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What Is LegalShield?

LegalShield is a Multi-level marketing company that provides legal services, such as trial defense, legal advice, and documentation at an Affordable Price.

Basically, Harland Stonecipher was involved in a car accident in 1969 and at that time he could not find any Trusted Legal service company. And, from his problem, He started The Sportsman’s Motor Club which basically works in ‘Legal Expenses Reimbursement Service’ in 1972.

In 1983, the company left its Traditional Model and adopted the MLM model. Now, it was listed in listed on the NASDAQ in 1984 and on the New York Stock Exchange in 1999. And, in 2011, MidOcean Partners acquired this company and rebranded its name into “LegalShield”. The Current CEO of LegalShield Company is Jeff Bell.

LegalShield Company Profile

Company NameLegal Shield
FounderJeff Bell
ProductsLegal Service Plans
Head OfficeAda Oklahoma, USA

How does LegalShield Work?

LegalShield Legal Service Company provides legal services for a variety of issues involving everyday small businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

LegalShield gets people to “spread the word” every day without spending money on Advertising. It is happening because it is now working in an MLM model. That’s why Associates of LegalShield receive commissions and bonuses for selling products.

LegalShield Joining Process

You have to buy any one plan from these 3 plans to get access to the LegalShield service.

  • Individual and Family Planning: $ 29.95 per month
  • Small Business: $ 49 per month and up
  • Starting a business: $ 145 + state filing fee

In addition, you can customize the plan for $14.95 per month.

How to cancel LegalShield account?

Here is the following information you have to provide to the LegalShield representative when you want to cancel your Membership;

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Account number
  • Last 4 digits of your driving license

There are 3 ways, you can cancel your LegalShield Membership, by calling 1-844-714-8494, mailing customer support, or by sending a letter to the office address Oklahoma, 74820.

LegalShield Products

LegalShield offers a wide range of prepaid legal services for individuals and small businesses. Here are the 4 types of plans that the company offers to their customer.

  • Personal plans: $24.95 (consultation, document preparation, family issues, IRS)
  • Small business: $39 (debt collection, trial defense, contract renewal,  landlord issues)
  • Commercial driver plan: $32.95
  • Identity theft: $12.95 (restoration and credit monitoring)

LegalShield Compensation Plan

Basically, there are 3 ways an individual can earn money from LegalShield company;

  • Sell membership and earn a personal commission.
  • Recruiting members and building Team, This sale (new start-up) is called an override.
  • Also, You earn passive income through member retention (monthly fee).

1. Personal Sales Commission

Get a personal sales commission when a LegalShield affiliate sells a legal plan membership to a customer called a premium. Below, here is the table that shows LegalShield Rank, Requirements, and commission

Whenever the performance of the associates meets the qualification requirements of the rank, the potential personal sales commissions are also shown in the last column.

RankRequirementPersonal Sales Commission
Senior AssociatePersonal $180 | $90 + Recruit 1 Associate$135.04
ManagerPersonal $400 | $400 + 3 Legs having 1 active Associate$157.54
Senior ManagerPersonal $1,350 | $1,350 + 3 Legs having 1 active Senior Associate$180.05
DirectorPersonal $2,700 | $2,700 + 3 Legs having 1 active Manager in each$213.81
Senior DirectorQuality Director and $700 monthly sales (Max $400 from 1 leg)$258.82
Executive DirectorQuality Director and $1,400 monthly sales (Max $650 from 1 leg)$315.09

Individual sales commissions are calculated as advanced for one year, so commissions will be reduced if customers do not renew a premium.

As you can see in the chart, if any individual can earn a personally $180 or $90 and recruit one associate, it will be called a Senior Associate.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, LegalShield has other higher terms for which accurate information is not available.

2. Overrides Commission

The override bonus came from the deep downline of the 2nd generation. When your downline recruit new members again, You can also earn a commission.

For example, if a director hires a new associate, they will receive an override bonus for hiring a former senior director.

3. Mama Bonus

To be eligible for the Mama Bonus, partners must personally purchase at least a $100 membership. In this Bonus, the company provides an additional override of $3.38 for the first year and $0.24 for every member’s renewal which is sold by privately registered partners.

4. Breakways Bonus

Breakaway Income is only for associates who are ranked, directors, and executive directors. You have to get a minimum revenue of $500 membership that must be sold in the previous month. Keep in mind, that it includes Both Personal and Downline earnings includes, and also a maximum of $300 from one leg.

The above criteria must be met after completing 12 months as a partner. Breakaways Income is awarded 5 breakaways points. This income is different for Directors and Executive Directors (ED).

Here is the Bonus at Different Breakaway Points for qualified Directors and Executive directors;

  • Director 1 Breakway: $5.63
  • Director 2 Breakway: $3.38
  • Director 3 Breakway: $2.25
  • Director 4 Breakway: $1.13
  • Director 5 Breakway: $1.13
  • Executive Director 1 Breakway: $14.63
  • Executive Director 2 Breakway: $7.88
  • Executive Director 3 Breakway: $5.63
  • Executive Director 4 Breakway: $2.25
  • Executive Director 5 Breakway: $2.25

5. Platinum Breakaway Override

Platinum Breakaway Override is an added bonus of the Breakway Bonus for associates ranked Platinum or above. In this income, Company gives an extra amount of $3.38, $2.25, and $ 1.13 extra from the first three-generation membership sales.

6. Renewal Commission

 Renewal commissions are paid for one year only. But after 1 year of active renewal, only this income is paid. On the level of Perseverance and is accomplished by rank associates, this income is given to the eligible associate.

 If a Member sells 10 subscriptions in the first month of joining and only 4 subscriptions are active after 12 months, your level of perseverance will be 40%.

Here is the below chart which shows the rewards for each active membership after 1 year based on rank and level of perseverance.

Renewal Commission Chart of Legalshield

LegalShield pros and cons


1. Home Business Supplement

Today LegalShield is the only online legal service that provides a home business supplement. You can add it to any legal package for just $9.95 per month. It is the best choice for consultants to protect themselves, their businesses, and their Family.

2. Trial Defense Services

LegalShield can provide you with both trial defense and preparation services if any company has a lawsuit case. It is only one Legal Service company that provides this service which saves your money.

3. Debt Collection Assistance

LegalShield was the only company in the USA which supports data collection. At your request, debt collection letters will be sent by your lawyer on a monthly basis to companies that have defaulted on payments. As we know, Unpaid invoices are the main cause of cash flow problems for business owners, so, this service is timely to ensure the payment notification to their customers.


1. No Money-Back Guarantee

It is the biggest downside of the company.LegalShield’s competitors offer a refund guarantee or 7 days or 30 days money-back guarantee.

But, Legalshiled has not, you cannot do either, so you need to scrutinize every detail of the plan you want to get.

2. Bad Customer Service

Legalshield has bad customer service. you can find some complaints about the customer service of the company on the web.

3. Limitations in Legal Plan

The LegalShield Plan monthly membership, like any other online legal service, has its limitations. You will have to pay extra money to the company when your legal work exceeds the limit.

Is LegalShield a pyramid scheme?

Now, Come to the most searching query, “is legal shield a pyramid scheme?”

No. LegalShield is not a Pyramid Scheme. It is a legitimate Legal Service MLM company where associates sell the plan and earn a commission.

Is LegalShield a Scam?

No, LegalShield is not a Scam. LegalShield is a Legit Direct Selling Company that sell Legal Service. Associates are paid on their Personal sales and Downline Sales. As if, the customer pays for the Legal Service, it is not a Money Circulation Scheme.


  1. How to cancel LegalShield via email?

    Step #1: Explain in your email why you want to cancel the service.
    Step #2:  Write down your membership number and personal information.
    Step #3: Email the LegalShield Customer Support Team at
    Step #4: Wait for confirmation of cancellation.

  2. How to cancel LegalShield over the phone?

    Step #1: Call 1-844-714-8494 and Explain why you want to cancel the service.
    Step #2: Ask them to send you a written confirmation.
    Step #3: Send a letter to cancel your LegalShield membership and wait for confirmation.

  3. How to cancel LegalShield services by sending a letter?

    Step #1: Explain the reason for the cancellation in the letter. 
    Step #2: Provide your personal information and the subscription number.
    Step #3: One pre-paid, send your letter to Oklahoma 74820.


In short, LegalShield is an American Legal Service Company that sells legal services products directly to customers in the United States, Canada, and also in the UK through a multi-level marketing model. I hope you got the complete information about LegalShield Company and have known about Is LegalShield Pyramid Scheme from this in-depth article.

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