Let’s Grow Plan: Complete Information, Company, Plan (2024)

In this post, I am going to share the complete information about the newly launched Network Marketing plan named, Let’s Grow Plan. In Short, A Manufacturing company, Panchora Industries Private Limited From Odisha is working on this.

Here, you will know,

  • Which company Operates Let’s Grow
  • Income Plan of Let’s Grow 
  • and Lot’s More Information

So, Let’s Get started…

What is Let’s Grow?

Panchora Industries Private Limited is working on a Multi-level marketing Model and Let’s Grow is the name of its Business Plan.

The logo of Let's Grow Plan is appear on the image

Anyone can work on this plan after Joining the Company.

How Much does it cost to join the Let’s Grow Plan?
Basically, If you are thinking to join the Let’s Grow plan, You need to buy Joining Busines Kit which is only 770 rupees.

Note: Though Panchora Industries Private Limited is registered in MCA Government Organization, But, it is not registered in the list of Legal Direct Selling Company of India. Probably, Because, It takes time to be listed on this list.

Let’s Grow Company Profile

NamePanchora Industries Private Limited
CIN NoU24304OR2020PTC033537
DirectorsPreeti Majhi, Amresh Majhi
Head OfficeOdisha
Registration Date23 July 2020
Website Email info@letsgrow.co.in
Website www.letsgrow.co.in
Where is the Manufacture Unit of Let’s Grow Plan (Panchora Industries Private Limited) is located?
At Present, Panchora Industries Private Limited has more than 5 Manufacturing Units in 7 Different Places.

1. Rourkela
2. Rajgangpur
3. Panchora
4. Secunderabad
5. Rau
6. Chandka
7. Ambala

Can I Make Money From Let’s Grow Plan?

Yes Definitely. You can earn money from the Let’s Grow Plan. There is no cap. Your income depends on How much product you will sell. If you sell a large amount of product, you will get a large amount of commission and also Company’s Bonus.

Wait, Friend. Do not take the pressure. I am sharing the earning methods below. Let’s see it…

Let’s Grow Income Plan

There are 7 Ways to earn money from the Let’s Grow Plan which is given by Panchora Industries Private Limited.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Income Per Joining Member
  3. Repurchase Income
  4. Salary
  5. Reward During Offer
  6. Insurance
  7. Company Bonus

wait wait wait.

Don’t be over-excited.

Probably, you are thinking, Wow, There are 7 Types of Income.

But, sorry friend, I am not hurting you. Of course, there are 7 Ways to get money from Let’s Grow. But, Initially, you are not eligible for it. There are also many criteria to get it. When you are able to grab this criterion, then you will eligible for this.

Retail Profit

Product of Let’s Grow Has a High Margin. They Designed their product that only members can get this 15% Discount for selling. So, if the Direct Seller has good selling skills, they can easily earn up to 15% real profit by selling these Products.

Per Joining Income

The majority of income except Products Sell came from your Team Member’s Selling. I mean, whenever your downline made some purchase from the company, you will get also money from them.

Let’s Grow Set 11 levels and separate income is paid for each level.

Let’s see this chart

As you can see, the first level of the chart is the Promoter Level. When you add 5 members to your downline, it is called Promoter Level.

You can be paid 100 rupees per One Member from the company at the Promoter level, Called Income per Joining.

In addition, 1% recurring income is paid, meaning that if a person on the downline buys the product in its entirety.

When you are standing at the promoter level, you will get a one-time salary bonus of Rs. 1000 from the company.

Other Incomce

Let’s Grow Welcome their member as a reward for being the same preacher. 

Agency bonuses are not available at the promoter level.

To get this, the Direct sellers need to create a downline of 125 Member, then they are eligible for this.

In addition, if you sell the products of 2000 INR in every month, Company will give a One-time extra bonus in every 4 Month.

Terms and Condition of Let’s Grow Income

Let’s Grow has some Terms and conditions to get the salary you get according to the level,

  • You need to buy products worth 1000 rupees every month to keep your Let’s Grow ID Active.
  • In addition, your associate member works well. Basically, 70% or more than your Downline should be active. It’s mean that they need to buy products of 1000 rupees every month like you.   
  • The total purchase of the downline should be 70 times more than your salary, i.e. if you want to get a salary of Rs 10,000, then your downline is making a purchase of Rs 7 lakh every month.
  • In case, If the downline is active from 40% to 69%, then only half the salary will be given. And, if the percentage is below 40, the company will decide, can you got some little amount of salary or not.  

Let’s Grow Products

The company has a moderate list of Products. Most of the products on this list fulfill by FMCG Products, health Care, Cosmetics Products, and some other kinds of Products.

Let’s Grow’s products are not expensive in terms of price and are also comparatively cheaper than most Network Marketing companies.

But, the Problem is on Packaging. its products seem to be of light quality.

Though, it is not mandatory. Product quality is determined after use it. But, if the look is not good, Attractive, People will avoid buying the Product. They will think about Very Cheap and low-quality Products.

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Let’s Grow Plan of Panchora Industries Private Limited is a different kind of Network Marketing Plan. Basically, there are some Terms and Conditions to earn money from this plan.

I hope, you have understood all the fundamental information of the Let’s Grow Plan. By the way, this company register in MCA in 2020, business duration is low. In my opinion, do not trust quickly in any company or anything which is running is short time.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Are you Surprised after seeing the Terms and Conditions of his Plan?

Already, Do you use any products of Let’s Grow Plan?

if Yes. Which is this?

Let Me know about the comment Right Now.

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