Top 10 Direct Selling Company in 2024 (Indian Company)

Do you want to Join an Indian Direct Selling Company in 2024? And, Want to Donate your skills, and hard work to the Indian Economy Directly?

Obviously Yes.

There are 457 Legal Direct Selling companies in India with a mix of Foreign and Indian companies. But, Very Few Indian Company is listed in Top 10 Direct Selling Company in India list.

India's Top 10 Direct Selling Company

So, As an Indian, It is my duty to show you India’s Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in 2024.

Rank No.Direct Selling Company Name
1.Smart Value Products and Services Limited
2.Modicare Limited
3.Vestige Marketing Private Limited
4.Mi Lifestyle Private Limited
5.Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited
6.IMC (International Marketing Corporation Limited)
8.Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd
10.OK Life care
Top 10 Indian Direct Selling Company

If your company is listed here, You can Proudly say, ‘I am an Associate of an Indian Direct Selling Company’.

Curious to know? Let’s get started…

Top 10 Indian Direct Selling Company

1. Smart Value Products and Services Limited

SVPS Limited Site

Smart Value Products And Services Limited, SVPS Limited is one of the oldest Indian Direct Selling company with more than 30+ branch offices in India.

In Short, Many People called this company Smart Value. Smart Value has invested 500cr into their Products Manufacturing Unit, Lifespan Private Limited to make world-class Health Wellness Products.

India is the first nation inside the reality where Indian Direct Selling company has contributed with a delivery facility. On Mission of Smart Value, To help people and gives society the Best Value for money products for healthy and better living.

Smart Value has 5 types of Products;

  1.  Health Care
  2.  Personal Care
  3.  Home Care
  4.  Agriculture
  5. Computer Education

2. Modicare Limited


Samir Modi is the founder of India’s one of the oldest and Fast-growing Indian Direct Selling company, Modicare Limited in the nation. By the way, Modicare Limited is also part of IDSA, an MLM Union.

Modicare offers a wide range of world-class Items from Categories like;

  • Personal Care
  • Home care
  • Health Wellness 
  • and Many More

Modicare has its own Business Plan also known as Azadi Plan. Azadi Plan is a different type of Plan than other Network Marketing plan. That is why I recommend you to Place Modicare Limited in another box not put in the same categories of Network Marketing Company.

If you are a Consultant of Direct Seller of Modicare, you can purchase items at 20-25% Cheaper. Direct Seller with high sale volume can get a Power Seller Bonus which can be between 5% to 20%.

3. Vestige Marketing Private Limited


Vestige Marketing Private Limited is one of the popular Indian Direct Selling companies in India which started its operations in 2004.

This leading direct selling company deals in top health and personal care items and compete with some big player in this industry. Vestige continues to grow at an incredible rate every year.

Vestige has been ranked in the 36th Position in DSN Global 100 List in 2021.

With more than 2500+ online and offline sales retailers in India, Vestige continues to build an expanding network of distributors increasingly every year.

Their Mission is to become a Benchmark of Direct Selling Globally.

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4. Mi Lifestyle Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. is a New Indian Direct Selling Company. Mi Lifestyle established in 2013 in Chennai. At the moment this MLM Company becomes most popular in the Network Marketing Industry of India.

The company provides various quality lifestyle items for daily use. And the good things are, all the products are approved by the Ministry of AYUSH.

The current income of the company is more than 1500 crore rupees. You can register with the company and join their wide network of distributors as Direct sellers of India.

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5. Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited

safe shop

Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited or Safe Shop is an Indian Multi-Level Marketing company that provides a platform for earning through direct sales.

Safe Shop has more than 200 products in its portfolio, almost every category is covered with a unique offer of free products.

Safe Shop offers various kinds of Products like;

  • Educational products
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology products
  • Men and Women Clothing
  • Ayurveda products
  • and Many more

Safe Shop influence people together to encourage network building and network nutrition by creating an economically sustainable biological system for everyone to improve and get together.

The company is actually developing a significant scale over the years that is in its dormant structure. In 2019 it also marked an annual income of more than 500 times.

6. IMC (International Marketing Corporation Limited)

IMC (International Marketing Corporation) is a fastly growing Multi-level Marketing Company in India from Started in the year 2013.  

Probably You know about TS Madan, a popular businessman, he has joined this company

Most of the Products of IMC are Herbal including, Home Care or Personal Care Products. By the way, Recently IMC launches its own Mobile application for its direct seller to check their income and downline.

The most popular product of IMC is IMC Shri Tulsi.

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7. RCM

RCM (Right Concept Marketing) is the oldest and Largest Indian Direct Selling Company which is a member of WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations).

In the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India, RCM is registered as Fashion Suitings Private Limited. In addition, RCM is not only a member of WFDSA but also, it is a member of FDSA.

The Main Products of RCM are grocery items, cosmetics, and clothing. There are more than 750 Products across the World.

Once you become a direct seller you can start promoting RCM Merchandise and get the perfect incentive based on purchases made by you and the people in your group.

You can purchase products at a 15% discount and raise higher MRP earnings from 15% to 20% profit.

8. Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd 

Do you know Sonu Sharma?

Maybe Yes. Sonu Sharma is a Great MLM Leader and also be  Motivational Speaker like Sandeep Maheswari.

Sonu Sharma was the Direct Seller and Leader of Naswiz Retail Private Limited.

NASWIZ retail private limited is an Indian Direct selling company.

In NASWIZ, you can make money easily when the deals of home-based general or everyday-use items are done. Distributer gets an assortment of commissions consistent with the Network Marketing Plan.

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9. RMCL 

RMCL or Radha Madhav Corporation Limited was started in 2005 and located its registered office at Daman & Diu – India. RMCL is also proposed to be the top 10 Indian Direct Selling company in India in 2024.

RMCL Universe is popular for selling special products to its customers. 

RMCL offers a wide range of products of these categories; health supplements, self-care products, food and beverages, home-based products, lifestyle and fashion, stationery, and education-related products.

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10. OK Life care

OK Life Care is a new Indian direct-selling company which is started in 2016 in Rohtak, Haryana. In the last some years, Ok Life Care performed very well and becomes the growing Direct Marketing Company.

By the way, Do you know, Abhinav Pratik or Abby Viral?

He is a founder of and has a Motivational Youtube Channel where he motivates people with his Rap. He also becomes a part of Ok Life Care.

There are 130+ Products of Ok Life Care. Though, I have already shared the list of all Ok Life Care Products. The packaging of OK Life Care products is also attractive and makes them look premium.

However, Ok Life Care products are a little bit more expensive than other companies, Sellers have to pay an extra amount to buy. 

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These are the list of India’s Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in 2024. Most of the Companies have a membership of FDSA. As we know, FDSA is Indian MLM Union where all companies are Indian companies. 

Now, I’d like to know from you:

If you have already joined a Direct Selling company, Which company did you join?

Let Me know in the Comment.

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