3 Methods of Direct Selling Industry

In India, Direct Selling Business Grow at rocket speed after the 2020 decade.

There are 450+ Direct Selling companies in India and in World, the number is over 1000.

Different companies use different methods to sell their Products and make relations with their Potential Customer.

Methods of Direct selling

So, If you want to know these 3 Methods of Direct Selling Industry,

Let’s get started…

1. One-to-One Sales

In this One-to-One Sales method, the seller and customer engagement in one-person communication. The salesperson or Direct seller initiates an individual business meeting with the client.

On the other way, Direct sellers go door-to-door to sell their potential products to potential customers.

2. Online Sales

This sales method is preferred by both single-tier and multi-tier Marketing companies. Basically, Manufacturers or Direct Seller Promote and sell their products and services from their websites and social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube.

For example, Vestige and Smart Value use this Process to sell their Product.

3. Party-Plan Sales / Many to Many

The vendor or sales team gathers a group of people at a meeting or arranges a Seminar and presents the products to them. 

These meetings can be similar to the party Plan Show or even formal in nature. The invitees enjoy the comfortable and easy-going nature of the assemblies and they tend to be more inclined towards product purchases.

Basically,  Direct sellers invite some people such as their friends, relatives, etc, into this Seminar. And, Senior Seller shows a Product review Presentation where they show the benefits and why you have to use this product, to attract to the People.

Final Word

So, These are 3 methods of Direct Selling Industry that every Company Follows.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you want to join a Direct Selling Company?

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