KRS Multipro Pvt Ltd: Profile, Products, Income Plan (2024)

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KRS Multipro

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About KRS Multipro Company

KRS Multipro Private Limited is a coordinating Legal direct selling company, which is powered by the KRS Group. JP Segi is the founder and Naresh Kumar Sharma is the current Director of the KRS Group.

KRS Multipro Pvt. ltd, is incorporated in the Ministry Corporation Association(MCA) on 16 May 2018. The registered Head Office of KRS Multipro is located in Faridabad, Haryana.

Vision & Mission

At KRS Multipro Private Limited we are committed to bring health & wealth in everyone’s life. We support each and every individual and provide them equal opportunity to learn and grow with us without any discrimination of gender, ethnicity, regionality, nationality, economical & social status, creed or religion. Our all products are of the best quality and certified by all government agency. Business ethics are paramount for us. We aim to become leading direct selling company of India by 2025.

KRS Multipro Company Profile

NameKRS Multipro Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U74999HR2018PTC074094
DirectorSachin Tyagi, Naresh Kumar Sharma
Incorporation Date16 May 2018
Product Categories Personal Care, Health Wellness care, Home Care, FMCG, Agriculture
Head officeFaridabad, Harayana

KRS Products 

All products of KRS Multipro are GMP certified, halal, and kosher-certified. In addition, Company has FSSAI, ISO, and HACCP certifications. All products maintained the highest quality in line with the international level.

Basically, KRS Multipro provides products in the categories of Health Care, Personal Care, Agriculture, Household, Apparel, etc. 

KRS Multipro Income Plan

Basically, KRS Multipro has 2 main Income plans. One is the Rapid Income Plan and the second one is the Repurchase Plan.

So, Let’s explain both plans.

Rapid Income Plan

There are 5 types of income under the Rapid Income Plan, which are;

  • Retail profit
  • Direct Income
  • Marching Income
  • Sponsor Level Income
  • Lifetime Performance Award

Note: PV is Point Value, it is one type of currency unit provided by the company. The value of 1 PV was around Rs.2 to Rs.3.

1. Retail Profit:

In Retail Profit, A distributor can earn from 20% to 30% retail profit on the basis of product MRP by selling products to the consumer.

2. Direct Income:

On this Direct Income, A Distributor gets 10% of the total PV of the first purchase of their Downline.

Example: Subham joins Sourav under him. Sourav first buys 1000 PV, then according to this income, Suubham will get a 10% PV commission of Sourva’s PV, which is 100 rupees.

3. Marching Income:

Matching Income is the income of 15% of the total Matching PV from both sides left and right.

Example: Prity has Mousumi in her left leg and Soumi in her right leg. A total of 10000 BVs are traded by Mousumi and a total of 12000 PVs by Soumi. So, thus Sunita has 10000 BV matches, and 15 percent of 10000 PV which is around Rs. 1500 will be received by Prity as this income. And, the remaining 2000 PV will be carried on next week’s calculation.

4. Sponsor Level Income:

Sponsor Level Income is a percentage of the matching bonus earned on each downline up to three levels of the downline are available as this income.

Here is the table of how much percentage of total match revenue you will get on which level:

Downline levelSponsor Level Income

5. Lifetime Performance Reward:

Achieving certain set matching points as this income gives some gifts.

Here is the chart of achieving set matching points in the Lifetime Performance Reward Income, which can be a gift or money.

Lifetime Performance Reward

Repurchase Plan (Plan B)

And Now the 2nd main income way from KRS Mulitpro is Repurchase Plan (Plan B).  This plan provides 14 types of income which are:

Serial No.Types of IncomeCommission in Percentage
1.Striker Bonus15 % C.T.O.
2.Star Bonus10 % C.T.O.
3.Super Bonus10 % C.T.O.
4.Super Surprise Bonus50 % extra of SB
5.Leadership Bonus12% C.T.O.
6.Travel Fund2% C.T.O.
7.Car Fund2% C.T.O.
8.House Fund2% C.T.O.
9.Generation Mirror17% C.T.O.
10.Active Bonus3% C.T.O.
11.Mentorship Bonus2% C.T.O.
12.Fellowship Bonus1.5% C.T.O.
13.Crownship Bonus1% C.T.O.
14.Core Team Bonus1.5% C.T.O.

Note: BV is a type of currency unit of the KRS Multipro. The full form of BV is Business Volume. The value of 1 BV is around Rs.1.

1. Striker Bonus:

When you complete 750 BV in two legs each, you get Striker Bonus. The Price Value of this Bonus is around Rs.80 to Rs.90.

This income can earn a maximum of 50 points and achieve this Bonus income, the company’s distributor executive level is matched.

2. Star Bonus:

Start Bonus income is that 10% of the total weekly turnover revenue of the company is given to all the qualified Distributors.

When you have matched 2000 BV on any one of your two legs and every 2000 BV match, then the company gives around 180 rupees.

Start Bonus income can be earned up to a maximum of 50 points and aftertouch, the income limit, the distributor gets the Silver Level Pin in the company.

3. Super Bonus:

Like Star Bonus, Super Bonus income when 20000 BV matches have to be made and for every 20000 BV matches, a super bonus point is paid by the company, which is worth around Rs.1900.

This income can be earned up to a maximum of 100 points and if this income is earned the distributor gets Gold Level Pin in KRS Multipro.

4. Super Surprise Bonus:

Under Super Surprise Bonus, KRS Multipro gives 50% of the total income of the Super Bonus

For Example, If your Super Surprise Bonus Income is when your income is 2 Lakh in Super Bonus, Company gives you Company an additional Rs.1 Lakh as Income.

5. Leadership Bonus:

When a Distributor achieved a matching 50000 BV, they will eligible for Leadership Bonus, which is worth around Rs. 3000.

After receiving this income, the company’s distributor gets the title of Diamond Level.

6. Travel Fund:

  • Get a 2% Car Fund From CTO.

  • It is mandatory to earn a leadership bonus to continue earning this income.

7. Car Fund:

  • Under Leadership Bonus for 2 Months – Get 2% Car Fund from CTO in 3rd Month.
  • So, It is mandatory to earn a leadership bonus from 3rd month to continue earning this income.

8. House Fund:

  • Achieve Leadership Bonus for 3 Months – Get 2% Car Fund from CTO in 4th Month.
  • It is compulsory to earn a leadership bonus from the 4th month to continue this income.

9. Generation Mirror Income:

Generation Mirror Income of KRS Multipro

10. Active Bonus:

  • 2 Lac Matching BV 3%

11. Mentorship Bonus:

  • 5 Lac Matching BV 2%

12. Fellowship Bonus:

  • 10 Lac Matching BV 1.5%

13. Crown Bonus:

  • 20 Lac Matching BV 1%

14. Core Team Bonus:

  • 1.5% C.T.O.

How to join KRS Multipro?

To join and become a direct seller of KRS Multipro, first of all, you have to buy at least 1000 PV Products which is around Rs.3000. Then you need to submit legal identity proof which is an Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and Bank statement along with the joining application form of KRS Multipro.

KRS Multipro Branch office list

Serial No.Branch NameAddressCityStateMobile No.
1DALJIT SINGHs/o Ranjit Singh Ward no: 13 Jiwan nager road Rania Near Sabji mandi (125076) Sirsa HaryaSIRSAHaryana9896464220
7Tarun PatelNew Patel Kirana store SPM Gate No-2 HoshangabadHOSHANGABADMadhya Pradesh7400874750
8Vandana GuptaWard no-5 Malipura RehtiRentiMadhya Pradesh9893970570


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