How To Wake Up at 5 A.M. Daily (Step-by-Step )

How to wake up at 5 A.M.
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In this post, We will show exactly How to wake up at 5 A.M.  in Step-by-Step.

As we know, Many people try to WAKE UP at 5 A.M. But, they can not do it and don’t know the actual Scientific Process.

How to wake up at 5 A.M.
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Now, today you’re going to see how our team members did it, step-by-step, and able to achieve the target.

(In this year 2021)

So, let’s dive into Practical Step!

Step #1: Go To Bed Early

The first step is, Go to bed early.


As we know when we are a school student, Early to Bed & Early rises to make man healthy and wealthy.

But, now we are not getting a wake up at early or 5.A.M.

Do you know, what is the main reason?

The answer is, Lack up proper Sleep.

A scientific report shows that A adult man needs 8 hours of sleep per day. But, it depends on the man’s body and habit.

If you are a mentally working person, you will need 6 hours per day. On the other hand, if you physically work a person, you will need 8 hours per day.

When you hear the sound of Alarm, you feel, “I need more sleep, not doing wake up now’. According to a study, 53% of Indians go sleep at late night due to scrolling of social media.

53% Indians go sleep at late night
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So, to get up a 5.A.M, the first step is Go to your bed early at night

It may seem weird at first, you are gonna get a beautiful point in your life. When you like, “You know when going to bed early feels me Peaceful Deep sleeping

Okay, maybe we made that part up. However, if you are going to bed early, you are going to get as many hours as you need to sleep. 

By the way, if you feel distribution in sleeping time, you can use Sleeping Eye Musk. Sleeping Eye musk is very good for noob sleeper.

When you use a mobile laptop for a long time, then your eyes want to take a rest. On the other hand, you go for sleep, but you can’t do it for your tired eyes.

So, we recommend you, if you have money, you can buy this sleeping musk from online. Sleeping Musk gives peace and calmness on your eyes which helps to sleep firstly.

In addition, For better sleep in the room, you can use basic equipment;

  • First of all, Cold & Peace Full Room
  • Comfortable bed
  • Soft Mattress
  • Soft Pillow

So, that you can make up the difference for the fact, you are probably waking up 2 hours early.

Pro Tips for Better Sleep: If you are a husband-wife, be close to getting better sleep. Follow these guides to go to bed earlier for sleep.

Read More: 5 Bedtime Sleep Habits for DEEP Sleep

Then, move onto step #2…

Step #2: Put Your Phone In Another Room

Put your phone in another room or Don’t use your phone before sleeping s very tough for College Students or Adults.

Now, you can say us, Are you crazy? It is not possible!!

Yes, Guys, it is the truth.

This is the most EFFECTIVE Steps or Tips for wake up early.

Even, We already say for IT person or Blogger to do this Action every day.

health tip for blogger
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Nowadays, we spend most of our time on Mobile Phones, laptops, and TV. Now, the fact is, the Bluelight which came to from your phone, laptop, or T.V, provides maintaining Hormone in your body.

Hoemone for blue light
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After using the phone, you feel, yes, My eyes are becoming heavy and big.

It read your Body’s routine. And you feel, Yes I want more sleep‘, ‘my eyes are booming’. 

Basically, this Bluelight decreases your Hormone level, that’s why you late in sleep at night.

So, you have to avoid Mobile Phone, Laptop, T.V around 30 minutes or 60 minutes before sleep.

By the way, there is General Perception in our mind. When we are going to sleep in the bed, we scroll Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc and we think, Shit, I wasted 20-45 minute time today as every day. 

Recommendation: Fixed a time to open social media and posting something in a day. As, you know, we publish a new blog post between 3 -4 days after last publishing and it will be published in either Morning 6.AM. or 5. P.M.

By the way, guys, Are you thinking,

How can I avoid social media too much using? This is your correct time to see this Video

If you are using a mobile phone for an Alarm clock, Keep your phone a little far from the bed. We recommend you to use Alarm Clock, avoid mobile phone alarm clock.

Step #3: Clarify Your Purpose

Yes, Everything has a purpose. In the world, we can not do or live without any purpose. Similarly, Clarify your Purpose or moto.

Write down in your Diary:

  • Why you want to wake up at 5 A.M.
  • What will happen if you don’t wake up at 5 A.M

Until you don’t give the answer in your mind, you can not motivate anything. 

We know, when we are in school, we think, ‘I can not wake up in the morning to go school, but if we have Cricket or Football match, we feel excited and wake up early morning, even sometimes sleep is not came for this excitement.’

It means you have a purpose. 

Why you wake up early?

So, friend, you have a solid reason to do this.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind, What you lose, if you don’t wake up in the morning. 

And, that’s the point, if you think 3-4 times in a day, you will definitely wake up at 5 A.M or early morning. Finally, More sound will create in Body’s Alarm Clock than any Alarm Clock.

So, if you wake up in a fixed time day by day, every time you wake up in fixed time without Phone Alarm Clock. 

Because you think, what you do in the early morning as a student or Professional, like reading books, running, exercise or anything.

Basically, you have to create a moto in your mind. For a student, you have to create a setting, in the morning, What I will read. And determine your benefits and loss. 

After reminding this every time, you will focus on your Wake up at 5. A.M MISSION.

Generally, What we do as a Student or Professional?

 We want to go bed and think, we sleep at 12 O clock and will wake up at 6 A.M or 7 A.M. and we complete 6 or 7 hours of sleeping time per day.

It is not correct. This method is not working.

The powerful method is, You have to Create a Moto.

Bonus Powerful Point: When you wake up at 5 A.M. for 7 days toughly. It will make a habit automatically. And, after 7 days, you do not pressure in your mind you go to bed because after doing this practice, Sleep automatically comes in your mind fastly.

Step #4: Get Excited

Now, the next trick is to get excited every time.

Go to your past, means that go your school time. when you are in school or college student, you have a lot of excitement.

 Remember, when you and your friend go to a picnic, School or college tour, you are very excited. And, when, the day would come, you are more excited. Before that tour day, when we went to sleep, we think,’WOW, Only 1 day’. 

We think, What happens in Picnic, How much we will enjoy! What are the dishes, WOW

at night. 

Maybe, all time you will watch at your clock, how much time it takes for the morning.

So, that’s the point, You have to excited to wake up at 5.A.M

First, come to Excitement, Then come to make your present Refreshing and Beautiful.

So, it is your best time to watch this video.

Step #5: Do Not Regret

This is not for only wake up at 5.A.M in the morning, you have to do everywhere to get success.

Do not Regret when you wake up in the morning.


  • I have to achieve all things.
  • Can I achieve these things?
  • Everything, I will do.

That’s the unnecessary thing.

That is why we recommend you to create your own Routine for the next day before going to sleep.

Like, After wake up, you can do

  • Exercise, Yoga
  • Running in outside
  • Planting
  • Meet up with your friend

Build up a Habit for those works. This method will help you to low the stress out. This is one of the best methods to achieve your target.

Magical Tricks: How to Wake Up at 5 A.M.

How to Wake Up at 5 A.M. (1)
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Trick #1: Drink Lots of Water

Yes, “Water is Life”.

At least Drink Pure water before going to bed. Drinking 2-3 liter PURE water in a day, very important. Drink more water, feel more energetic.

 By the way, if you have a limit to get pure water, you can read our handy guide to purify water at home.

Benefits of Water Before Sleep

  • Relax your stressful mind
  • Delete Hangness of your Mind

Trick #2: Decide Work In Advance

Yes, This is the most powerful thing for the human mind. If you set something in your mind focus, You must do this.

You know, every successful person, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sachin Tendulkar are very focus on their work. That is why they are successful.

In the same way, if you set something work in mind to do advanced, your mind catches this and wants to do this in advance. So, you have to decide to work in advance at night, your mind wants to do this.

 Now, when you decide to do something before sleep, you will automatically wake up. Because your mind’s power want to do your work, so, when you fulfill your sleeping time, your sleep.

Trick #3: Do Something Excited

It is a little similar to advanced work. When you excited about something.

If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, it is mostly worked on you.

Now, come to the real main point. When you send a question text SMS to your closest, you wait for the reply from the other person. 

But, do you think, Why you are wait for their reply? That’s called Excitement.

As for our case, we are waiting for our visiter which is you. Basically, we are excited about New Visiter, Bounce Rate for the Next day, and the Present Day. 

By the way, What your are most important things?

Now, It is Your Turn

You know, What are the health benefits of waking up early? But, you can not wake up in the morning.

Finally, We hope, you enjoyed this complete guide. Now, if you follow this step, you will definitely get your answer How to wake up at 5 A.M.

Now, We like to know from you:

Before reading this guide, When you wake up in the morning?

Do you have important work which you miss some time for a late wake up in the morning? 


What is this?

Let us know by leaving comments below Right Now. If we give more value only for you.

 🙂 Sharing is Caring

Disclaimer: This Health Tips or Guide are Written by our Expert Team. For any Emergency or Critical Condition, Contact your Nearest Doctor.

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