Keva Industries: Profile, Product, income Plan (2024)

Today, In this article, I am gonna show you the complete information about Keva Industries Private Limited, a Multi-level marketing company. And, I will also talk about the Keva Industries Marketing Plan.

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What is Keva Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian direct selling company that was started in 2009 by its founder Dr. Karan Goel in Ludhiana. Keva Industries is not only Legal Direct Selling Companies of India but also it is IDSA Approved Company. This company is ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company.

If you say, What is the rank of Keva Industries In India?

Basically, there is no official rank of this Direct Selling Company. According to the Legal Direct Selling Companies of India list, Keva Industries ranks 87 in India.

Keva Industries works in the Health Wellness Sector. Most of the Products of Keva are Health Wellness Products. Along with producing products and selling them, Company Provides Business opportunities for their Direct Seller which I have explained below the article.

Keva Industries Mission

To be the most trustworthy, competent & dedicated company bringing forth its exceptional & innovative healthcare and wellness products with a sense of utmost commitment to fulfill the best quality with delivery obligations to each customer & moving a step towards the betterment of human health by improving the life expectancy of as many people as possible & hence helping mankind. To provide the best business opportunity.

Keva Industries Vision

To make the benefits of all its products reach every customer through a well-defined distribution channel & to let the distributing leaders succeed ahead in Business development by awarding promotional plans.

Keva Industries Company Profile

Company NameKeva Kaipo Industries Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U74999MH2014PTC257493
Incorporation Date23 August 2014
DirectorPrabha Ramesh Vaze, Ramesh Vinayak Vaze, Kedar Ramesh Vaze
ProductsHealth Wellness, Fitness, Herbal, food, agriculture, Personal Care and many more
Office AddressPlot No: 18-19, Sahnewal Road, Village Tibba, Ludhiana (Punjab), 141120

Keva Industries Products

As I have told you before, the product contributes a lot to every company. So here too we will talk about Keva Industries Products.

The company has more than 150+ products. Keva company’s product is Certified under ISO 9001-2015, its product is of High Quality & Premium Quality Range.

In order to earn income from Keva, you have to buy product packages. It has two packages, one for Rs 2999 and the other for Rs 4999. When you take a package of Rs 2999, you will get Rs 300 per pair income and on a package of Rs 4999, you will get Rs 500 per pair income.

According to the direct selling guideline, every company has to have a rule of product return and refund. Also in Keva, you can return the product within 30 days. However, no refund is given on the product used.

Here are the Categories of Keva Industries Products:

  • Health wellness products
  • Fitness Product
  • Herbal product
  • food products
  • agriculture products
  • Person care product
  • Energy Product
  • Electronic item & More

You can find all the keva’s products in the blog post of Keva Industries Products Price List.

Keva Industries Income Plan

Basically, there is a total of 8 ways to earn money from Keva Industries which is divided into 2 categories.

  • Package income
  • Repurchase income

Package Income

1. Pair Income

In this Income, whenever you have Downline in the 1: 2 or 2: 1 ratio, it is called Pair Income.

You will get an income package of Rs 300 or Rs 500 per pair. Now you have to go further like the downline and make the next pair it is the return of income.

2. Leadership Bonus

The first Leadership Income is when you made 250 pairs in your Downline.

Basically, It happens, when 500 people are added to your Downline in a 1:2 or 2:1 ratio, then, you will get 1250 rupees per month for 6 months.

After that, you have to pair 500 pairs in your downline which have kept equal-left-right in your network. Then again, you will get 2250 rupees per month for 6 months. 

Here is the table below you can see the Leadership Income.

LevelTotal PV (Pair)6 Month Pay
Bronze12500 (250)1250 Rs. Per month
Silver25000 (500)2250 Rs. Per Month
Gold50000 (1000)3250 Rs. Per Month
Diamond100000 (2000)6000 Rs. Per Month
D Diomand250000 (5000)10000 Rs. Per Month

3. Foreign Trip Bonus

If a Keva’s Direct Seller made 100 pairs below 100 days, they will get an opportunity to travel outside, which will come in 5 days and 4 nights.

By the way, I am asking, Is it Possible? Maybe very challenging. In my experience, even 1% of people can not do it.

100 paired left and right parallel is also 100 days, and no more leaders can sit. Listening to motivations at seminars and coming back to the real field.

4. Special Lifetime Rewards

Special Lifetime Rewards is a rewarding income from the company for completing Targeted SR points. Here is the list of this Reward Income.

  • First 50 PAIRS = BASIC MOBILE OR Rs. 1400
  • NEXT 100 PAIRS = DIGLCAMERA OR Rs. 3000/-
  • NEXT 200 PAIRS = MINI LAPTOP OR Rs. 12500/-
  • NEXT 400 PAIRS = MOTOR BIKE OR Rs. 40000/-
  • NEXT 1000 PAIRS = 24 CARAT GOLD OR Rs. 1 LAC
  • NEXT 10000 PAIRS = 12 LACS (Rs. 100000 P.M.)

Repurchase Income

1. Retail Profit

This income allows you to get direct profit from the company on your purchasing rate. It has 100% profit. I hope, there is a need to explain again which is Retail Profit.

Simply, you buy a product from the company at Distributor Price and Sell it with an MRP. The margin between MRP and DP is your Retail Profit.

2. Team Performance Bonus

Team Performance Bonus is an income match according to your BP, you have got. 

 1 BP = 1 rupee.

You can divide this bonus into 2 parts.

  • Self bonus
  • Team bonus

Self Bonus is a few percent profits on the BP you will get. And, the Self bonus that BP gets on your downline, there are some things. The team bonus will be counted like this from the downline.

Team Bonus = Your Profit Level - Your Downline Profit Level.

Here is the Team Performance Bonus Chart.

On PurchaseProfitLevel
On Your 1st Purchase10% of BPDistributor
2000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both leg15% of BPExecutive
20000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both Leg20% of BPSenior Executive
40000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both Leg25% of BPDeputy Manager
80000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both Leg30% of BPManager
160000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both Leg35% of BPSenior Manager
320000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both Leg40% of BPGeneral Manager
640000 BP Purchase in One leg or Both Leg45% of BPDeputy Director
1280000 BP Purchase in one leg or Both Leg50% of BPDirector

3. Royalty and Club Income

Royalty and Club Income is that when a Direct Seller completes 2 legs each 10000 BP, Direct seller will get 8% profit of the total turnover of the company.

For Example: If the company had 1 million turnovers this month. Now 100 people are entitled to royalty income, so all are equal to 80,000 rupees divided into 100 people. Everyone gets 800 rupees per person.

By the way, there are other funds like Car Fund, Travel Fund, House Fund, and so on. The company distributes a certain percentage of its turnover on that fund.

How to Join Keva Industries Company?

Keva Industries is a Legal Direct Selling Company of India and IDSA Approved company, it has certain terms and conditions attached to the IDSA guidelines.

Here are the required criteria and Documents to join Keva:

  • Your age must be 18 years old.
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport Size Photo

If you link all these documents to the company’s Keva Distributor Application Form and Keva Direct Seller Form (Hard Copy) tax office or make your upline and you will create a product package for a few thousand rupees, then your ID will be active and you are the Direct Seller of Keva Industries.


I hope you have got the all necessary information about Keva Industries Private Limited for deciding to join the company or not. Keva is a good company, you can join, but remember the success rate of Network Marketing is only 0.4%.

Now I’d like to know from you:

Has your friend told you to join the company?

or, Anything else?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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