Lifespan Pvt Ltd: India’s Largest manufacturer unit (2024)

Lifespan Private Limited

Today, I am going to show you, Indian LARGEST manufacture Plant, Lifespan Private Limited.

Mr. Narendra Ram Nambula is a Founder and CEO of Lifespan Private Limited, the No 1 Indian Manufacturer of Nutraceuticals, Herbal Unit in the Health Wellness Sector.

What is Lifespan Pvt Ltd?

Lifespan Pvt Ltd is an Indian Largest Nutritional Company. It is a Non-Govt Company. In other words, the Central Government Registered Company.

This Indian company manufacture World Class Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic, Herbal, and many more Products.

Lifespan pvt ltd

Lifespan Private Limited established in 2019 as India’s Largest and No. 1 Nutricitacles Plant. The Manufacturer Unit is in Telangana, Hyderabad. Mr. Narendra Ram Nambula is a Founder and CEO of Lifespan Pvt Ltd.

In the past few days, Lifespan increases their Quality of Products day by day and value Health Value in every person. Now, the market value of the Lifespan is 500 Crores+.

In 2017, the Hyderabad Government Assign 130000 Sq Feet area for LifeSpan, India’s No 1 Nutrition Company.

In addition, They have Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Organization, named Feel Foundation.

feel foundationLook at this Screenshot.

feel foundation vission and mission

Brief about Lifespan Pvt Ltd

Company NameLifespan Private Limited
FounderMr. Narendra Ram Nambula
HeadquartersHyderabad, Telangana
ProductsSports Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Powder & Granules, Liquids/Juices, Diskettes
AwardsBest Startup of the Year, India 5000 Quality Leader Awards
 for Quality Excellence, lot’s more
Market Revenue500 Crores +
U.S FDA Registration No16316762158

About Lifespan Manufacturing Unit

In the Manufacturing Menu of their official site, they commit people to create innovative Products. Also, said that they are in the business of making people Healthy. 

lifespan manufacturing unit

The manufacturing unit of Lifespan is well designed and built to manage the high Production of world-class Health Products. This Well-designed manufacturer unit gives Lifespan Worker to deliver products at any time.

Lifespan Pvt Ltd shows that their mission is making people Healthy. They follow the scientific process of making Unbleable Products for Modern People.

Lifespan Manufacturing Unit

 The manufacturing unit of this company is well designed and built to manage the high Production of world-class Health Products. This Well-designed manufacturer unit gives  Worker to deliver products at any time, at any cost.

lifespan manufactured products

Lifespan Pvt Ltd shows that its mission is making people Healthy. They follow the scientific process of making Unbleable Products for Modern People.

Liquid Manufacturing

Life Span Pvt Ltd has a fully automated machinery system to produce Liquid Products. They assure that they are standing in Large Companies to serve Liquid in Nutraceuticals Industry.

They have a Powerful Liquid Plant. The capacity of this Plant is 2000 Liter Per batch.

That’s Awsome.

 And, their Liquid Filling Line system can produce 1800 Bottle Per hour.

 That’s Very Good.

Tablets Manufacturing

Lifespan makes the highest quality tablets in case of dose change using natural ingredients. Some tablets are rich in vitamins and can be used as supplements, while others are treated to prevent illness.

The tablets are packed in Lifespan High-quality bottles. They can even make tablets and capsules for clients with their own formulas.

tablet manufacturing

Basically, they have 3 High-Quality Machines for Producing tablets.

  • Tablets Compression Machine
  • Automatic Tablets Coating Machine
  • High Shear Mixer Granulator (HSMG)

Tablets Compression Machine can compress 200000 tablets per hour.

Automatic Tablets Coating Machine

  • Capacity: 350 kg per batch
  • Application: Tablets Film Coating, Enteric Coating, and Sugar Coating.

High Shear Mixer Granulator

  • Capacity: 250 kg per batch
  • Application: Granules Preparation.

Capsules Manufracturing

Capsules are made using natural and herbal ingredients. These capsules can be considered rich in vitamins and supplements.

They have their Own Formula to make Powerful capsules for People.
As we know, Lifespan has a High-Quality Latest Machinar system to produce herbal Products.


For making Capsule,

1. Automatic Bottles Filling Machine

Capacity: 48000 bottles per hour

2. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Capacity: 150000 Capsules Per hour

Powders & Granules Manufacturing

State-of-the-art granules and Powders let manufacture products that comprise of fine powders and granules. These products are a perfect Mixture of taste and nutrition.

They also have the capability to produce these products according to the formulation of the customer. Not only Powder but also Granules can help Life Span to manufacture Powder Products.

These are perfect in Nutrition and Taste. According to the formulation of their Customer, they have a good capability to produce it.

Diskettes Manufacturing

Diskettes are Snacks type food in Customer’s Word. Diskettes are high rich protein and vitamins B1, B2, B3 Supplement. They are perfect for snacks for daily life.

To make Diskettes, they have 4 Latest Machines.

1. Diskettes Compression Machine

  • Capacity: 500000 Diskettes Per Hour
  • Application: Diskettes Compression, Bilayer Diskette Compression
Diskettes Compression Machine

2. Bin Blender Combo

  • Capacity: 500 and 2000 Litres
  • Application: Dry Powder Blending
Bin Blender Combo

3. Roller Compactor

  • Capacity: 100 kg Per Hour
Roller Compactor

4. Ribbon Blender

  • Capacity: 100 KG Per Batch
  • Application: Wet Powder Mixing & Dry Powder
Ribbon Blender

Gels & Paste Manufacturing

Products made with gel and paste can be made in different sizes and flavors. Automatic tube and container filling machines make the production process efficient and fast. 

We can manufacture these products in our products according to the customer’s formula.


They have an Automatic Package system. Automatic packaging is fast and efficient to complete the target. Packaging can either create or break the brand. They provide customers with creative and elegant packaging solutions.

Lifespan Products

Now, Come to the main Section, 

What are the Products of Lifespan Pvt Ltd? 

This question is reminded in every reader. 

By the way, Don’t worry.

Lifespan Pvt Ltd Manufacture 5 types of Products.

  1. Sports Nutrition
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Powders & Granules
  4. Liquids/Juices
  5. Diskettes

If you want to verify the types of Products which they Provide, You can see this listing in their official site.

Lifespan Sports Nutrition

Lifespan Pvt Ltd manufacture Sports Nutrition Products especially. The scientists of Lifespan research and develops a quality system to Produce Sports Nutrition Product. 

Lifespan Sports Nutrition

And, they reached out to aggressive Athletes to fulfill their Nutrition in their Bodies. 

All Nutrition Sports Products are developed to Increase Stamina, boost energy, improve performance. And, these are consumed during the Workout (PRE or POST).

Sports Nutrition Products

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate – (Chocolate, Coffee, and Mango Flavors)
  2. Whey Protein Isolate – (Chocolate, Coffee, and Mango Flavors)
  3. Multiple Proteins with Whey Concentrate, hydrolysate & isolate
  4. Ragi Malt Protein Powder
  5. Polymillets protein powder
  6. Energy Rush Protein Powder
  7. Nourish Protein Powder

Lifespan Health & Wellness

Lifespan Presents all Health and wellness products are made using herbal and nutraceutical ingredients.

They said all Products are free from any added preservatives or chemicals which manufactured. 

Lifespan Health & Wellness

Their Wellness Products are specially designed to enhance the Immunity Power of every Human.

 LPL adheres to that they maintain international Quality Standards.

Lifespan Private Limited Created an Initiative of “Be Indian Buy Indian“.

Health & Wellness Products

  1. Multivitamin & Multimineral syrup (Men & Women) 
  2. Herbal Liver tonic Syrup
  3. Herbal Liver tonic (Dry Syrup & sugar-free)
  4. Diabetes management (Dry Syrup)
  5. Herbal Respiratory tonic for cough, cold, expectoration & sore throat
  6. Anti-stress, Anti-anxiety Syrup
  7. Calcium Syrup with Vitamin D & B12 
  8. Memory tonic (Dry & Syrup)

Lifespan Powders & Granules

Every Powder and Granules product are made from natural sources. Scientists research every neutral, then they decided to Produce this Products. 

Lifespan Powders & Granules

High-quality components are sourced and strict quality checks are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process. 

According to market requirements, they can also Customize their Product Recipes.

Powders & Granules Products

  • Chocolate drink for kids with vitamin D (Mixed in with milk)
  • Digestive powder
  • Expectorant granules for reconstitution (Mixed in with water)
  • Effervescent, carminative powder with Saunf, Ajwain & Jeera
  • Herbal Bronchodilator granules for steam inhalation
  • Energy Powder with Glucose
  • Energy booster powder with caffeine & taurine
  • Internal damages healer with turmeric & arnica
  • Isabghol with triphala & fennel
  • Malted milk mix for children (Chocolate flavor)
  • Malted milk mix wheat powder for children
  • Nourish Protein powder  
  • Protein with DHA & Shatavari (For Mothers)
  • Nondairy creamers
  • Stamina build up malted drink for sportsmen
  • Sugar-free sachets
  • Turmeric granules
  • Teeth cleansing granules

Lifespan Juice

Lifespan Pvt Ltd did not stop in Powder Products, On the other hand, they Produce Liquid or Juice Products. All Liquid Products Fulfil every customer needs.

Lifespan JUICE

Especially, their 3 types of Noni Juice, Amla Juice, and Aloe vera Juice are very effective.

Liquids/Juices Products

Lifespan Diskettes

Diskette Products are loaded with nutrients and minerals that are good for the body. 

Lifespan Diskettes

All Diskettes Products of Lifespan are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, D, E, and contain macro minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. 

Their Diskettes Products are free of lactose, trans fat, sugar, and cholesterol.

Diskettes Products

  • Protein Diskettes
  • Calcium Diskettes
  • Children Diskettes
  • Green coffee bean diskettes (Weight Management)
  • Liver tonic diskettes
  • Moringa Biscuits with Whey protein
  • Stem Cells diskettes derived from Apple & Grapes

Lifespan Quality Guarantee

Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles. -Steve Jobs.

Lifespan fully assured that first, they look at not in Quantity, they Look for Quality.

In Lifespan’s Words, “We live and breathe quality at Lifespan”.

As we know, there is the most challenging Part for every Nutraceutical that, Detection of Potential Adulteration. And, On the other hand, To get the Quality of every particle.

In the Market, People look for Natural Products with Guarantees. And, they get these Products without any Quality Guarantee. There have a lot of questions around the consumer’s mind. 

As we know, Reliable quality assurance is necessary to back up any “natural” claims.

They perform rigorous checks at every stage of production. When it comes to Quality. Every Scientist and production manager closely checks and monitor every process that is being employed.

So, If any issue or flaw is found during Process time, they immediately Track and Solve this. In this way, the High-Speed system, Scientist easily resolves the Origin of the Issue. And, they Produce GMP verified Products.

Lifespan Research & Development

Lifespan Research & Development

There are Major 5 Points of every Research and Development.

  • Idea to Market
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Formulation Development
  • Pilot Batches and Pivotal Stability
  • Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies

Do you Understand this Point? if NO.
Lets’ see the explanation.

1. The idea to Market:

They can provide a stop-shop for all the needs of its Consumer for a Lifetime. Their idea is to go fast in the market and have the ability to engage in all intermediary measures. Scientists from Product Development and Design (PDP) emphasized the continuous improvement of processes involving commercial production.

2. Pre-formulation Study:

They have a proven ability to conduct pre-formulation studies to evaluate the combination of proposed products. If they have Good Concepts, proof of IP creation, finalization of commercial product design and format, stability, nutritional fairness, and various aspects of protection.

3. Formula Development:

This is a pioneering step in the process of developing new products. It involves accurate material identification, setting specifications, process optimization, analysis, and lab trials.

4. Pilot batches and core stability:

Once the formula is optimized at the lab level, process and quality parameters are set at the product level. The process validity is conducted on a pilot scale and the batches are known as pivotal stability batches. A detailed sustainability study activities were conducted in accordance with the ICH guidelines.

5. Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies:

Pre-clinical and clinical studies of nutritional and health supplements are attracting a lot of attention nowadays. The FSSAI orders the submission of protection, toxicity, and efficacy data for novel and proprietary sources prior to product approval. Involved in the preparation and review of the Lifespan Protocol and the observation of clinical studies.

Lifespan Awards & Recognition


Lifespan Pvt Ltd has got many National and International Recognition. They have many recipients for the Awards. 

This is an Unbelievable Proudness moment for every Direct or Indirect Worker of the Lifespan.

lifespan awards

Awards #1: Featured In FORBES

Lifespan Pvt Ltd Featured in FORBES magazine. One of the Leading Global Business MagazineFORBES’ takes Special Coverage in this Company.


Awards #2: India 5000 Start-up Awards

In 2019, Lifespan Pvt. Ltd. got an Award of the India 5000
Start-up Awards for Quality Excellence.

India 5000 Start-up

Award #3: Entrepreneur of the Year

Mr. Narendra Ram Nambula, the founder of Lifespan Pvt Ltd, was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the year in product or manufacturing business” by MSMECCII in 2020.

entrepreneur of the year

Awards #4: Best Startup of the year 2019

The founder of the Company got the “Best Startup of the Year, 2019” Awards. Ms. Seema Malhotra MP (Member of Parliament, London) & Mr. Narendra Ram Nambula, CEO, Lifespan Pvt Ltd.

best start up of the year

Awards #5: Quality Leader Awards

Lifespan Pvt. Ltd. was the winner of the India 5000 Quality Leader Awards for Quality Excellence, in 2019. Among 5000 CEO of various companies, Only this Company got this Award.

Award #6: Promising Entrepreneur of India

The economic times awarded Mr. Narendra Ram Nambula is the Most Promising Entrepreneur of India. As he takes empowerment in the Health & Wellness Industry In India.

Award #7: Modern India’s Game Changer

In 2020, Lifespan’s CEO recognizes for a “Modern India’s Game Changers“. Basically, The program covers stories of dynamic Indian brands that venture to dream have the courage to take maximum risks to strive for excellence. 

And, Finally, become Successful.

History TV 18, Pan-Indian TV channel takes this Initiative. This is the full Interview video that broadcasts all over India.

Award #8: ET Most Promissing Entrepreneur

ET most Promising Entrepreneur, Mr.Narendra Ram Nambula was awarded the ET most promising entrepreneurs at the ET Best Brands Summit.

Award #8: India’s Signature Brands Awards

India's Signature Brands Awards

The All Products of Lifespan are Verified & certified by

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP)
  • Ministry of AYUSH
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • D-U-N-S Registered
  • TGA Australia
Lifespan certification


If you want to make a career in Lifespan, It is a Good Thought. They bring people together to change the thinking of everyone. And, to give the best nutrition in life for their Beautiful Life. 

Indian Largest Nutraceutical Company continuously upgrades day by day.

You can get an opportunity to work with India’s No 1 Nutraceutical Manufacturer Company in 3 ways.

  1. Contact Form
  2. Check out in this Adress
  3. Email
Lifespan contact

Frequently Asked Question

What is lifespan Pvt Ltd?

Lifespan Private Limited is Indian Largest manufacturer of nutraceuticals, herbal, and personal care, and Ayurvedic products. It is a Non-Govt Organization, located in Telangana, Hyderabad. The unit of Lifespan is well designed to produce high world-class Health Products.

Who is Narendra Ram Nambula?

Narendra Ram Nambula is the Founder and Director of Lifespan Private Limited. He is a Serial Entrepreneur and innovator of India’s Health Wellness Industry to make a World Class Product.


In Conclusion, we hope, you all know, Why Lifespan Private Limited is 1 Indian Nutraceutical Company.

Also, we show How Much Lifespan is a very Strong and Powerful company, according to their Awards and Recognition.

The official site look is very beautiful just like their Awards.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you use Lifespan’s Products?

Or, You first time know this name as India’s 1 Indian Nutraceutical Manufacturer Company?

Let us know in Comments.

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