IMC business Review 2024: Company Profile, Income Plan

Today, in this article, I am going to show you the complete information about International Marketing Corporation Private Limited Company, which is also known as IMC Business or IMC

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If you want to join or already join IMC Business, you have to know,

  • What is the IMC Marketing Business?
  • What is IMC Joining?
  • How to reduce money from IMC?
  • And Lot’s More

So, let’s get started without any further ado.

What is IMC Business?

IMC is also known as IMC Business. The Full form of IMC is “International Marketing Corporation”.

IMC Company was started in 2007 with the help of two enthusiastic individuals, Dr. Ashok Bhatia and Mr. Satyan Bhatia. The headquarter of this Indian Direct Selling Company, IMC is located in Ludhiana, Punjab.

IMC is a Legal Direct Selling company of India, dealing with organic ayurvedic patented herbal, health, beauty, and personal care products. IMC is also a member of IDSA.

IMC Company Profile

Company NameIMC International Marketing Corporation Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U15490PB2013PTC038243
Year Started2007
FounderAshok Bhatiya (Chairman), Satayan Bhatiya (Managing Director)
Head OfficePunjab, India
Product CategoryHealth Care, Skin Care, Agriculture, Personal Care, Food, Garments, and many more

IMC Business Plan

Before Joining IMC Company, you have to know the Business Plan of this company. Then, you can join IMC as a Distributor or Direct Seller of IMC, if you wish to join.

Like other Direct Selling Companies, IMC also has 2 ways to do Business and earn money.

  1. Product Selling
  2. Requirement

When you are doing IMC Business, there are many levels is given according to all direct seller Performances of IMC. IMC has some conditions to achieve a total of 16 associate levels and rate levels.

  1. Star 1 Associate
  2. Star 2 collaborators
  3. Star 3 collaborators
  4. Star 4 associates
  5. Silver Star Associates
  6. Gold Star Associates
  7. Ruby Star Associates
  8. Diamond Star Associates
  9. Chairman Star Associate
  10. Ambassador Star Associates
  11. Crown Ambassador Star Associates
  12. President Star Associates
  13. Crown President Star Associates
  14. Senior Crown President Star Associates
  15. Director Crown President Star Associates
  16. Kohinoor Crown President Star Associates
  17. Royal Annual Bonus

IMC Products

In terms of the quality of the Products, IMC claimed that their Products are fully Organic and made by the formula of Ayurveda.

IMC focuses on promoting Indian heritage with increasing health and providing an easy livelihood for everyone, introducing the concept of aloe vera, a compilation of the goodness of aloe vera, and the ancient sciences of Ayurveda.

Under MRP, IMC Products are a little bit expensive compared to the market. You can see and download the list of the individual Product’s prices in this article, IMC Product Price List PDF.

IMC Income Plan

IMC provides different incomes at different levels. It has 17 incomes including all the funds.

There is different income at different levels, according to their official website, IMC has a total of 17 types of Income.

Serial No.Income NameCommission in Percentage
1.Star 1 Associate10%
2.Star 2 Associate15%
3.Star 3 Associate20%
4.Star 4 Associate25%
5.Silver Star Associate33%
6.Gold Star Associate36%
7.Ruby Star Associate39%
8.Diamond Star Associate42%
9.Chairman Star Associate45%
10.Ambassador Star Associate45.5%
11.Crown Ambassador Star Associate46%
12.President Star Associate46.5%
13.Crown President Star Associate47%
14.Senior Crown President Star Associate47%
15.Director Crown President Star Associate47%
16.Kohinoor Crown President Star Associate47%

1. Retail Profit

IMC also has the first income retail profit like other Top Direct Selling Companies, Smart Value, Vestige Marketing.

Probably, you have already known this Term, What is Retail Profit in my previous article. So, I hope, there is no need to explain it again.

These are the little explanation

IMC pays its distributor at a price lower than the product MRP  which is called  Distributor Price (DP). Distributors can earn retail profit by selling these products on MRP.

IMC promises retail profits of up to 30%, but this varies from product to product.

2. Accumulative Performance Incentive

This means the most important level of income is counted or divided, and the level is also obtained by adding BV in the downline.

In short, when your Downline or Team Member gets BV by selling Products, this BV point is also added to your Account along with your Personal BV Point.

Here is the chart, you can see How much Profit you will earn by getting How much BV you got. 

Accumulative Performance Incentive

3. Leadership bonus

There is the lowest Term and Condition applied to get Leadership Bonus.

  • The current month’s PBGV must be over 20,000.
  • Must be on your own superstar level, buy 1,00,001 BV for yourself.
  • There should also be 1 Super Star distributor on the downline.

After fulfilling the condition, BV is available as a 5% leader bonus by the first active downline.

4-16. Funding

IMC has a total of 13 funds, which can be multiplied as separate income.

These funds work according to one formula. The application itself emphasizes bonuses by other leadership, the company’s total BV, and the level and performance of the IMC’s Direct Seller.

The rate must be completed every month in all the conditions to get the fund in a month.

Serial No.Income NameMinimum Required LevelCondition
4.Travelling FundSilver Star1 Super Star downline for 3 consecutive months
5.Bike FundGold Star2 Super Star downline for 3 consecutive months
6.Car FundRuby StarShould have 3 Super Stars in 3 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
7.Meeting FundRuby StarThere should be 3 Super Stars in 3 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
8.House FundDiamond StarThere should have 4 Super Star in 4 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
9.Chairman Star FundChairman StarThere should have 5 Super Stars in 5 different legs, for 3 consecutive months
10.Ambassador Star FundAmbassador Star40,000 GBV from 6 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 1 million GBV per month
11.Crown Ambassador Star FundCrown Ambassador75,000 GBV from 7 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 2 million GBV per month
12.President Star FundPresident Star1,25,000 GBV from 8 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 3.5 million GBV per month
13.Crown President Star FundCrown President Star2,00,000 GBV from 9 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 5 million GBV per month
14.Senior Crown President Star FundSenior Crown President Star2,00,000 GBV from 11 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 10 million GBV per month
15.Director Crown President Star FundDirector Senior Crown President Star2,00,000 GBV from 13 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 1.5 crore GBV per month
16.Kohinoor Crown President Star FundKohinoor Crown President Star2,00,000 GBV from 16 different Super Star downlines for 3 consecutive months + own a total of 20 million GBV per month

For example, if a director wants to get a Crown President Star Fund, download his 1.5 million BV purchases every month. So, Downline has to do 3 consecutive months per month for an average of Rs 2 to 3 crore and also has to complete 13 Super Star downline conditions up to 3 with 2 million GBV. 

17. Royal Annual Bonus

IMC provides this Royal Annual Bonus once a year in June Month.

When your Achieve level is found in your Team, 0.25 points are awarded. 

Kindly, Look at this chart below, What percentage of Commission of Level.

How to join IMC Business?

There are 2 methods to join IMC.

  • Offline
  • Online

Offline: First meet up with any direct seller of IMC and give your documents and Products Fees. They will help you to complete your Documentation from the Branch Office.

Online: Go to the Official website, Then click on Apply For Distributor Button and follow the further steps written on that webpage.

FAQs on IMC Business

  1. What are the Joining Fees of IMC?

    In Direct Selling Business, there are no additional fees for Joining. But, you have to purchase some products after submitting an IMC joining application.

  2. What does BV mean in IMC?

    BV means the amount of business was. When you join IMC Business, there are some that are given along with it, which is called BV. Basically, BV is used for calculating Income.

  3. What is GBV in IMC?

    All Distributors on Downline are called BV’s Group Business Volume.

  4. What is PGBV in IMC?

    Distributor BV can be seen downline at PGBV (Personal Group Business Volume). But if one of the Distributors in your Downline achieved Star Super Level and his BVis over 30000, That’s time, It will not be in PGBV.

  5. Is IMC Company Fraud?

    No, IMC is a Trusted network marketing company, which is a group-based and completely legal company, it can say that it is not a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme fraud.

  6. Can the Money be refundable from IMC, after purchasing the Product?

    Yes, IMCs under the Direct Selling Guidelines can get a refund from a repaying company within Part 30 days. But it should be packed at the level of return purchased from IMC.


I hope this in-depth post is helpful for you and meets your needs with what you want to know about IMC Business.

Now, is it your choice whether you want to join IMC Company or not?

There is no emphasis here that you have to join IMC business

I’m not forced to join the company. I’m just showing the details of the IMC company. 

Now, I’d like to know you:

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