5 Ways To Promote Network Marketing Business Online Like Sonu Sharma

This is the Ultimate guide to Promote Network Marketing Business Online.

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT your average Strategy to ‘increase your Downline Through Online‘ predictions post.

Promote Network Marketing Business Online

Yes, I’ll cover the most important Way to Promote Network Marketing Business Online, this year 2021 which I have analyzed from the Top MLM Leaders of India, what they have been doing.

One research by John M. Taylor shows the dark truth about Network marketing that, 0.04% is the success rate of Network Marketing. But, in this internet era, the success percentage maybe increase, if you use new strategies.

So if you’re looking for the effective Way to Promote Your Legal Multi-level Marketing Business Online,

you’ll love Trick.

1. Creating a Website or a Blog

create a Blog

Believe me, It is a great and easy way to promote your Network Marketing Business.

I am sure that most Multi-level Marketers who are reading this article have no idea how to create a website. And, that’s why they will try to ignore this promotional method but I believe it is much easier than you think.

If you spend a lot of time building a website and doing some SEO to rank your Article in Google and Bing, you can get high-quality MLM leads internationally.

Thousand of people worldwide search Google for Top Network Marketing companies and other detailed information. Your website needs to be optimized so that your website appears on the first page of Google for many keywords.

In addition, when any of your Network Marketing Post ranks in Google 1st Position, you will get lots of traffic daily on your site and you will place Ads to earn money freely.

That way, people will visit your website, read about your Multi-level Marketing organization, and if they like and appreciate it, they’ll contact you for more information.

You can go to this article to know the process of Creating Blog.

2. Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the Fastest Growing and Very Popular Applications of Google Playstore. People can make a video and share it on this Platform.

Also, It is the 2nd Largest Search Engine on the Internet after Google.

In this case, You can Promote your Network Marketing or Direct Selling Business in 2 Ways.

  1. Making your Own Video and Channel
  2. Comment on other Videos

1. Making Own Video and Channel

First of all, You need to good Camera or Phone to shoot video. Then you need a good quality Microphone for recording Voice and you can also make additional set up.

After completing your Channel, First, make a Motivational Videos Some days. When your channel will grow and popular, then you can publish your Company related Video Where you can share your Company’s vision, mission, Products, and plans.

In this process, you will get some quality customers and Business Partner to your Business.

2. Comment on other Video

This is not the best but not a Bad Method. In this case, you have to Put your Company Related Company or you can use this Script.

“Hi, I have been working in one of the largest Network Marketing Companies in India If you want to join, Call this Number 0000000000.”

3. Google Adwords

This is one of the best ways to promote your MLM business.

Keep in mind, To use this Programme, you have to spend some money from your Pocket.

At first, You need to create a Google AdWords account, pay by credit card or internet banking, and then create your ads.

Basically, Google ads are used to promote or advertise Products and Services which are initiatives by Digital Marketers. Some people say this Search Engine Marketing.

In fact, the Big Company, Google, and Microsoft also use the Search Engine Marketing Practice to advertise their own New Product.

So, Why Do you not?

By the way, if you already create a website, you can also advertise your Website content with these Methods.

Within few minutes, your ad will appear on the first page of Google with all possible keywords. You will get quality traffic to your website and your downline can grow very fast.

Used properly, this option alone can grow your network very quickly.

4. Promote Network Marketing Business Through Facebook

You can create a Facebook page with the name of your MLM organization.

Then you need to promote your Facebook page so that people like your Facebook page, become a fan, and become your customer in the future.

Keep in mind, Do not Spam by Posting only your Company Products at all times. Because it is very irritating for your user. Post some Motivation and Informational Post some time.

This Practice will enjoy your Member.

Use this link to create a Facebook page. You can choose the Vanity URL for your Facebook page.

For example, Facebook.com/MyNetworkMarketingCompany instead of a very long URL.

You should use a professional profile photo and cover photo so that your FB page looks professional.

You need to update your page daily with MLM news from around the world or your organization’s news, new updates, rewards structure, your company’s inspiration story, etc. so that your fans are engaged on your FB page.

You can also use the feature provided by Facebook ads. You can get thousands of potential followers for a few thousand rupees.

More FB followers mean more conversions.

5. Promote through Comments & Forums on MLM topics

This is another great way to promote your MLM business.

You need to find a blog, Website, or Youtube Video that have Shared Information on MLM and network marketing. You need to leave a good comment with your company description and contact number. So that others can see it and contact you.

If you use this method, Maybe it is possible to rank your Comment in Google with MLM Related posts with the Help of your Company’s Keyword.

So this way, you can do a Google search on MLM with different keywords and leave your comments on the site you are searching for.

One of the great ways to Promote your Network Marketing Bussines through Youtube Videos. There are many Big big Bussiness Related Youtube channels with Million subscribers like Dr. Vivek Bindra, Sonu Sharma, Ujjal Patani, Pushkar Raj Takhur.

You can leave a comment in their Business Related Videos.

Another way to promote online is through MLM forums. There are hundreds of high traffic forums in network marketing. You can do a Google search with keywords like MLM forum or network marketing forum.

You can join this forum and contribute to the Q&A. You can promote your MLM organizations through signature links or Q&A. This is another great way to promote Network business Online.

You need to find blogs that have written articles on MLM and network marketing. You need to leave a good comment with your company description and contact number so that others can see it and contact you.

You can also put your comment in this post. I give you permission. Already I got some comment in this Post where I Publish some information about one of the Company, SVPS Ltd.


So, Hope you know, How You Can Promote Your Network Marketing Business Online.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which Online Strategy from today’s guide are you going to try first?

Are you going to publish “A Blog”?

Or work on improving your Youtube Channel.

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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