Jocial Advertise Ltd Review 2024

Here is my complete review of Joical Advertise Ltd.

In this post you’ll see:

  • How you can be an Influencer in Jocial
  • Subscription Package
  • Income Plan
  • Is it Pyramid Scheme
  • Lot’s More

So, Let’s dive into this topic…

What is Jocial Advertise Ltd?

Jocial is an Influencer Marketing Platform that creates a significant relationship between Brand and Social Media Influencer.

jocial advertise ltd Review

According to Jocial, they aim for the most powerful Influencer Marketing platform in the world. They are available in small businesses or enterprises to connect with relevant Brands with Social Media influencers such that Youtubers, Instagram Influencer, etc. And, Now most of their Lead conversation comes from London, United Kingdom.

According to their site, The office of Jocial Advertise Ltd is located in Florida and London. Jamie March is the founder of this company. Jamie March started his career in the Digital Marketing field at an early age and now he and his Jocial team operated in over 200 Countries. Though The Organization of Jamie has been working since 2008, they do have not have any Program for Influencer Marketing. Recently they made a Partnership with to start this Program.

What are the criteria to join Jocial Influencer?
To Become Jocial Influencer, You need to have at least 25 followers on any Social Media Account such that Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Jocial Company Profile

Company NameJocial Advertise Ltd
Year Started2008
FounderJamie March
Head OfficeNot Found

Jocial Subscription Package

Hmm, Probably, You are thinking I have more than 2K Follower on Instagram and more than 15k Subscribers on Youtube. I want to be registered as an influencer in Jocial to connect with Global Brand.

How Can I register in Jocial Advertise?

To become an Influencer and register in Jocial, You need to take Paid Subscription.

Yes my Would be influencer buddy, It is Tricky of Jocial.

You have to pay some Dollars to Jocial. Then you can register your Name on their platform with your Social Media Handle.

Typically, Jocial have 3 types of Subscription for influencer;

Starter SubscriptionPro SubscriptionEnterprise Subscription
Jocial Subscription Package
Jocial Subscription Package

Bonus:  Jocial offers A Digital Marketing Course incusing Certificate upon their Subscription.

Jocial Income Plan

There are 4 ways to earn money from Jocial Advertise, the following are;

  1. Campaign Bonus
  2. Matching Bonus
  3. Super Matching Bonus
  4. Global Power Bonus

1. Campaign Bonus

After taking the subscription, the company gives some images to post on your social media account.

Basically, When you take a subscription and registered yourself as an Influencer, you will get some photos that you have to publish on your social media accounts. And you can earn money per posting image.

There is no fixed amount per posting image for individuals, you will get. Sometimes, Commission will be high and or Low per photo. When you will be registered here and the company gives you a photo with commission details, then you can understand the payment amount per post.

2. Matching Bonus

1 JP = 1 Dollar

The Full form of JP is Jocial Point. JP is the one kind of Currency unit or Point value.

Joical Point value is used in Downline income. Basically, you recruit or creatin other influencers, you will get JP. When you have a 10% percent of the total JP matched in the Right and Left sides, it will be called a Matched Bonus.

For example: Suppose you have Your left side member is Sonia who buys a subscription of $240. And, on the other hand, Your Right side member is Soumi who buys a subscription of $60.

As per the 10% Calculation, You can get 6 JP from your Sonia and 6 JP from Soumi’s $60. 1:1 Ratio is applicable here.

The remaining 180 JP from Sonia (Left Leg) will be used next month.

3. Super Matching Bonus

Super Matching Bonus is mean when your downline works well and they are getting their earning for their individual work, From there you will get a 10% commission ad because You are the senior of them.

For example, When Sonia recruit a new member in her right leg and Sonia got an income of Rs.1000 this month. And from there you will also get Rs. 100 from her.

Because 10% of Sonia’s Rs. 1000 Income is Rs. 100.

4. Global Power Bonus

Jocial Company shared 5% of its total one-month income shared among their all Brand Ambassador that is called Global Power Bonus Achievers.

Keep in mind, this incomer is only for Ambadasor not for the normal influencer.

Now, you are thinking, How to become an Ambassador of Jocial Advertise Ltd?

Generally, There are 2 ways to become an ambassador Joical;

  1. When you registered as an influencer in Jocial Platfrom, you need to join other total 18 new member in your left and Right Side in the next 30 Days.
  2. Whenever you will complete 30 Direct Influencer on your downline, you are given the title of Ambassador in the company.

According to, Why Jocial is Unique and special?

  • Advantage of Work From Home
  • Live Webinar weekly basis
  • Daily Traing to learn New Strtegy
  • Oppertunity to work with MNC Globally
  • Daily Paid Sysytem
  • Extra Bonus Income by inviting Friend

My Thoughts on Jocial

The Truth is different. There is no match of what is Jocial Advertise Limited saying their official website and What happened in the Real World.

Here are some points which opened my eyes:

  • They Say, they opperate from USA, accoding to their official site and most of the influencer came from London, United Kingdom. But, I notice their Facebook Page is operating From India Ukrain and Nepal. Most important they do not show their actual address on their website.
  • Most Important, There is no Verified Social Media Account of their Founder, Jamie March.
  • According to mu reasearch, Their domain is created and registered in June 2020, but they are cliaming that they estabilished in 2008.

Why the made Expensive Subscription

There is no needed to make Pre subscription plan and getting money from Influencer, If they really do ethically and Honestly, They will have good criteria and policies to become influencers on their Platform.

Jocial is Working Like Pyramid scheme

Jocial does not have any Digital or Physical product and is using the Multi-level marketing concept or has a Business Plan. So, I am sure that Jocial is a pyramid scheme.

Only When you joined other people with a huge amount of money, It gives you a commission. Probably, It is Definitely Scam or Pyramid Scheme.

What People Ask about Jocial Advertise Ltd

Who is the owner of Jocial?

According to their official site, Jamie March is the Founder of Jocial.

What is Jocial?

Jocial Advertise is an Influencer Marketing Platform that creates an effective relationship between Brand and Influencer of Social Media such that Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok.

Is fake or real? 

Basically, is available only on the Internet. They have no proof registered Document for running this company. Probably, It is Fake.

Is Jocial Legal in India?

Jocial appears only on the internet. It is an online earning opportunity site. This company has no registered office in India. In fact, Jocial Advertise is not a registered company under MCA. So, It is Pyramid Scheme and it is illegal in India.


There you have it: my comprehensive review of an Influencer Marketing Company, Jocial Advertise Ltd.

Now I’d like to turn things over to you:

Have you wanted to Join Jocial?

If so, what are your overall mark? Good or Bad? Somewhere in the middle?

Or, Already purchased their Subscription?

Let me know in the Comment Section Right Now.

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  2. I’m impressed with the Jocial Advertise Ltd review. It’s clear that the company has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to advertising. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Jocial Advertise

  3. Jocial is a fraud company I have worked with my team but now contactless, with no open site so we all lost a big amount of money. if anyone knows more about this fraud person please share his details.

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