Inbound Closer Review: Scam or Legit 6-Figure Earnings?

inbound closer

Maybe some questions in your mind, What is Inbound Closer? Is Inbound Closer a scam? Is the inbound closer legit? Who is inbound Closer Payton? Can Payton Welch and his brother Taylor help you to earn an income online? 

This is a complete Inbound Closer review of 2024.

I am Somraj Mondal, Founder, and CEO of Noni4all. After researching this in-depth, I completed a review of the Inbound Closer.

Let’s dive into the Expert written Inbound Closer review.

What is an Inbound Closer Program? 

Inbound Closer is Sales Training and Digital Marketing program. Taylor Welch and Peyton have created this training program to teach entrepreneurs and people the most demanding skill to earn money online. This training program includes the course or Training of selling big-ticket items like access to digital courses, event seminars, workshops, and mastermind groups.

The inbound Closer program comes with webinar recordings, mp3s, special Inbound Closer PDF documents, and access to a private Facebook group where students share tips on how to get the most out of the system. Basically, it is one type of Internet marketing course that teaches you to set up and promote a “sales funnel,” also known as a “marketing funnel”.

These types of funnels often start with an ad (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) that grabs your attention. If you know about marketing, you will see lots of, inbound closer youtube ads how it contains a sales video (with the sales mentor inbound closer), or takes you to a landing page. The landing page may contain a video followed by an offer and an email sign-up form.

In the Inbound Closer Training program, when you open the sales page for inbound closures, you’ll see this type of option:

  • Start earning in just 21 days.
  • Work part-time from anywhere in the world.
  • Work only 1-2 hours per day.
  • No technology, no capital, and no setup are required.
  • Tap into the $129 billion industry.
  • All you need is a phone and inbound closer 6 page pdf.
  • Moreover, Peyton promises to help you secure your first client within a week.

Who Are Payton Welch And Taylor Welch?

Peyton Welch and Taylor is one of the co-founders of Along with his brother, Taylor, Peyton is known online as a “guru” because their programs are often overhyped.

Are Peyton and Taylor scammers?

If you search for Taylor welch inbound closer reviews, Payton welch inbound closer reviews, or Payton welch reviews on Google, you will see that some people on the review websites claim that Peyton and Taylor Welch are scammers.

Allegedly, they created an Online Training Program course to make themselves richer. In my opinion, this makes sense. Many of these “online gurus”  expensive courses just to earn extra income from another source.  But, if you look at the curriculum of the inbound closer program, you will see, the training program is fulfilled with a lot of Modules and honestly share the actual Value.

So are they cheaters?

Peyton Welch and Taylor Welch seem legit to me. They are Legit online Entrepreneurs. But I still don’t like the way they promote the inbound Closer program.

Typically, Taylor has collab with another online Branding website, Traffic and Funnels, and become more popular with the name of inbound closer traffic and funnels, which basically works for generating more demand online.

What does an Inbound Closer do?

As I have said at the beginning of the content, The Inbound Closer is an Online Training Program. You will see the inbound closer free training video to see how they teach you to how to attract leads and inbound deals through telemarketing. According to Payton welch and Taylor welch(the founder of the Program), you don’t need any extra skills because everything is explained during the 21-day training program.

Inbound marketing is a strategy that marketers use to generate leads from various sources such as:

  • Blog
  • Ebook
  • video
  • Social media posts
  • advertisement
  • podcast
  • Infographics
  • Webinar
  • white paper
  • essay

Maybe it won’t lead you to success because you’ll be shown how to get started with the company, but you’ll need to buy access to a list of clients to start making these calls. The course is divided into two parts $97 and another $997.

The main fundamental of the Inbound Closer is geared towards teaching you how to approach high-ticket inbound. Payton Welch is going to give you a set of training videos where you will learn how he closed over $42 million in sales after taking over 3,000 calls.

The basic idea is to show you how to get leads for high-ticket programs and then how to turn those leads into customers by “handling” them over the phone.

What is the inbound closer high-demand skill?

The high-demand skill that you could learn with the Inbound Closer coaching program is inbound closing and Telemarketing.

Inbound Closer Accelerator Course($97)

In Inbound Closer Program, the first step course is The accelerator course. The inbound closer accelerator price is $97. Here is all about what’s included in the course:

Week Zero (Day 0 Introduction):

  • IBC Roadmap (PDF)
  • Start Here (Video)
  • If you want to succeed here, watch this (video)
  • A quick overview and frequently asked questions (video)
  • An Introductory Approach to Understanding Math (Video)
  • The Only Four Things That Matter
  • Free daily mind medicine
  • Forward Transformation – Chey’s Story
  • $21,000 Commission Check From Zero Experience – Taylor’s Story

Week One (Days 1 – 7):

  • A snapshot of the week
  • Lesson Section 1- Morning Sutra Create your own vision
  • Morning source portal
  • Seven-figure sales script
  • Homework – Seven Figures Worksheet
  • Reflex Selling System One – Part One
  • Reflex Selling System One – Part Two
  • Special bonus training from Taylor
  • SalesMentor Coaching with Ellie Wilde
  • Homework – The Five Rules of Communication Worksheet
  • Review of the last issue of the week
  • End of the week review
  • Tracking your number

Week Two (Days 8 – 14):

  • Week two snapshot
  • Audio Coaching One – Objections
  • Reflex Selling System Two – Part One
  • Reflex Selling System Two – Part Two
  • Sales Call Review with Peyton Welch
  • Audio Coaching Two – Philosophy and Techniques
  • SalesMentor Coaching with Eli Wilde (video)
  • Homework – Certainty Worksheet (pdf)
  • End of Week Numbers Review (Docx)
  • End of Week Review (Docx)

Week Three (Days 15 – 21):

  • Week Three Snapshot (video)
  • Audio Coaching Three- Q&A Call (video)
  • Reflex Selling System Three – Part One (video)
  • Reflex Selling System Three – Part Two (video)
  • Sales Call Review with Taylor Welch (video)
  • Audio Coach Four – Equity (video)
  • Sales Mentor BONUS with Eli Wilde (video)
  • End of Week Numbers Review
  • End of Week Review
  • The End But Not the End (pdf and video)

So, To sum up, when you are part of the Inbound Closer Accelerator, you have access to a daily payment check plan. The purpose of this award is to help you tackle one of the biggest challenges of inbound closings.

Inbound Closer Main Certification Program ($997)

The inbound Closer Certification Program Course is the advanced module of the inbound closure program. The Price of this Certification Program is $997.

 Here is the in detail of the course.

Module #0: Becoming the Successful Person:

  • Introduction – To become a person worthy of success
  • How to succeed in this program
  • How to Succeed at IBC (Inbound Closure)
  • Sales Consultant Page
  • The biggest opportunity you can choose from in today’s marketplace
  • How the certification program works and what’s next
  • starting from the bottom
  • You are not going to down
  • Beat fear and insecurity
  • who you are becoming
  • An important message from Eli Wilde

Module #1: Closer’s Mindset

  • Closer’s Mindset – Overview (Video)
  • Raise Your Values ​​(Video)
  • Three Beliefs That Lead to Selling Gold (Video)
  • The Law of Wealth – How to Make More Money (Video)
  • How to Close Your Earning Potential (Video)
  • Mastering Energy – Ten Points Of Personal Optimization(Video)
  • Habits Of Control  (Video)

Module Summary:

Basically, in this part, you need to think the beyond the mindset of the salesperson, such as:

1. You are not good enough

2. There are no buyers for you

3. Your product or service is not priced

Module #2: Self-Empowerment

  • Ellie Wilde: Self-Empowerment (Video)
  • Sales Is Leadership:  Mastering Your Closer Mindset (Video)
  • Being a Parent vs. a Salesperson (Video)
  • Important Elements of Completion (PDF)
  • Bonus 1- Risk vs Safety (Video/Audio)
  • Bonus 2- What is ROI – Changing Your Mind About Types of ROI (Video/Audio)
  • Bonus3- What to Do When You Lose Your Drive (Video/Audio)

Module Summary:

In this module, you will learn, how to develop self-confidence and build your personal brand.

Module #3: Introduction To Closing 

  • Ellie Wilde – The Closing Intro (Video)
  • Closing High Ticket Deals – Inbound Closing Call Overview (Video)
  • How to Take Notes Like a Pro Closer (Video)
  • How to Prepare Like a Pro – Call Preparation for Higher Close Rates (Video)
  • How to Open Call and Set Frame (Video)
  • How to Lead Sales with Challenging Questions (Video)
  • Bonus – Intro with Taylor (Video)

Module Summary:

The Actual Process of Closing Deal.

Module #4: Closing With Confidence 

  • Ellie Wilde – Ending With Confidence (Video)
  • Close with Confidence – Call Discovery (Part 1) (Video)
  • Close with Confidence – Call Discovery (Part 2) (Video)
  • Close with Confidence – Call Discovery (Part 3) (Video)
  • Chunking Up and Chunking Down to Close Big Deals (PDF & Video)
  • Aggression Part One (Audio)
  • Aggression Part Two (Audio)
  • Aggression Transcript (PDF)

Module Summary:

The Exact Method and Technique to close the deal with Confidence.

Module #5: Mastering Objections 

  • Ellie Wilde – Objection Phase (Video)
  • Advanced Objection Handling – Closing Contracts with Patterns and Frameworks (Video)
  • Objection Handling Slides – Eli Wild (PDF)
  • Handling Objections with Ellie Wilde (Video)

Module Summary:

How to Handle Objections at the time of Closing and Deal and giving the right words to finally close the deal.

Module #6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer 

  • Ending with Ellie – Part One (VIDEO)
  • Start here – you must watch it to pass (PDF and video)
  • Did you pass? – Here’s how to get access to Closer and Owners Network (PDF and Video)
  • Exclusive Interview with Peyton – Mentorship and the Importance of Growing Up as a Closer (PDF & Video)
  • Creating Your Inbound Closer Profile Bio (Bonus Template) (PDF & Video)

Module Summary:

Some tips and Tricks to become a Professional Successful Inbound Closer.

How Much Does Inbound Closer Cost?

The advertisement and main price of the Inbound Closer Accelerator course is $97.

The Hidden upsell:

Basically, if you want to learn an advanced technique and method, you need to upgrade the Inbound Closer Accelerator Course to the Certification course to get access to advanced coaching.

  • Inbound Closer Accelerator Course:  $97
  • Inbound Closer Certification Course: $997

In the first few weeks Accelerator Course, the trainer will try to convince you to buy high-ticket upsells many times. According to some people’s reviews, there are many upsells outside of the certification courses, which are costly ($7,000 and $10,000).

Can I Refund Course Fees from Inbound Closer?

Yes. You can refund the money. Inbound Closer offers an unconditional money-back lifetime guarantee. However, some comments on Reddit suggest that there may be times when it takes a few emails to get a response.

Who is Inbound Closer For?

 Everyone can try, though, but not everyone is going to succeed with this type of program. Inbound closer is for these people who like sales. So, I don’t think everyone can work and succeed 

Genrally, this Training Program may be for:

  • College Students
  • Stay home mom and dad
  • Retirees 
  • Entrepreneurs of all kinds
  • Employees looking for a side hustle
  • Telemarketers want to improve their skills and increase their income.
  • Unemployed and so on.

There is no ideal profile that exists. If you want to be successful in this line of business, you need strong communication skills. Keep in mind, First, you have to invest $97 in the course.

That said, Inbound Closer courses are for those of you who are ready to invest a lot of money in this line of business.

Can you Really Make Money With Inbound Closer?

Yes, you can make money with Inbound Closer. You have to put effort to do it. As long as you study and watch all the videos, you are bound to earn some money. 

It won’t happen because you need to be good at actual inbound closing. By the way, if you check other Inbound loser Reviews on other websites, you will be confused because these are definitely mixed. Some reviews are real and fake.

I will say this though, every member of our team agrees that inbound closing is much easier than cold call closing.

Is the Inbound Closer a Scam?

Not technically. Inbound Closer is not a Scam. You can make money with the Inbound Closer Training program. 

Though if you search on Google about ‘Inbound closer Scam’, you will see some people say, it is a scam, but, on the other hand, you will also see some people say, Inbound Closer is an Authentic

It can be good for you, you are taking your first step into the world of online business or digital marketing.

Is the Inbound Closer Program Legit?

Yes, the Inbound Closer program is a legitimate program. You will access a set of video training for closing high-ticket deals and earning commissions.

Inbound Closer Reddit Reviews and Opinions

When I was researching in-depth about the Training Program, I found some strong opinions and inbound closer reviews on Reddit.

“Hey quick question then, in their video they said they help connect you with these clients for closing. But in your post you say there is no help with client connection?”

“LMAO my dude says in his pitch you don’t have to all that hard work and then proceeds to provide a course which you have to do “all that hard work”.

If you were being given clients and all you had to do was pick up calls amazing but they don’t even give you clients.

GG someone egg that blonde fake guru cars for wasting my ears and eye sight”.


  1. How to become an Inbound Closer?

    To Become a successful Inbound Closer, first, you have to build these qualities of a salesperson, building relationships, Focusing on customer needs, having the ability to listen before selling, and having A mindset focused on value.

  2. Do you have to pay for Inbound Closer?

    Yes. You need to pay for one of the Courses, either the Accelerator Course($97) or Certification Program ($997).

  3. How much can you make as an Inbound Closer?

    You can earn money annually from $25,000 to $82,000 in the United States.

  4. Who Owns traffic and funnels?

    Chris Evans and Taylor Own Traffic and Funnels.

The Inbound Closer Review: Conclusion

To Sum up, Inbound Closer Review, this Training Platform is Okay but not the best way to make money online or the best Online Sales Training course I’ve seen, but it’s legit. Though, Inbound Closer offers a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. It is good. But, I’m not too fond of the way of promoting style.

I hope you got complete information about  Inbound Closer from this review. Before buying this program, decide for yourself whether it is really beneficial for you.

Now, I want to know you:

Did not you find any other course like this, before?

Let me know in the comments section now.

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