hire college students for these roles. For working as a part-time DJ at restaurants, bars, and clubs, however, you would have to check local laws.

There are certain restrictions in Ameican Law and also in Indian Law. So, you have to follow these rules.

7. Sell your Designing craft

Lots of students like to use their art to make money by selling home made crafts.

Most of the Girls use these methods to earn money by sharing their Art Talent.

 If you are good at fine arts and crafts, you can sell man-made, customized cards. You’ll find a large customer base in your own college and you can use college events to leverage the option.

 Just Keep track of events like Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day, or any type of Festival and go to different colleges to allow you to set up your stall which will maximize your sales.

8. Develop apps

Are you from computer Science Student?

So, you know the coding knowledge. 

You can transfer your coding knowledge into mone-making skills.

You have to know, How a Moblie App is Developed?

So that, you can develop an App.

 Basically, You can create an app for yourself and sell it in the App Store or Google Playstore. 

Don’t try to be too fancy because most people need help with basic stuff. You can promote your app to your peers to get more business.

9. Make Money in College with Chegg

Share your knowledge, and Skill or rent your textbooks on Chegg.com to earn money in college. This is one of the easiest ways to make money for College students. They have many departments where you can help others to complete their task as a college student.

Assist junior students with homework or provide personal tutoring on a subject. It is possible to earn more if you have excellent English Grammer or Mathematics. You can also get foreign students.

 One of the fastest and easy ways to earn money as a college student. 

 You need to just register on the site by providing your Skill.

Since Chegg only provides part-time work, you can also choose hours basis Work.

This gives you enough time for other activities, including your own studies. And Cheg guarantees your payment.

10. Being a Gamer

Do you love Games?

if YES.

This is one of the good ways to make money from playing video games.

Mukesh Ambani says Next Billionaire will come from Gaming Industry.

YES, maybe it is true. 

Today’s generation is loving to play multiplayer games like PUBG, FAU-G, and Free Fire.

If you live to stream your Gameplay on Youtube, Facebook, or any platform, you can make money.

Maybe you do not know, Two popular gaming Teams, SOUL and 8-Bit together made a Gaming House Bootcamp in Mumbai to play only Games.

Nowadays, Gaming is one of the good Career options for college students.


So, these are the 10 Best Ways to Make Money as College Students.
You can try one of these to earn Money While Studying in College.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Which method you will try first?

Do you want to start a Blog?

Why do you want to earn money during Studying in College?

Let me know in the Comment.

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