Period Hacks Every Woman Should Know (2024)

Period Hacks


Each women of this universe goes through this situation every month. There is a lot being throw at your body this time. Bloating, cramps, bleeding, emotional ups and downs happens by hormones on those 4-5 days.

Simple Period Hacks To Feel Better

Here are some period hacks to share with you all. 

So, Let’s get started…

1. Reducing Period Pain

Menstrual cramps are completely normal. This is caused by muscle contractions within the uterus due to release of hormones called prostaglandin.

Some women experience mild symptoms, but some goes through severe like loose stool, headaches, nausea etc. If you are going thorough severe symptoms, its better to consult a doctor.

But if your symptoms are mild, there are some hacks. 

  • Place a hot water bottle on lower abdomen or lower back.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Do some exercise like yoga, walking or swimming to increase blood flow.

Hope this will help you to reduce your pain.

2. Overcoming Odor

One more big problem is the bad smell. Sometimes its smells like sweat, but sometimes smells very bad.

You can keep that area clean by washing it off by water or intimate wash. Do not use soap in private parts. The chemicals of soap breaks the pH balance of women private parts. You can also rinse the vulva with warm water.

I repeat do not wash your vagina with soap.

If it smells really off like strong fishy or yeasty odor, and you have itching or white cottage cheese like discharge then you have yeast infection.

No need to panic, it can be happen to anyone. Yeast infection is relatively easy to treat. Just apply antifungal suppository or cream. But its better to consult with your doctor.

3. Bloating

Period bloat is a common symptom that you experience before or during the period. It makes you feel that you have gained weight or have a swollen and tight abdomen. Well, there is no exact cure but you can try some hacks to deal with this.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

protein food

Add more fruits and veggies in your meal. High Protein sources like fish , chicken, nuts, and avocado must have to take. To elevate your mood you can try dark chocolate.

When you are feeling more bloating, puffy and full, drink more Pure water. Water is your best friend in this time.

5. Do Some Exercise

what is yoga

Light exercise during period like Yoga increase blood flow that helps reduce bloating.

Hacks are discussed above. Now its time to discuss about some women health tips on period. 

We everyone want hacks to get rid off the pain of period. But, ladies it is also important to maintain a healthy living everyday not only in periods.

We, women are different from men. Our body needs extra care. So, not only period hacks but also give attention to your health dear. 

Women are special gift of god. Do not negligence with your health.

Hope this will help you in those days.

Some Health Tips On Period

Even though period is a natural process to every women life, many women still fear about this. Maybe it makes you a little bit down or tired. You may have belly aches and pains. Nothing too serious but bottle.

Ladies, if you are in too much pain or heavy bleeding consult with doctor do not wasting much time. But low level discomfort can be cured by changing your lifestyle a little bit.

1. Diet

A healthy diet is also essential for a healthy period. A healthy diet is enrich with vegetables( 5 serves daily), fruits(2 serves per day), nuts, fish, low fat dairy food, proteins and a variety of wholegrains such as rice, oats, breads, pasta etc.

Red meat and chicken are good source of protein and, especially who are in their heavy flow. Try to avoid saturated fats like cream, butter, potato chips.

If you are a coffee lover then you have to sacrifice with your taste on this days. Because caffeine is not good for period. You have to limit your caffeine. High caffeine can cause poor sleep and menstrual cramps.

2. Exercise

push up

 Light exercise helps to reduce your pain. Studies says that women who exercise daily are less suffer menstrual cramp. Not only cramps but also from mood disturbance.

Exercise release happy hormones that is serotonin and endorphins. This hormones balance your mood on these days.

3. Sleep

 Research says that women who suffer severe period problems one thing is common between them, that is sleep disturbance (Reliable Source). Poor sleep cause mood disturbance and hormone irregularities. 

This irregularity lead to menstrual cramps and irregular menstrual cycle.

So, ladies please do not compromise your sleep. This seem to be not a big issue. But my dear this neglegence may appear as a giant in future as in form of women diseases.

If you try to sleep at night, but can’t, I refer you to this article.

4. Meditation

Not only period problem stress is the main cause of all health problems. If you are stressed you suffer severe period problems. Stress lead to be experienced with poor quality of lifestyle. Meditation is one of the best way to reduce stress.

Regular relaxation is helpful in reducing period problems.

5. Nutritional Supplement

 Many of us take supplement to get rid of period. But not all supplements are helpful. Vitamin D, vitamin B6 and B1, vitamin E, Magnesium, iron, zinc is good for a healthy period. But my dear try to intake them from foods instead of taking supplement.

The Final Word

Guys who are reading this article, I hope everyone is now aware about period and know my Period Hacks. 

So please care women on those days. They are your nearer and dearer one. 

Do give attention and care about their health.

Now, I’d Like to know from you:

Do you have any other Period Hacks Which I haven’t mentioned?

Let me know in a comment.

If this article is helpful share with your family and friends. Your comment is special to us. So give your precious comment to improve ourselves more.

Disclaimer: This Health Tips or Guide are Written by our Expert Team. For any Emergency or Critical Condition, Contact your Nearest Doctor.

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