Positive Thinking: How To Transform Your Life [My Story]

Positive Thinking

If you want to succeed in life, you must learn to think positively.

Thinking positively will help you to live a healthy life. Positive thinking improves your emotional health.

One thing you must know in life is that

  • What you think determines?
  • What you can achieve in life?

If you think negatively about yourself, you will always feel bad about what you do.

Even when things are working perfectly for you, you will still not see a need to cheer up. You need to find some reasons to smile a bit as a writer.

Let me tell you something, your emotional state of mind affect your choice of words to express your ideas in writing.

If you want to succeed as a writer, you need to think positively because positive thinking is the key to becoming a successful writer. Without it, you will go nowhere.

You cannot achieve any good thing if you don’t think positively. Thinking positively is one of the things that can help you to reduce your stress. Most writers, struggling with stress have this problem of thinking negatively

You need to start thinking positively about yourself to reduce how often you get stressed out. So for you to transform your life into a better one, you must learn how to think positively always.

Now, Let’s get started…

What Do You Do To Stay Positive & Strong?

This is a very interesting question that requires urgent answers. For you to live a positive life and think more positively, you need to practice the below principles as a writer.

Look at this Below.

How To Transform Your LIFE & Stay Positive

1. Associate With Innovative Minds

Don’t get tied up with negative minded people, because they will ruin your vision. As a writer, you need more inspiration to move forward every moment of your writing life.

You need someone to inspire you to do something wonderful, not make you feel horrible. Associating with innovative and positive thinkers will do you more good than with negative minded ones.

2. Disassociate With Negative People

Stop associating with negative thinkers, because they won’t help you to make a difference in life.

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You need to relate more with positive minds.

Positive minded people influence your life positively. They make you feel more energized to break limits. They make you see the beauty of working harder in life.

So If you want to stay inspired to bring out the best in you, you need to cut short every toxic relationship in your life. You need to disassociate with people that do not contribute positively to your life.

Because people closely connected to you has a lot of roles to play in your daily success and failure. If you don’t make the right choice of friends, you will get the follow up with a negative result.

When you associate with positive thinkers or surround yourself with positive people, you will be deeply influenced by their positive attitude. You will find it more possible to make good choices.

3. My Experience As A Writer

Even as a writer myself, I have enjoyed a lot of these benefits from positive and innovative friends around me. Sometimes I feel reluctant to write something new on my blog for my audience.

Do you know what?

I get reminded by my friends to go and write something.

You might not know how inspiring it is to get reminded to do something by a positive thinking friend. But I tell you, it is so inspiring, lovely and supportive in nature. Sometimes, they even remind you of your future as a successful you.

They drop you some motivational lines that make you feel more encourage and energetic to launch out your plans. Even when it might seem like a difficult task for you to carry out.

Oh! What a fantastic experience to have.

No one will like to miss this very one. I mean no writer will deny that he or she does not concerning their efforts. feel good to hear a good comment.

I derive a lot of joy from this very experience. It makes me burst out in joy. It triggers me to start working on my next great piece.

3. Think Outside The Box

Think out of Box

This is the point where good motivation from friends will help you as a writer. When things get tougher, getting innovative friends around you to share your challenge with, will help you find it easier to think outside the box.

Thinking outside the box require a bit of motivation, be it self-motivation or ones from positive thinking friends.

But I bet you, ones from positive minded friends will help you a lot. So if you want to get inspired to think outside the box to write an engaging blog post, you should associate more with positive thinkers as friends.

Because, they won’t bore you up, they will always have something great to tell you that will spark up your curiosity to do something unique.

Let me tell you something about me, I became a blogging enthusiast as a result of one of the inspiring stories my tech-savvy friend shared with me.

Now, One question comes to your mind,

How to think Outside of the Box?

I recommend you to watch this video. In this video, Sandeep Maheshwari clear you Question (Step -by-Step).

4. Believe In Your Will Power

That story lighted up my will power to begin my blogging journey. So, what am I trying to relate to you?

What I am saying is that, if you associate more with positive friends, it will help you to make good use of your will power.

They will encourage you with positive stories that will make you hold on to that vision you have in your mind.

They can even help you to envision something great you would never think of to be possible. I never thought writing could be this helpful to me.

The truth is that I have always had this zeal to help people do things I love to do easily.

What exactly am I trying to relate to you? 

When you have positive thinking friends around you, they will inspire you to do wonders you would never think you can do yourself. In addition to this, they will also help you to develop your positive thinking habit.

Obviously for you to develop your positive thinking habit as a writer, you will need to make good use of your will power. You will have to believe in yourself more than in anything else.

Don’t let that bad experience you had to pull you back.

Just let your past go, move on with the mindset of making something great out of your effort. If you lack something, ask for help, don’t keep your worries to yourself.

 After all, that is what positive thinking fellows do. They are so open to ideas from others.

If you want to become good at anything in life, you need to practice and ask for help when you need one. Find a way to get help for yourself, don’t be too self-centered.

Self-centered writers struggle with common issues because they don’t want to learn from other’s experiences. So as a positive thinker, you should strive to learn more from other successful people around you.

Don’t let your pride hunt you down. Put it aside and relate closely with other positive minds like you.

5. Take Responsibility Instead Of Complaints


If you have been complaining about things not working for you. It is high time you stop it, it won’t help you to think positively about yourself. Excessive complaints make you look weak and incapacitated.

You need to take responsibility for every outcome of your actions. Learn to accept it that if it doesn’t work this way. Then something needs to be done.

Of course, you need to do something else to clean up the mess. You don’t need to yield to your fears.

You should know that anything that does not help you to grow is against you. Your fears are an enemy to your efforts.

Because it won’t let you do something useful to help yourself. It will only hold you down to accept your defeat and remain defeated. Which I know you don’t want that for yourself.

6. Stay Focus Always

You don’t have to let your worries control your thoughts. One thing you should always know is that to every challenge there is a great benefit attached to it.

You can learn a lot from that very challenge you are having now that will help you become more successful in the future than those who never experience the same.

So always stay focus on anything you do, and remember positive thinking is never an option, it is a must-have attribute to become a successful person in life.

That is why, you need to stay focus if you want to develop your positive thinking habit as a writer.

When you maintain a high level of focus in whatever you do, it will help you to be positive about things you want to achieve in life.

Staying focus on what you do will help you to build that quality that will help you to think more positively about whatever you do.

The truth remains, focus minded people are always positive thinking people. They don’t believe in negative ideas, they are always positive minded.

So, if you stay focus on whatever you do, you will find out that you will be thinking more positively about yourself than you have ever been doing before.

7. Think But Act More

Everything is not just all about thinking. You need to take some actions to make your thoughts meaningful. Moreover, it is best to take more actions than you think when it comes to writing.

The positive thinking principle entails that you take action to support your thoughts. Because sometimes, our inner critics make us look so bad even when we are loaded with beautiful ideas that will be useful to our audiences.

Sometimes you might find it very difficult to envision the outcome of your thought. This shouldn’t be a big problem for you only if you are ready to experiment with your immediate ideas.

You need to develop the little ideas you have to get more in-depth ones.

Sometimes, taking a particular action might give you a clearer understanding of what next is needed to sort out that big challenge of yours.

You need to start somewhere to get to a particular destination. You need more actions to complement your thoughts to make it a reasonable one.

8. Appreciate What You Have

Don’t be over goals conscious, you need to create some time to reflect on the little you have achieved. You need to appreciate your ideas, to feel more inspired to take more fruitful actions.

If someone gave you some help, don’t fail to stop by and say thank you to them. Doing this will help you to build a more robust and beneficial relationship for yourself.

One thing you need to know is that your connection in life as a writer matters a lot when it comes to becoming successful. You need to appreciate yourself and people that offer you useful advice too.

Positive Thinking: The Final Word

In Conclusion, Don’t over scramble for more success to the point of forgetting to say thank you to your friends for their contribution to your success.

And don’t forget to leave a comment behind if these ideas help you to think more positively as a writer.

NOW, I’d like to know from you:

  • What do you do, When you feel Depressed?
  • Do you really surrounded with Positive and High Ambition type Person?

If, YES.

  • What they do, Business or Job?
  • By the way, What do you do Professionally?

Let me Know in Comment Section RIGHT NOW.

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