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Multi-level marketing or Network Marketing gives an opportunity to earn money for everyone whether you are in College student level or Middle-aged people.

There are many health wellness MLM companies or other product selling companies in the world with different individual income Plans.

network marketing plan

So, if you want to be entering in Multi-level marketing or Direct Selling industry, first you have to choose, Which is the best company for your Personality with the help of these 5 Pre Join Factors. Then, You should be aware of the 8 Network Marketing or MLM Plan in India.

MLM Plan ComparisonUnderstanding LevelPopularity LevelControl on Profit SharingLegs of Tree/ Genealogy
Binary MLM PlanVery EasyHighAverage2 Legs Only
Generation Plan Intermediate High Average Unlimited
X- Up Plan/Australian Plan Easy High Average 2 Legs Only
Matrix MLM PlanVery EasyHighHighUnlimited
Party MLM PlanEasyHighHighOptional
Board MLM PlanIntermediateAverageAverageOptional
Stair Step MLM PlanEasyHighHigh2 Legs Only
Monoline MLM Plan Intermediate Average Average1 Leg Only
Network Marketing Plan

I think it will help you choose the best company to become a successful Direct Seller as well as Top MLM Leader and earn money from Network Marketing Quick with the same level of effort.

Many MLM companies in India, as well as in the World, have their own business plans. 

So, In this post, I am listing the 8 Best MLM Compensation Plans which are generally Very Popular in the world.

1. Binary Plan

A binary plan is very simple but the best MLM compensation plan.

Binary MLM planning is a network marketing compensation strategy that many top-performance Multi-level marketing companies use. New members sponsored by distributors are added to the left or right. After adding two new members on either side of the subtree, a binary tree is formed.

It is very popular for its simplicity. While your income from the pyramid scheme depends on the two or three people you hire, the binary MLM business plan actually gives you the opportunity to benefit from the people listed by your partner.

For example, if you cut a water lemon in half into more bits, it is possible to give each person a slice. The same applies to binary Plans. Everyone gets a piece of water lemon.

Many companies use the 1:2 or 2:1 ratio system in this Network Marketing Plan. It’s mean when one side has 2 member and the other side have 1 Member, you maintain a 2:1 or 1:2 ratio, you will get a commission from the company.

Smart Value is one of the Indian Direct Selling Company which works in Binary Plan.

2. Generation Plan

Generation Plan is the most popular network marketing Business Plan in the USA and India.

Generational compensation plans are divided between key associates who can hire their own and those who cannot hire. Those who recruit fulfill their distributor status more than themselves.

There are exceptions to this though. A distributor can create an unlimited number of downline another generation at a lower level than them.

Thus, they open up a whole new level of downline who pay in their own pockets, which in turn pays into the pockets of the original distributors of the original generation.

The generation compensation system is two parts exploitative and one part brilliant. Distributors who are most skilled at recruiting are there as a resource to create a new whole generation, while others will be able to recruit small amounts to meet their generation’s rankings.

When you become an MLM associate of an organization, the first thing you need to do is register two or three more people to work with you. And these people will list 2 or 3 people and more instead.

How do you pay through a Generation Plan? As a result, you receive a small commission on the sale of your downline record within a month or year. And they get commissions from agencies for listed people.

This system is valid because you only receive a small commission that is associated with the sale of the product. And the number of people from whose sales you will get a commission is only for those sales.

3. X- Up Plan/ Step-Up Plan/ Australian Plan

This plan is another popular compensation best Network Marketing plan. The X-Up Plan is also known as the Step-Up Plan or Straight Australian Plan. This is because the Australian MLM organization first used it in the 1980s to enforce Australian law.

The X-up plan is similar to the binary plan above. Here, too, every person you register hires sales from each other, including those they hire, in simple terms, it acts as your supplier and the person you hire as a wholesaler. 

And the people that your wholesalers hire to act as retailers.

Once each distributor has exceeded its earnings and recruitment criteria, then they can hire another new member, who is theirs. Thus, people at the top of the Australian X-ray get rich first and always get hired first.

Similarly, You have a Question now, How does the retail model work in these plans? Basically, you get a profit for every sale made up to the last person in your distributor network. 

And graduating as a distributor as a wholesaler and retailer in your network also increase your profits. It is a nutritional supplement and is widely used by healthcare product MLM companies.

4. Matrix Plan

The matrix compensation plan is a single general MLM compensation plan. Most people express matrix schemes after this with two numbers: 1 x 3 In this case, 1 x 3 means that there are three distributors below them for each person in each level and there can be no other.

The defining feature of the Matrix Compensation Plan is that the number of additional distributors per the main distributor is limited. 

This means that when a distributor hires another distributor, capacity is eventually reached and the employer overflows to the next distributor below the line.

This means that if A is confined between two distributors under her branch and hires B and C, while A then hires D, Dennis will be recruit both B and C.

The downside of matrix planning is that hiring new associates is usually much more profitable than ongoing products. If there is no sale, there is no company.

5. Party Plan

Party Plan in MLM or Network Marketing is a one kind method taken by Direct Seller to promote and sell their a product by organizing social events like get together, home-based party, Kitty Party or any other small or big event. To promote and sell their products, This Party is only held.

Generally, Women are the Host of this Party in most MLM companies. For example, Tupperware, Pampered Chef. Generally, products like Household. cosmetics, kitchen utilities, etc, are preferred for party planning for nowadays men are also choosing to join party planning. 

Pros of party MLM plan:

  • Home party planning help seller to sell Products a Group sales, with a single Company presentation leading to multiple sales.
  • The selling Tactics are infinite as the business is open for group sales from one host to another host.
  • As the business opportunity grows, the plan offers equally increase income for consultants.

6. Board plan

The Board MLM plan is also known as Matrix Plan and it is similar to Binary Plan. Distributors or member MLM firms that meet or qualify for certain criteria will receive a new position on the next board. A new tree consisting of a board for eligible members. 

The board plan is a 2 × 2 board plan so that each member has to hire two more people. This process will continue until all positions on the board are filled. When the number of members exceeds the limits of the board, it is divided into 2 sub-boards and the top member is promoted to a higher level. 

Pros of Board MLM plan

  • Distributors get a maximum effort on an individual basis rather than a group
  • The business of every Direct seller becomes active because of the growth rate and companies get benefited.

There are multiple boards in the compensation tree for different criteria based on the company’s rules. It is the best plan for companies that want to maximize business profits and distributors in a short time.

7. Stair Step Breakaway Compensation Plan

One of the first types of MLM planning, the Stair Step Breakway model came into existence in the United States in the early 1900s. 

This is a plan where no one feels the burden of doing MLM business and therefore strives for higher sales and better profits. 

  • The best part of the stair-step is that it can’t be used for scams.
  • It is the most useful plan for legitimate companies to sell products.
  • It works on the simple principle of making extra effort to get more profit.

 These benefits help you further improve your whole team while getting higher sales from the company. Once the whole teamwork and produce sale, you will get more commission.

In the stair-step breakaway plan, each MLM only works for business development. Those who earn higher “break away” and become part of another group within the organization that aims at a much higher income.

By the way, Amway, one of the oldest Network Marketing companies still operates this plan day by day. 

8. Monoline MLM Plan

 In terms Monoline’s plan, it is a single line.

This means you will act as a standalone Multi-level marketer to promote products and services to the public. And if anyone shows interest, you will list them as MLM Marketers.

The more people you hire, the more discounts you will get on the product from the company. This means that your income does not depend on your efforts. You are an individual marketer whose profit margins increase due to higher profit listing.

Basically, these Plans work in a 1 x 1 ratio style.

 For example, if A hires B and then hires C, Charlie becomes B’s recruiter. If A hires D. C will also get a commission. By the way, The profit-sharing system varies from company to company.

Conclusion Network Marketing Plan

So, These are the best Network Marketing Business plans in India or worldwide. That makes money Fast if you work properly.

By the way, My Favorite is Binary Plan.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Which is your Favorite MLM Plan?

and WHY?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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