MLM Lead Generation: 10 Ways To Generate in 2024


The Internet makes it easier to get a Solid MLM Lead for your Multi-Level Marketing Business.

Most people think they will join Top Network Marketing Companies in India and make more money from these companies. But, in the field, they can do it due to not getting effective Leads.

In this post, I will share with you the 10 Proven ways to get a solid MLM Lead.

So, Let’s get started…

1. Create Your Own Ecommerce Website

Here I am not asking you to create competitors on Amazon or Flipkart.

 That’s very very tough and impossible.

Nowadays, you can purchase a domain name and WordPress hosting. Then, Go for the WordPress website because it is extremely user-friendly.

There are numerous themes, widgets, plugins, and other free resources available to create an amazing E-commerce website. Or you can hire a freelancer to create and design your own website.

Often, MLM companies do not allow their affiliates to sell stuff online. If this is the case for you then the best thing to do is create your own website and provide details about your company information.

Now, you have to Upload and post product details prices, and locations you can deliver this product.

Also, you can put a contact form on your website that lets people contact you to buy products. 

In addition, you can use some marketing Tricks like Flash Sale, Discount to get a quick lead.

2. Start a Youtube Channel

This is a great Technique for marketing Products with Videos on Youtube.

Youtube is the 2nd largest Search Engine.

Nowadays, People are more consuming Video Content. So, it an excellent way to connect with People and Get Solid Leads.

You can make a Product Review Video and share the benefits of these Product Visually.

For example, If you have Skincare Products, You can show the Before and After a video of using these Products. How much beneficial for your Pimple? and many more things.

In addition, You can share your Company’s Training, Recognition, and Travel Tour Video.

In this way, you will attract people and also will get more Leads.

3. Use Linkedin

LinkedIn has approximately 760 million monthly users, so it’s a good idea to explore the platform for tops. In addition, since LinkedIn is mostly used for business and work, you are sure to get professional leadership.

LinkedIn is a brilliant resource for lead generation research and a great way to nurture organic lead generation.

On the LinkedIn Answering Platform, these are sector-specific questions and answers that help promote professional industry-related engagement.

As more people access LinkedIn Answers, it can also help nurture a generation of organic long-term leadership searches. Using LinkedIn Pulse, blog articles help maximize LinkedIn’s ability to become a “leader of thought.”

And a great LinkedIn experience is LinkedIn groups. Here you can connect with different professionals. You can grow your business by fostering a soft engagement experience with people outside the nature of marketing.

You can join groups outside your sector to help build bridges of collaboration that could create a biological lead in the future.

4. Indirect Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If you know some Digital marketers like Harsh Agrawal, written something related to the product or service. And provide some links that help people contact you for that product.

You need to spend some money to get these links on the blog. 

In addition, you can also these tactics in Youtube Video. You can do this using the approved marketing strategy.

This means you will pay part of the commission or profit to the blogger from your MLM sales. In fact, you can even nominate them as marketing partners.

When you get others to post blogs about your MLM products, you get the best MLM leads. However, make sure you contact a blogger who has a high following.

5. Use Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Group

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best ways to achieve the best MLM tops. And the good news: it’s free to use and helps promote your products locally.

Facebook launch this feature, Marketplace in some days for selling and buying Products on Facebook.

Facebook Team know the Demand of E-commerce Industry. So that they integrate with their App.

So, Why you are not using this Feature for Growing your Business.

By the way, you cannot sell Company’s products directly in the Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, the best option is to post the details of your MLM products and allow potential customers to contact you.

In addition, you can also create a Page using your Facebook account.

And post pictures and other details about the products you’re promoting. A Facebook page lets people interact with you when you activate the feature.

Ask your friends to ‘like’ and ‘share’ with their Facebook contacts Ask This is one of the top 10 ways to achieve MLM topping. And it is free and effective.

6. Email marketing to get a solid lead

Email Marketing is booming Nowadays. Every brand is using this Marketing Strategy to connect with their Customer every day.

There is a system for working with lead. The first step is to be aware of them and how they are interested in your website. The next best step is to ask your lead to sign up for your email list. You can sign up for free by providing a report or something useful from their website.

 For example, if you sell welfare products, you can provide a guide to the right ingredients or recipes for yourself. 

It allows you to communicate with your prospects and to your business and the general field in which it relates to specific sales, events, news, and research and to your past, present, and potential future customers. 

Just make sure you follow the rules and regulations related to email marketing.

7. Bulk SMS Messages

It’s a very economical way to get quality  MLM leads and promote your products and increase sales.

However, you’ll require a database of active phone numbers and bulk SMS software. And you’ll require excellent attractive yet short messages that would attract people to call you.

But, keep in mind, you do not do any Spamming activity. I mean, if you send continuous SMS, it will be counted as spam activity. And, if anyone complains at Police Station, you will be in jail.

Sometimes, MLM companies provide numbers of their past customers and look at revving their patronage. And bulk SMS is available easily from countless providers.

8. Referral Partners- Word of Mouth Promotion

You can nominate friends as referral partners to achieve the best MLM tops. And offer them a piece of your profit for any sale. 

Nowadays everyone searches, Students or Houswifeor someone, for sources of extra income.

Therefore, people are quite interested in working as a referral partner for your MLM business and achieving MLM topping.

Generally, a customer needs to make a good referral partner. You can give them a good discount or Special Offer your profit when you sell them to a referral partner as an incentive.

This works wonders because word of mouth is a powerful marketing resource.

9. Get Micro-Influencers for MLM Leads

Look for Micro-Influencer who has a wide following in a specific group or community. They post stuff on social media and sometimes meet up with their followers. And, they have a good reputation on their all Social Media handle.

A micro-influencer will not work for free. In fact, some of them can take huge fees. But, initially time, you have to look for a low-budget influencer.

If their result is good, then you can increase their fees.

At the same time, a micro-influencer will also promote your brand and leave your freebies to interview you about something or gain the best MLM leads.

10. Local Retailer Partners

Depending on the nature of the products you are selling, it is also possible to get the best MLM leadership from what I would describe as a local partner. 

This means you need to partner with local salons, beauty clinics, and restaurants or you have a Local Shop.

If you and your family have a local retail shop, it is very easy to sell your MLM Company’s Product.

Or, if you think to sell this product with the help of other Retail shops,

Obviously, they will not do this for free. 

Therefore, you need to give them some commission or incentive to promote your things.

However, these places have high footfall. Therefore, they are a great source for getting the best MLM leadership without much effort.


So, these are the 10 best ways to get quality MLM leads and make them Prospect.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Which Techniques from it, you will try first?

What is your favorite method?

Let me know in the Comment.

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