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Noni Fruit: NONI is a tropical fruit specially grown in SouthEast Asia. NONI is a lumpy, mango size fruit that yellow in color.

You can not imagine Noni fruit taste is very bitter and also has a delicious flavor. Sometimes compared to the stinky cheese.

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What is Noni Fruit? 

Noni fruit is a nature’s gift to humanity. It’s a dietary supplement and a health booster.

Noni contains 150 nutrients. 

There is a very interesting fact that in terms of nutrients 1acre of Noni is compared to 100 acres of common vegetables(Ref: 19 Jan 2008 Times Wellness).

History of Noni 

Noni, also known as Indian Mulberry, was born in Southeast Asia to Australia. It’s discovered in tropical regions such as the Pacific Islands, South East Asia, Philipines, and India.

noni fruit

Here it is regarded as both food and medicine. Basically, every part of the Noni plant is usable.

Noni processes a rich cultural history; it has a history of almost 2000 years. And it was one of the plants most frequently used by local healers. It also finds mentions in Ayurveda offering many benefits.

We all APJ Abdul Kalam is a great Scientist. Do you read APJ Abdul Kalam’s Quotes? Absolutely. Here we talk about Noni Fruit, but we miss Abdul kalam, it is not possible.

If you search in Google, Noni Abdul Kalam or Noni fruit Apj Abdul Kalam. You will probably get a video and his Research Report. In 2008, Great Man, APJ Abdul Klam participated in the ‘NONI SEARCH 2008‘ program in Chennai, India.

Here is the screenshot of his talk about Noni in short.

Noni abdul kalam

Why Noni Juice is Vital for the Human body? 

According to modern science, introduced with the benefits of Noni. And also researchers studied the benefits of Noni. The studies revealed that elements present in Noni help our body in various ways.

human body

The proof of the special of Noni juice is found in the chemistry of the Morinda Citrifolia(NONI) and the human body. To survive, our body requires a substance known as Xeronine. 

What is Xeromine?

Xeromine a tiny alkaloid that has been patented is an organic infective of noni fruit, which is thought to be able to regulate the molecular structure of certain inactive proteins to properly fold into active enzymes. First, Dr. Ralph Heinicke discover this term in Noni fruit.

Noni Fruit contains ‘Xeronine‘ that increases the absorption of Nutrients. Xeronine has become less and less available due to depleted soils and changes in diet.

Poor diet, hyperactive lifestyle, and aging all increase the demand of Xeronine. Inadequate supply of Xeronine to the body means that the illness is prolonged and the injuries are slow to heal.

Morinda Citrifolia(NONI) fruit contains a compound known as Proxeronine(Precursor of Xeronine) and when consumed, Proxeronine combines with an enzyme called Proxeroninase in the intestine and the result is Xeronine.

When proteins combine with Xeronine, the combination turns into a powerful tool that produces energy. It also transmits chemical signals into cells for proper. And keep it healthy cell growth and maintenance.  

In other words, Xeronine helps the body’s ability to make optimum use of nutrients in our food and also repairs damaged cells hence Noni provides optimum health by working at the cell level, this property of Noni enables it to heal many health ailments. 

Noni Connection With Selective COX-2 Inhibition

Hey, this the part of the enzyme of Noni Fruit.

Our body contains COX enzymes that speed up our body’s production of the hormone. That is called Prostaglandins. There are 2 types of COX(Cyclooxygenase) enzymes namely COX-1 and COX-2

The COX-1(good) enzyme handles for protecting the body’s stomach lining and kidneys. COX-1 enzymes continually produce protective Prostaglandins.

The COX-2(bad) enzyme is largely responsible for causing pain and inflammation. Injury, diseases, and trauma cause the COX-2 enzyme to produce Prostaglandins, which cause pain and inflammation.

Noni Connection With Nitric Oxide

In the atmosphere, Nitric oxide has considered a Pollutant but within the body, it has health health-promoting properties.

In the year 1992, Science Magazine votes Nitric Oxide as a Molecule of the year. Noni being rich in Amino Acid Arginine boosts the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. 

Research suggests Nitric Oxide having the following health advantages:

  • It relaxes arteries thereby contributes to normal Blood Pressure & Health functions.
  • It boosts the resistance power of the body.
  • Helps in regulating Insulin thereby control Diabetes.
  • Similarly, It helps in improving memory by increasing blood circulation to Brain.

Noni Connection With Scopoletin

Scopoletin is a major agent found in noni responsible for its adaptogenic property. Scoppletin helps to normalize blood pressure whether it is low or high.

Within the body, Scopoletin has Anti-inflammatory & Antiallergic properties. Scopoletin increases the concertion of hormone Serothin in the Body. 

Its help us for restful sleep happy feeling.


Nutritional Content 

One study analyzes that 177  different brands of Noni juice. This is because Noni juices are often mixed with other fruit juices or added sweeteners to mask its bitter taste and foul odor.

Nourish Noni juice – produced by Morinda, which is one of the best Noni juice available in the market. 

The nutrients in 3.5 ounces(100ml) in Nourish Noni juice:

  • Energy: 169.53 kcal
  • Proteins: 0.61g
  • Fats: 0.0g
  • Carbohydrates: 16.3g
  • Sugars: 12.15g
  • Vitamin C: 73.92mg
  • Calcium: 18.83mg
  • Phosphorus: 50.00mg
  • Sodium: 12.58mg
  • Potassium: 73.09mg
  • Iron: 0.73mg

Like other fruit juices but Noni juice mostly contains carbohydrates, enriched with vitamin C, that is good for skin and immune health.


Noni juice is well known for its high antioxidants.

Free radicals are the major cause of almost every disease e.g. cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 

Antioxidants are the only way to curb the bad impact of free radicals.

A study publishes in the journal of food chemistry in 2002 says Noni possesses potent Antioxidants effects. Some recent reachers say Noni has 2.8 times more antioxidants than vitamin C, 1.4 times more Antioxidants than Pycnogenol, and 1.1 times more than Grapeseed extract.

The main antioxidants in Noni juice include beta carotene, vitamin C and E, and iridoids. Due to high antioxidant activity, regular consumption of Noni delays aging, prevent diseases.

Besides that Noni contains Acubin, L-aspersive, and Alizarin antibacterial agents that have been demonstrated to combat several bacterial strains.

Health Benefits of Noni Fruit

Read in short with infographics

benefits of noni

Here is the explanation of the Advantage Of Noni Juice:

Improves Skin Quality

 Being a powerhouse of antioxidants, the juice acts as a great moisturizer when applied to the skin daily. Also, This Juice has the ability to replenish and repair your skin.

Good For People With Arthritis Problems

Many studies have claimed that Noni juice is effective in reducing nausea and vomiting. It is also said to reduce the joint pain involved in arthritis due to its painful properties.


 Containing vitamin C and selenium, Noni juice fights free radicals, reverses the effects of aging, and preserves skin elasticity.

Prevents Cancer

 According to the National Complementary and Integrative Health Center, Noni’s juice features tumor-fighting and unassailable stimulants.

The National Cancer Institute has funded preliminary research on salt juice for the treatment. And also the prevention of breast cancer.

Here are the best 5 herbs that decrease the risk of Cancer.

 Reduces Stress

 Noni juice not only helps to cope with stress but also reduces the effects of stress on our cognitive function.

It Increases resistance. Similarly, This juice has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-histamine properties. These all properties help to increase immunity.

Considering The Skin Irritation Of The Head

 The same antibacterial properties help boost the immune system. It can also help heal skin irritation.

Protects The Health Of The Heart

Noni juice has shown a positive effect on the protection of heart disease by improving blood flow to the arteries. Also, It helps control blood pressure which helps maintain cardiovascular health.

Side Effects Noni Fruit Juice

 ➡ Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Do not take Noni if you are pregnant. If breastfeeding, it is better to avoid it. Not enough is known about the safety of salt intake while breastfeeding.

High levels of potassium: Drinking salt fruit juice can increase the levels of potassium. If you are with too much potassium already in your body can make them higher.


In conclusion, The dose of Noni depends on many factors such as user age, health, and users health condition. Now, there is no scientific information about suitable doses for Noni. 

Keep in mind that all-natural products are not necessarily safe, no one can consume them randomly, and dosages are also important.

Be sure to follow the relevant directions on the product levels, and consult your physician or pharmacist, or healthcare professionals before using it.

Let me know, Do you have any problems with your health?

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