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NV Shoppe

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About NV Shoppe Sales & Marketing Private Limited

Basically, NV Shoppe is an online selling channel of NV Shoppe Sales & Marketing Private Limited. NV Shoppe Sales and Marketing Private Limited is a product-based Direct Selling company in India which is registered under MCA on August 21, 2020.

The head office of NV Shoppe is located in Delhi. Sandeep, Sangeeta, and Meenakshi Yadav are the current directors of this company. The company provides Health Care, Personal Care, FMCG and many more categories of products.

NV Shoppe Company Profile

NameNV Shoppe Sales and Marketing Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U52609UP2020PTC133048
Incorporation Date21 August 2020
Product CategoriesHealth Care, Home Care, FMCG, Course, Clothing, Digital Course Jewellery, etc.
Head officeC-54 Shri Ram Chowk, Mandawali, Delhi 110092

NV Shoppe Business Plan

NV Shoppe company offers its members ways to build a network and make money on Turnover for which it has launched its MLM Business Plan.

  • Self Purchasing Profit
  • Referral Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • User Promotion Bonus
  • Team Repurchase Bonus
  • Car Fund
  • House Fund
  • Pension Fund Income
  • Royalty Bonus
  • Franchise Bonus & Vendor App
  • Weekly Bonanza Income

1. Self-Purchasing Income

Self Purchase Income is when you purchase a product from a company yourself. Under Self Purchase income, you will get a discount of 10% to 50%  on the purchase of the product, which is called Self Purchasing Income.

In other words, Self Purchase Income is also called Retail Profit Income. Profits can be earned by selling products with a 10% to 50% discount on MRP.

2. Referral Bonus

By Making Downline and Team, you will get Referral Bonus Income.

Under Referral Bonus Income, Rs. 200 is provided by the company per direct new joined people, which is transferred by the company into your bank account within 24 hours. It is important to purchase a product by downline.

3. Matching Bonus

By making pairs or pairs of distributors in the downline, the company gives Matching Bonus Income.

To get this income for the first time, you have to make a pair on the basis of 1: 2 or 2: 1, and then this income can be found by making a pair on the basis of 1: 1.

A pair is considered to have a downline in the left leg and another in the right leg on the basis of 1: 1, but according to 1: 2 or 2: 1 if there are two direct downlines in one leg and a direct downline in the other leg. 

The company gives Rs.40 per pair in Matching Bonus Income. But, this bonus income has a Daily capping which is Rs.1500.

4. User Promotion Bonus

User Promotion Bonus is Pool Income, in which commission is given on team formation in multiples of 2. There are 6 pools in total in NV Shoppe Promotion Bonus Pool Income. Except for the 1st pool, you have to pay Rs. 2000 as entry fees in the other 5 pools.

The larger the pool, the higher the commission per pair. This commission starts from Rs.40 per downline and in Pool 6 you get Rs 20,000 per downline, but the entry in it starts from Rs 5 lakh.

NV Shoppe User Promotion Bonus

5. Team Repurchase Bonus

When your downline gets up to 20 levels of Downline, the Direct seller of the company will get Team Repurchase Bonus. According to Team Repurchase Bonus, up to 20 levels downline a few per cent commission is given on every repurchase made by the downline.

This commission is 0.50% on 1 to 16 level downline and 1 to 16-20 downline level, Which is 12% overall.

6. Car Fund

To get car funds, the Distributor has to match 10,000 distributor pairs in the downline. Basically, a team of 10,000 people has to be formed in the right leg and 10,000 people in the left leg. For example, you should have 20000 people in a 1:1 ratio on both legs.

If the Distributor fulfils this condition, they will get Rs. 2500000 from the company.

7. House Fund

When you have a downline of 60000 people,  30000 is each on both sides, left and right, I mean, if there is a match of 30000 Distributor, you are eligible for this House Fund. On completing this condition, the company will give Rs. 1,00,000 as a House Fund Bonus.

8. Royalty Bonus

Royalty Bonus is considered the largest income, which has to meet some conditions. Basically, Company shares 5% of all turnover in a year. Here is a table What is the Target income to achieve this income?

Serial No.LevelTurnover SharingTarget
1.Star Diamond Club5%1 Crore in 1 Year
2.Ruby Diamond Club5%5 Crore in 2 Year
3.Gold Diamond Club5%10 Crore in 4 Year

As you can see in the chart, If one consists of a total purchase team of one crore rupees in 1 year, then he or she will get Star Diamond Club Level and get, 5% of the company’s total annual turnover distributed in the Star Diamond Club Achiever. 

9. Pension Fund Income

Pension Fund income has been given to the direct seller forever. Basically. to get this income, You have a Downline of 500000 distributor pairs in the downline.

If anyone completes this criterion, NV Shoppe Company will give 5% of the total monthly turnover of the company to all Pension Fund Income Achievers.

10. Franchise Bonus

According to Franchise Bonus Income, If you own or open an NV Shoppe Mini Mart or SuperMarket, then you get a 3% referral Bonus and get a 0.3% franchise profit. This 0.3% Franchise Profit meets you in the Profit of the total sales in the Shop.

11. Weekly Bonanza Income

Every week company has also kept a Weekly Bonanza gift which has to meet certain conditions. You can visit the company’s official website to know about this offer.

NV Shoppe Joining Package

Anyone can be a Direct Seller of NV Shoppe. You can either contact any existing Direct Seller of NV Shoppe or contact the company’s Branch or Corporate Office.

Here are the required document and activities to join the company;

  • Joining Application Form
  • Legal Identity Proof (PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card)
  • Bank Passbook
  • The Receipt copy of buying Company’s Joining Kit

The company provides a total of 7 types of product packages, which can be made a distributor of the company. 

Here is the table of Product Package of Joining;

Serial No.Product Package NamePVPrice (INR)
1.Kit-1 (Choose Own Products)400 PV
2.Kit-2 (English Speaking Course/Digital Marketing Course/Sanitary Pads)400 PV599
3.Kit-3 (Hand Sanitizer + 25 Marks)400 PV699
4.Kit-4 (Plan Folder Kit)400 PV699
5.Kit-5 (T-shirt Kit)400 PV799
6.Kit-6 (Baby Care Powder or Belt or Sanitary Pads)400 PV1,199
7.Kit-7 (2 T-shirt + Literature + 1 Pen)400 PV1,299

Your Joining Kit makes Free Home Delivery at the right time by Company on your given shipping Address All over India Just join the linked link and make your Team.

NV Shoppe Products

Basically, there is the own product of NV Shoppe company, they sell products of other companies in the Direct Selling Model through their Business Plan. The company fixed the PV of each product which is used to calculate different types of income. 

These are the Different Categories of products that are found in the NV Shope Store:

  • Appliances
  • Bags & Shoes
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Health Wellness
  • Beauty
  • FMCG
  • Electrical & Tools
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Home

You can all the product information of Prices and PV from this “NV Shoppe Products Price List” blog post.

NV Shoppe Review

NV Shoppe Sales & Marketing Private Limited is a new company and it has grown fast in a very short time in India. The main thing about NV Shopee company seems to be that company is promoting another company’s product to run its Business plan. It will help the Customer or their Direct Seller to buy and sell products for less amount than another shop. Here NV Shoppe is trying to give all the products to the distributor at a wholesale rate.

However, you will find some products at parallel rates in e-commerce stores, so you can use these products yourself, but retailing can be a bit difficult because the commission will not be that much.

By the way, the 11 types of income plans are attractive to earn a good amount of money, though it is not easy to get this income because the criteria are too tough to achieve.


  1. What is an NV shoppe? 

    NV Shoppe Sales and Marketing Private Limited is a product-based Direct Selling company in India. Company Provide all kinds of Groverry Products to your doorstep of Home and Office without hassle in Crowded Market.

  2. Who is the owner of NV Shoppe?

    Sandeep, Minaxi Yadav, and Sangeeta are the Director or you can say the owner of NV Shoppe Company Right Now.


In conclusion, NV Shoppe company has not had its own products, they sell products of other companies through its own Business Plan. I hope you’ve got all the information about NV Shoppe Sales and Marketing Private Limited company and its business plans. 

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Do you want to be a Direct Seller of NV Shoppe?

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