Planet Fitness Black Card: Get Gym Membership at $23

Planet Fitness

Do you want to know more about Planet Fitness Membership?

I will show you the complete details of a Planet Fitness Black Card Membership.

In this article, you will get,

  • Benefits of Planet Fitness Black Card Membership
  • Difference Between PF Black Card and Classic Membership
  • Lot’s more

So, Let’s get started…

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a Gym Training Center, founded in 1992. This Gym Training Center expands almost all over the World. You can get modern Unique Equipment here. 

Anyone can build an active and lasting Lifestyle. After completing your Planet Fitness Membership, You can enjoy unlimited access to the Home Club and Support system, and Gym Expert regular basis.

What is Planet Fitness Black Card Membership?

Planet Fitness Black Card

Planet Fitness Black Card is a special membership Plan of this Gym Training Center. The Planet Fitness Black Card load with Awesome Benefits.

The monthly cost of this Membership is 23 USD whereas the cost of Classic membership is 10 USD. PF Black Card membership is 13 Dollars more expensive than normal Classic Membership. 

Yet, you will get more advantages from Planet Fitness Gym Training Center.

Difference Between PF Black Card and Classic Membership

Membership FacilityPF Black Card MembershipClassic Membership
Unlimited Access to Home ClubAllowAllow
Fitness TrainingAllowAllow
Use of Any Planet Fitness Branch WorldwideAllow Not Allow
TrainerAllow Not Allow
Use of Hydro Massage, Massage Chairs, Tanning, and Total Body EnhancementAllow Not Allow
50% Off DrinksAllow Not Allow
Worldwide Travel DealsAllow Not Allow
20% off at Reebok ProductsAllow Not Allow

8 Key Benefits of Using Planet Fitness Black Card

Workout through Planet Fitness

Yet, Planet Fitness Black Card Membership is more expensive than normal membership.

But, the question is why expensive?

If it, Do you get more benefits from using it?


If you are a Black Card Member, You will get all the facilities of this International Gym Training Center.

So, Let’s see the all benefits of Black Card Membership.

1. You Can Enter The Other Branch of Planet Fitness Anywhere

If you are in a Normal Classic Membership, You can only use this Branch where you are admitted for the first time to pay an admission fee of 59 USD

If you travel to another place or go to a friend’s house in another place, and you want to do Gym. Now, you see, there was a Planet Fitness Center. 

You think I have a Membership, I can do it here. But, for Classic Membership, you are not allowed.

On the other hand, You are using a Black Card Membership and monthly paying 23 dollars. You will be allowed there.

In fact, there are 2000+ Branches of Planet Fitness Gym Training Center in different Countries. You can do the gym at every center.

Conclusion: If you are in Export Business or any type of Business which is for your travel in a different place and stay there. And also, you are very conscious of fitness, Planet Fitness Black Card.

The card is a very Good Option for you. In other words, if your job is Transferred to a different Place in Year.

2. Bring a Guest or Personal Fitness Trainer Every Time

A trainer or Helping People is very important for any type of Work. A trainer or support man will give you Perfect Guidance for your Work.

You can see in Baseball, Football, or any type of Game or Department, there is one Head to guide and train them.

In the same way, You need a good Fitness Trainer or Man who Helps you to do the right work. Planet Fitness gives you a Guest Facility for all Members.

But, not Personal.

Sometimes, among many people, One Trainer Can’t manage all members Perfectly. That time, you will be in the confusing Ocean.

What do I do?

What Food do I need?

So, to remove your Confusion, Planet Fitness gives the advantage to bring Trainer at the Gym, only for Black Card Members.

Conclusion: If you have knowledge of Fitness and Gym Equipment, You Don’t Need Trainer OR Support People. But, if you have zero knowledge about this, Obviously, You need a Gym Trainer.

3. Uses of Massage Chair

A massage chair is a special type of chair designed for massage. Traditional massage chairs make it easy to massage your head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, and hand.

While robotic massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to deliver a message.

In Planet Fitness, A Robotic Massage Chair is mostly used. For Black Card users, you could access this Chair.

Maybe, This is an expensive machine, that’s why it is in Premium Members only.

This is an Amazing Machine.

4. Use of Hydromassage

Hydromassage is a treatment technique that uses water and pressure jets to help massage the body and other soft tissues. In a Traditional Machine, You have to wear a bathing suit and lay in Warm Water. 

Then the machine sends Hydra Pressure adjusting Your Preference.

By the way, there is a modern method of Hydromassage use at Planet Fitness.

What is Planet Fitness Hydromassage?

Planet Fitness Hydromassage Bed requires you to recline back on its soft padding. When you sit on it, you will see an LCD screen in front of this bed.

Then, you press the Power On Button and Choose the Pressure and Speed Amount. You will keep track of it by Pressing Hold Button.

Then, you will see, How much time you with Massage. Generally, It lasts 10 Minutes. In the 10 Minutes, if you want to stop the massage, Press on Stop Button.

Once, this machine is stopped, You can safely get off.

5 Benefits of Hydromassage at Planet Fitness

1. Resting on this bed will help you to reduce back pain and Stress Instantly. You will feel the water pressure helping to relieve any tension in your Muscle and allow you to deeply relax.

The Heat from the water will also cause your body to feel very relaxed and Calm which can easily allow any stress to instantly Disappeared.

2. With the soothing sensation of Water Massaging, you can easily lul in into Sleep. This makes a great for those whose People have Sleeping Problems.

We Know, Good Sleep is very much important. We need to care on it.

Hydromassage helps you to regulate your body’s Temperature to a Warmer one which can help to encourage Sleep.

3. It can help to reduce Arthritis. The Pressure of the Water Jet can help to reduce the Pain that Arthritis can cause. While not intense, the jets are Powerful and can massage the inflammation that Disease causes. 

Similarly, Warm Water increases Blood Circulation which helps areas affected by Arthritis to feel Better.

4. It can detox your body because this machine helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body. That’s why it encourages the Bad Toxin to quickly be removed from your Body through Sweat.

 This means you will not be Healthier but feel more Energetic because those Bad Particles have been Removed.

5. Planet Fitness Hydromassage has a Special feature that You can focus on one Area while many massages help with reducing pain but sometimes they can neglect a certain area that needs extra attention.

However, With Planet Fitness Hydromassage Bed, you will be able to pause the Water Jet Pressure in certain areas for as long as you want.

So, that it can help to heal your area.

5. You Can Use Tanning Machine

Planet Fitness has a number of tanning machines that Black Card members can use, and they are branch-separated. You can get a traditional themed lay-down tanning bed or a steep tanning booth. 

You can also get a spray tan booth.

Tanning Machine a device that emits ultraviolet radiation to create a cosmetic tan. The most common device is a horizontal tanning bed, also known as a sunbed or solarium.

On the other hand, Which device is the vertical mode, that is called Tanning Booth pr Stand Up Sunbed.

PF Tanning Machine Benefits

When you are Planet Fitness Black Card Holders, You will enjoy the benefits of the Horizontal Planet Fitness Tanning Machine.

  1. The UV rays from the machine help your skin to damage the Cancer Particles in your body. This means It reduces the risk of Skin Care Indirectly.
  2. It balances your Hormone level and maintains Oil Production.
  3. UV rays have the ability to increase your metabolism by triggering your thyroid gland. And of course, we all know that when our body burns more calories our metabolism shifts to a gear that creates a calorie deficit in our organism. In this, we can say, This Tanning helps you to lose weight.
  4. Tanning reduces the stretch mark visibility in your skin.

6. Total Body Enhancement Machine

Planet Fitness Offered for Black Card Customers to use Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Machine. a booth that uses red light therapy bulbs (no harmful) combined with a vibration plate to somehow enhance you in magic.

Benefits of Total Body Enhancement Machine

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production, therefore increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • It Stimulates the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) thus giving you more energy before a workout.
  • This enhancement machine helps to flow every blood particle to the muscles and helps as an effective warm-up before a workout.
  • Helps reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

Read More: 8 Ways to Motivate when you are in Weight Loss Mission

7. 50% OFF Drinks

On the inside of the Gym, Planet Fitness gives a facility some Drinks. Similarly, You can get Lean Protein and Vegan Protein from there.

For Planet Fitness Black Card members, Every drink may be a 50% Discount. It depends on various products.

On the other hand, No Discount is available for Normal Classic Members.

8. 20% OFF at REEBOK

Do you love fashion? 

Maybe you say, OF COURSE.

Now, if you want to use Branded Products, so, for black card users, it is good news for you.

As we all know, REEBOK is a Branded Company in Fashion like Shirt, T-shirts, Belt, Shoe, and many other things. 

So, If you are a Black Card Membership, you get all kinds of Products 20% Off Discount on

Travel Benefits of Using Planet Fitness Black Card

For Black Card Holder, Planet Fitness Gives affordable travel with Vacation Getaways.

This is the Partnership of Leisure Time Passport and Planet Fitness.

If you work out in Planet Fitness with Black Card Membership, you will
grab it.

  • With Family: You can Book 3 Bedrooms including many Kitchens. 
  • Place:  Florida, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Hawaii, Australia, and more.
  • Discount Save: Trip Prices start at 379 Dollars — for a week.

 Yes, It is a Week Expense.

History of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Gym was established in 1992 in Dover, USA. Firstly, this multinational Gym looks like every small-town Gym.

People in the USA like to work out and belong to the Health Clubs, Only for, this gym served. It was a little Percentage.

Then, the Gym owner expanded its Center quickly to serve more people. They make a unique revolution in the Gym Industry by changing the Gym Environment, Format, Low-cost Models, and many more.

Planet Fitness Create a welcoming and friendly community, named, Judgement Free Zone. In this Community, every person could share their thought about Fitness and Feel Comfortable regardless of their Fitness Level.

Today, Planet Fitness has become one of the Fastest Growing and Largest gyms in the United States.

They have more than 2099 centers in 50 states in the USA. Similarly, they expanded their branches in Canada, Australia, and Latin America. And, giving those citizens a High Quality and comfortable Fitness Experience.


In conclusion, If you spend more than 13 Dollars Extra and you are a Lover of Fitness, I will Refer you to enroll in a Black Card Membership.

 As you can see, there are 4 extra machines you can use when you have a Black Card which is a Unique Style of Massage Machine.

Also, you will get more benefits from using this Membership which I already Discussed.

Now, It is your responsibility to decide what Membership of Planet Fitness is Best For you.

If you are going to another Gym, So, it is your decision.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Are you already a Classic Member of Planet Fitness and Want to Upgrade?

You are an existing Member of Planet Fitness Black Card, you leave this 

membership, By the way, Why did you leave?

Let me know in the comment.

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