How To Run 2 Miles in 13 Minutes [30 Day Strategy]

How To Run 2 Miles in 13 Minutes
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Maybe, you asking your friend or neighbor, How to Run 2 Miles in 13 Minutes? and What is the Strategy to complete the run in this time in 30 days?

But, You are not getting the perfect solution. That’s is why you came here with hope.

Don’t worry, Guys, you will get the perfect solution for your Query.

In this article, I will share my own experience How I complete 2 miles run in 13 Minutes under 30 days(Step-by-step).

So, Let’s Get Started…

Step #1: Warm-up Your Body

Firstly you wake up from sleep then started to run. When we take to sleep, our body is in Rest Mood. After wake up, you go to running without any warm-up will a Bad Practice.

Because, when you want to stretch your Leg and do a Long Jump to increase Speed, You can’t do it. Your Muscle was in Rest Mood and Not Prepared for Stretching out.

So, You need to warm up before Run. Stretching out the Muscle for 5 to 10 Minutes with some little exercise is the Best Practice for Blood Circulation. It would be very good to Stabilize your Muscle.

In other words, It makes a signal between the Muscle and Brain.

This warm-up means moving your muscles through a wide range of motions that mimic moving movements. Think of it as lubricating your joints before running.

Personally, I like to do Squat and Lunges before I start running.

What is Squat?

A  squat is One kind of Strength Exercise for flexible Muscle Joint. People down their Hips from a Standing Position and again Stand up. This is a Vital Exercise to improve the strength and size of the Lower Body Muscle. Adding squats to your workout can increase your performance, reduce your risk of injury, and help you walk more smoothly.

What is the Lunge Exercise?

Lunges Exercise is one kind of lower body Part Exercise Between hamstrings, quads, and glutes. It refers to any position on the human body where one leg is bent at the knees and the legs are flat on the ground and the other leg is behind. Forward Seats are used by practitioners as part of the procedure.

Step #2: Eat Digestive Food

No Perfect Nutrition !!

No Perfect Running !!

It is important to give your nutrition time for best results. If your body has no essential Nutrition, you can’t do anything either Run or Inside workout.


What kind of food is best for us before running?

Keep in mind, Anything you can eat before running, It will be Fast Digestive Food.

Because When we run, The Digestive Process is Slow Down. This is unable to handle normally because our gastrointestinal system is displeased during normal blood flow.

Therefore, if we eat food, especially heavy, the food is not able to digest normally.

If you are running in the morning for a short run – you may not even need to eat anything. Running on an empty stomach for less than an hour is easy for most. But, here I talk about not a Short Run, It is 2 Mile run with Speed.

That’s why I will recommend you to take some good Protein Rich food.

However, if you continue to run without taking food day by day,  it becomes increasingly important to look at your food intake.

Allow at least one hour to pass after lunch or dinner before walking and Running.

Personally, I was eating small food and snacks throughout the day. This strategy was maintaining my nutrition level and blood sugar level Perfect.

Keep your food choices simple when you know that any run is ahead such as fatty protein and moderate carbohydrate content. These foods tend to be the best because they are easily digested.

Avoid fried or fatty foods and extra sugary foods. Excessive amounts of fiber can also prove to be a problem.

For long weekend morning walks, get up early and give digestion time of about 30 to 60 minutes before running. A short, easily digestible, pre-long run meal with peanut butter and a piece of toast with water will help provide the necessary energy.

Step #3: Not Drink Too Much Water and Go Toilet For Fresh

If you drink too much water before running, It will be very much Dangerous. Because, When you will start running, your body will not be a hydrate.

This is a good idea to get hydrated in a day without drinking Too much water.

Avoiding caffeinated or energy drinks may also be in the best interest, as caffeine can increase your heart rate.

Excessively sugary drinks can raise blood sugar levels, which can give you a temporary rise in energy as the levels accumulate which comes after a big crash.

Keep in mind that too much sugar and some artificial sweeteners can cause stomach upset If Possible avoid this. One of my friends was drinks Red Bull Energy before a run. After some time, he realized, too much drinking this energy drink has affected heir body. Then, he avoids it.

Now, you can say a question, How Much water should I drink before Run? I am sure, you ask this question me.

In my case, I was drinking 200-300 ml water before a run. Basically, the quality is dependent on a man to man. This is my quality. This amount makes me comfortable.

So, Do this.

And, One of the most important things is before starting running or any workout is to Go to the Toilet and be fresh. If you are  Morning Runner, It will make you more comfortable during Run.

Step #4: Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body
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This is a very important thing to do anything. You have to follow your own Thinking, not any other words.

When you follow other Thinking and Words, you are doing what they do. If Second Person is not successful, Lazy, Not Dreamer, and Demotivated Person, you will be the same next.

Maybe, you listen to the talk of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, Follow your Passion and Follow your Heart.

In my case, I was a Lazy Person but  I was thinking to do something. When I was focusing to Run in the Morning, My Mom Said that you can’t Do it. But, I do it.

When I go running on the first day after 12 Months, I was feeling more energetic. That’s why I decided to run for 2 KM that day. This was my first day to run after 12 months.

When I started to run, I have no Strategy, How to Complete 2 KM? When I have to increase my Speed? 

By the way, I started the run, first I speed run without any Distribution.

But, When I crossed 1 KM, My heart was Pumping Speedily. I was Feeling Pain in my Leg. Then I stopped there not completing 2 KM. Next, I Drink Water.

That was my Biggest Mistake at that time.

The next day, When I go running after wake up, My body was fully in Pain. In fact, Walking was very much tough for me. But, I go for a run. That day and the Next Day I only ran 500 Meters.

If I want to continue 2 km, my body was completely in Pain, if it is over, I need a Doctor.

After the 4th Day, I was free from pain. Then I run for 2 Km and increase the distance Day By day. If I jump the distance, the Next day, I could not.

That’s why, I recommend you to follow your Heart and Listen to your Body and how much your Body Has Potentiality.

Step #5: Walk 200 Meter Before Run

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This is my own personal strategy to walk 200 meters before the run.

One day, This was a cold day. Too Much cold. I was thinking, what are the alternate simple trick to warm up before the run?

Then I said to one of my friends, let’s walk together for some minutes then We will run. That was my turning point.

After walking for some minutes, when we 2 friends started running. We were feeling more comfortable to jump in running. Legs are easily stretched out and feel more comfortable running Speedily.

This incident changes our long-running strategy. After this day, I always walk a minimum of 200 meters before Run.

This is my simple strategy to complete 2 Miles Run Under 30 Days.

This 3 Stage is Proven by me. If you, Believe me, you can try this method.

Then say to me, How is it? Is it work for you?

Tip #1: Run 1.6 KM in Slowly for First 10 Days

First, You need a good metallic and Waterproof Running Band. If you are started running after many Days and want to run Long Distance, You can’t Do it.

That is why I am recommending you to run 1.6 KM slowly for the first 10 Days. It will make you comfortable for an outside workout instead of a Long Run.

Tip #2: Run 3 Miles for Next 10 Days

After 10 Days of Run, Your body will easily manage Outside workout and Running. Now, It is time to Long Run. Personally, During this time, I run 3 miles instead of 2 miles.

Now, you think Why? This is for 2 Miles.

Basically, use this to increase my Stamina and Breathing Power in Continuous Running. Though, Yoga Improves Breathing Power.

Tip #3: 2 Miles Running in last 10 Days

Now, 20 Days Complete. This is the time to running Actual Distance, 2 Miles. Now, you are fully comfortable to run 2 miles. Fact is, You have to increase your Speed. Maybe, You can do this easily.

Basically, I will say 10 Days 3 miles running for this. This is the time, You Practice to improve Stamina and Strength. So, You can easily do this.

Step #6: My Own Strategy To Complete Run in 13 Minutes

Now, I will share my Complete 2 Miles in 13 Minutes. That’s the time to implement my strategy to run 2 miles in 13 Minutes in your Run.

By the way, Keep in mind, You have good Running Shoes, If not, you can buy form Amazon.

1. Start Running Slowly for first 1000 Meter

Keep in mind, Do not run speedily in starting Time. It is the biggest Mistake. Most of the People Do this and then they are not able to complete Run. First running 1000 Meters Slowly Instead of High Speed.

If you starting your running speedily for the starting time, for the next meters your body will be tried and You do not completely the run.

2. Increase Speed for next 1000 Meter

Now, You need to increase speed slowly for the next 1000 Meters but not over. You have to control your Speed and Slowly Increase.

3. High Speed for 2001 Meter to 3000 Meter

This is the last long-distance Run. Which you have to run at high speed. If you will slow here, you can’t completely be running in a  time. Maybe, you can stop in the race because this time blood circulates in your body firstly and Heart Breathing will increase.

4. Boost Your Speed for last 218 Meter

AND, This is the last 280 Meter, Here is no Speed. This is the time to boost up your Speed, In the last stage, You need a High-Speed Long Jump to Complete the run. Forget anything and Only Look and Focus on your Finishing Point.

Conclusion: How To Run 2 Miles in 13 Minutes

I hope this Proven guide showed you how to run 2 miles in 13 Minutes.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:


What’s the #1 tip which written here, You did not try before?

Are you going to start your running with this Strategy Today or Tomorrow?

Or maybe you’re going to already use another 30 Days Routine?

Or maybe you have any doubt about something you read.

Either way, let me know in a comment below RIGHT NOW.

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