Motivation to loss weight: Top 8 Inspiring ways to Motivate

Motivation to loss weight
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Motivation to loss weight” Are you finding this word? Oh yes, Don’t worry, I reveal your search query.

  • Are you have weight Problems?
  • Are you 🙁 demotivate to lose weight?

In this article, I will discuss your and everyone’s problem with the motivation of weight loss.

In this article, you will know:

  • How you get motivated to lose weight?
  • How to motivated to lose weight as a teenager?
  • Why we lose motivation easily during the weight loss journey?

So, Let’s dive into this topic…

Inspiration and Motivation

 ➡ Losing weight is not so tough. But many of us could not stay motivated throughout the journey.

Losing weight or getting A+ in exam whatever it be, everyone needs motivation. It works like a magic stick.

Basically, Motivation comes from your determination. So, here is the reason why you want to lose weight is important.


Motivation is really powerful in the beginning. But, it starts to shift gradually when results are not seen. Losing weight takes time, and your motivation is the key to get you to your goal.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

As someone who goes through this journey. That person can tell you that it needs a constant recharge of motivation.

Weight Loss Story

Poly did that in the traditional way, diet and exercise. It took almost 2 years to lose 15 kg. That may seem a long time.

However, keep in mind that loss of weight in an average one and half kg per month. But it depends on your obesity also.

Common Weight Loss Struggle

 ➡ The weight loss journey is a lengthy process. Lack of motivation is very common. On the other hand, Motivation may trigger a number of emotions. It makes it hard to get recharged.

Some common problems people faces-

It takes lots of hard work

 ➡ ➡ If your obesity is very high it will take time also. You have to do lots of hard work, results will come slowly.

When you workout times in a week and then count your calories, you cant see more than 3500 calories burned. That means only one pound.

But, please keep in mind that normal and healthy weight loss averages one or half kg per month.


 ➡ ➡ Cravings!!!

It is a very loveable word for foodies. Like us, maximum Indians are foodies.  And I must say, there are never-ending options in India for food lovers.

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But it’s ok to have cravings. Even healthy people have cravings. The most important thing is to keep in mind of craving and the portion.

Craving of Biriyani?? Cook at home so that you can control and modify the recipe for your goal.

Lack Of Time For Working Out

 ➡ ➡ Though, Losing weight takes time. If you really want to lose weight you must have to find some time. You should do some exercise like running swimming etc. You need to schedule your workout time.

Those days you can’t manage time, at least do some little movement. Walk for some time or take stairs instead of elevators.

So, Do some little movement as your choice to feel free.

Unsupportive Social Environment

 ➡ ➡ In our society, there are few people who encourage. Maximum demotivates with their words and activity.

Many of us do not understand the importance of social supports.

If you are trying to get back on the right track, you will hear something like “you don’t need to do that, let’s have some burgers and ice cream”. Hearing this kind of words your motivation starts to fly away.

But my friend, please make a commitment to your self. You are very precious to yourself. Be the best version of yourself!!

The Importance Of Mindfulness

 ➡ Mindfulness plays a very positive role in our everyday decisions. Especially when the decisions come related to our health.

Here is the video of Dr. Vivek Bindra on “how to control your mind & Emotions”. He is Indian Entrepreneur and also be an international Bussiness Coach and Motivational Speaker. He is the founder of


Generally, people have a wrong misconception about food and diet. They did not know the purpose of food and diet in our daily lives and health. This creates unhealthy eating habits that gain weight.

Be honest with yourself. Mindfulness is essential to get motivated to lose weight.

8 Simple Ways For Motivation To Loss Weight

Step #1: Determine Why You Want To Lose Weight

 ➡ ➡ Be clear to your own, why you want to lose weight. This will help you stay recharged throughout the weight loss journey.

We start losing weight when the weight comes on an unmanaged position. Maximum starts their journey as doctors suggest. But studies say that people are more happening when motivation comes from their own.

Everybody has some reasons. You are not different from them. Find your own reason to lose weight.

Step #2: Set A Plan According To Your Lifestyle

 ➡ ➡ Today’s world is a Youtube world. Your one touch can show you hundreds of ways to lose weight.

But my friend, according to me, set your own weight loss plan that you can manage. Avoid those plans that would be hard to maintain.

Reducing calorie intake leads to weight loss. But, frequent dieting has found of future weight gain. Besides, you can use this supplement.

No one says to you that without stick diet you can not lose weight. Create your own plan to stick in your total weight loss journey.

Step #3: Appreciate & Celebrate Your Success 

 ➡ ➡ Losing weight is not so easy. I always appreciate your hard work. Celebrate your success, no matter how it is? small or big.

For example, if you are able to complete exercising five days a week, go for a cinema or hang out with your loved ones. Or whatever your way to express your happiness.

It is good to celebrate your success. But, my friend please do not award yourself with fast food. Your entire week’s hard work will collapse in a minute.

You are surprised that Bill Gates supports this Point. You can also read this Gate’s Note.

Step #4: Commitment Is Also Important

 ➡ ➡ In other words, Telling others about your commitment will help you stick in your way. Tell your family, friend, even share with your social media friends.

The more people you share with, the more result will outcome.

Studies show that the people who made public commitment are more likely to achieve their goals.

Step #5: Strong Social Support

 ➡ ➡ Having a strong regular social support keep you motivated. People need positive feedback.

Share your experiences with your family and friends. So, they can fully support you on your toughest journey.

Many people also find support by having a weight loss buddy. However, it may be helpful to get help and support from your partner. But, make sure to get support and energy from other people too.

Step #6: Always Think And Talk Positively

“Take responsibility for your own happiness, never put it in other people’s hands.”

― Roy T. Bennett,

 ➡ ➡ Positivity is very important. Not only in weight loss it is needed everywhere. People who have positive expectations, feel more confident about their ability.

Start talking positively about your weight loss. Also, share the steps are you going to take. But guys do the realistic steps, don’t fantasize about your goal.

In Short, The Bottom Line

A study with around 150 students shows that those who are mentally positive are more likely to take action.

But, I repeat don’t fantasizing about your goal. This trick your brain that you have already achieved. And this never takes you any actions to reach your goal.

Step #7: Fallen in love with your body

 ➡ ➡ Studies repeatedly found that people who dislike their bodies are less likely to lose weight.

People who have a better body image, lose more weight and maintain also.

Appreciate what your body can do. Do not beat yourself whenever you made a mistake. Most importantly, stop comparing yourself with others, especially with actresses or models.

You are very beautiful the way you are. Stand in front of the mirror, you can see the most beautiful person in the world.

Step #8: Consult A Professional When Needed

 ➡ ➡ Above all, Do not waste your time to consult with a professional when you needed. They will give you the right decision considering your situation.

Go and meet a registered dietician, who will give you the diet chat, exercises as per your condition. As well as help you to boost your motivation to loss weight, and level up your knowledge on weight loss.

Frequently Asked Question

Did I, Miss Anything

 ➡ In short, Here is my recommendation to motivate all time, especially for Weight Loss.

Basically, Weight loss is the most disturbing problem for a woman.

Especially, if you are a woman, Best of Luck from me.

By the way, Now, I’d want to listen from you:

How many days, you have been facing this weight loss problem?

Similarly, What is Daily Diet?

Let me know, in Comment Section. Keep smiling and growing upwards.

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