iX Global Review 2024: Legal or Fraud Company?

iX Global

Is iX Global Real or Fake? Is iX Global trustworthy?

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In this post, I am going to show you the complete details of iX Global.

Here, you will know about,

  • What is iX Global?
  • Joining iX Global
  • iX Global Affiliate Rank
  • And, lots’s more information

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Abour iX Global

iX Global is an Education platform that’s system is designed to unleash the maximum potential in all important areas of people’s life. Joseph Martinez launched iX Global in 2020 and headoffice is located in Utah, USA.

The Mission of the company is to impact people’s lives in all important areas of your life, including your mind, body, and spirit by emphasizing transformational and personal development. After purchasing the subscription to the company, you will become a Brand Ambassador of the company. iX Global also Provides an iX Academy as an education platform for its brand ambassadors.

iX Global Company Profile

Company NameiX Global
FounderJoseph Martinez
Head OfficeNorth Salt Lake, Utah, USA.
Products and ServicesMemberships
Email IDsupport@ixglobal.us

iX Global Products

According to the official website of iX Global, they claim,

Any long-lasting change or transformation comes through information and support! (Innovation). At iX, our community of like-minded individuals is here to help and support you through whatever trials or difficulties you are currently experiencing in Life.
iX has created a platform that will help you innovate and transform your life. Our platform utilizes some of today’s latest trends and then we weave those trends together with good old-fashioned principle-centered development (in every or any area you are looking to develop).
iX Global Official

iX Global does have not any physical products, they offer some Online services.

  • Behavior-based Chat
  • Daily Habit Tracking
  • Multimedia Channels
  • Social Recognition
  • Gamified Training
  • Leaderboards & Contests

By the way, I think, you have had doubts till now about the products of the company. I too, while researching. Basically, iX global have not shared their product information publicly on their website, until you purchased their Subscription plan. To sum up, you will get full information about the products of iX Global after buying the subscription plan.

iX Global Compensation Plan

These are the following income methods by that iX Global affiliates can earn money.

  1. Recruitment Commissions or Direct Bonus
  2. Team Commission or Residual Commission
  3. VIP Bonus

1. Recruitment Commissions or Direct Bonus

Recruitment Commission or Direct Bonus of iX Global is the company pays a $15 commission to their Affiliates on every product sale. iX Global Affiliates are paid an undisclosed percentage of the fees paid by personally recruited Affiliates.

In addition, if your enrolled Affiliates renew their subscription place every month, you can also get $15 per cycle (1 Cycle=4 Weeks). 

On the official website, The example given in IX Global’s marketing video details a $15 commission for recruiting Pro Tier Affiliates which is equal to 10.3% of the fee paid.

2. Team Commission or Residual Commission

iX Global pays residual commissions through a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, divided into left and right directions. To get this Commission, Affiliates need to build two sales teams left and right. Affiliates can place new downlines in either the left or right group and must maintain both groups.

At the end of each cycle, the reward plan will pay you between 10% and 20% of the total PV of the weaker team based on the current rank.

Here is the Team Commission Chart per cycle capping based on rank.

RankTeam CommissionCapping per Cycle
Executive Coach10%$10,000
Regional Influencer15%$50,000
Global Influencer15%$100,000
Master Influencer15%$250,000
Presidential Influencer20%$500,000
Elite Influencer20%$1,000,000

3. VIP Bonus

VIP bonus is based on an enrollment tree which means personal referrals and more downlines. When iX Global Affiliates have got the required amount of PV from different downline levels, the company provide a fixed bonus for the different level.

LevelBonusOGV RequiredMAU
VIP 100$100360 – Level 14
VIP 500$4501,080 – Level 212
VIP 1,000$9003,600 – Level 340
VIP 2,000$2,00010,800 – Level 4120
VIP 4,000$4,00022,500 – Level 5250
VIP 8,000$8,00045,000 – Level 6500

iX Global Affiliate Rank

Affiliates RanksRequired GV
Executive Coach10,000
Regional Influencer50,000
Global Influencer100,000
Master Influencer250,000
Presidential Influencer500,000
Elite Influencer1,000,000

How to Join iX Global?

You need to purchase a subscription plan to join iX Global and become a Brand Ambassador of the company. After Joining and becoming the Brand Ambassador of the company, you can sell the products,  build downlines and earn commissions.

Here is the Joining Package of iX Global;

  • $124.99 a month for Basic
  • $145 a month for Pro
  • $174.99 a month for premium
Basic ($115 Per Month)Pro ($145 Per Month)Premium ($180 Per Month)
iX AcademyIncludes Everything in BasicIncludes Everything in Pro
iX Social AppCorePro (10+ Channels)Cloud (SMA)
Live EducationiCOM
Basic Channels (2 Channels)TravelPro
Cloud FIBO5Empire iX
And More

Is iX Global a Scam?

After, in-depth research and analysis, I think, Yes, iX Global is an MLM Scam.

There are some factors I have selected;

The official does not show completely the main products of the company. If people only join the company only for selling their plan and earn money, so, it will be Big Scam.

iX Global provides the Forex Trading Service to its members. But, the fact is the company is not a Legal Entity of providing financial services, neither in the US nor in India. In addition, they are claiming 5% to 20% returns, that sound is not good.

Is iX Global Real or Fake?

Yeah. Maybe iX Global is a Fake Company. Though, After seeing the website of the company, you can see, It is a Good and Real Company. But, After Analysing the company in-depth, I finalize, that it is a Fake Company.

Is iX Global Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, iX Global is a Pyramid Scheme. The company has not any Physical or Digital Authoratove Products. But, their Joining fees is too high compared to the market. iX Global is using the MLM Model to sell its poor-quality products.

iX Global Projects $500 Million In Sales For 2023

In the pandemic year, iX Global generated over $4 million after the inception of the company in May 2020. And, the number jumped to $22 Million in the first calendar year of 2021. And, till now in 2022, the company continues its growth by reaching $100 million in sales revenue in late September.

From October 14th to 18th, the company organizes an event with the world’s top leaders and the company’s executive staff for iX Global’s second Awakening incentive trip of 2022.

As iX Global rapidly expands around the world in 2022, this was the first opportunity for many of the top iX leaders to meet each other and corporate staff. Executive staff and all the distributors had a chance to hear from top 100 industry earners such as Travis Flaherty, Ramesh Chaudhary, and Viraj Patil.

CEO Joe Martinez congratulate the iX community on the company’s 2022 sales goal of achieving $100 million in revenue within three months and followed that up with an even more aggressive goal of $500 million in sales for 2023.


  1. What is iX Global?

    iX Global is the Leading Self Betterment Platform that provides community-based learning and a supportive group.

  2. Is iX Global trustworthy?

    Probably Not, iX Global misled its joining members with false and misleading information about itself and its products. 

  3. How old is IX Global?

    iX Global was officially launched in 2020.

  4. Is iX Global registered in India?

    iX Global is a Utah-based company in the USA. Most of the shareholders of the company is a US citizen. That’s why The Company doesn’t fall under the obligation to have itself registered in India.

  5. What is iX Global Forex Trading?

    iX Global Forex Trading provides the Indian Stock Market, Automated Forex Trading Pro Pack, Forex Market Trading Automated Basic Pack, and Forex Trading Automated Trading.

  6. Who is the owner of iX Global?

    Joseph Martinez is the founder, owner, and CEO of iX Global.

  7. How do you earn from iX Global?

    There are 3 methods to earn money from iX Global;
    Recruitment Commissions or Direct Bonus
    Team Commission or Residual Commission
    VIP Bonus

  8. Do you get instant access to all the content of iX Global?

    Yes! Once you have signed up. You get instant access to all training and content in your IX Global Library. 

  9. Can you refund the iXGlobal Subscription?

    No, Refunds are not available for this program. You can not refund your money from iX Global After full payment.

  10. Can you cancel IXGlobal Mentoring Subscription at any time?

    At the end of your 7-day trial period, you will be charged the annual price of $99 USD (+ VAT tax for EU countries). You can cancel your subscription within the 7-day trial period, you may do so in the billing section of your IXGlobal account.


To sum up, iX Global is a platform that claims to help people to transform the people’s lives with the latest trends. I hope you got complete information about iX Global Company from this review.

Now, I want to know you:

After getting complete details of the company, Are you really interested to Join this company?

Let me know in the comment section now.

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