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smart value Protein Powder

Smart Value Protein Powder: Pure NOURISH Protein Powder is a rich source of high-quality natural isolated Soy Protein.

However, Isolated Soy Protein contains more quality pure Protein & Amino Acids than ordinary Soy Protein sources.

A 10g serving of NOURISH Protein Powder provides 7.5g of Soy Protein.

Smart Value Nourish Protein Powder is an ideal food supplement. It fulfills the basic need of Protein for vegetarians. Although, This Protein Powder is free from health-depleting impurities like modern-day’s other Protein sources.

Basically, NOURISH Protein Powder is naturally rich in

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins

Now, Let’s dive into this topic…

Smart Value Protein Powder for Kids 

[su_quote]Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day. — Taylor Hanson[/su_quote]

Nourish Protein Powder contains many essential nutrients important for the physical & mental growth of children.

 That is to say, it works well as a primary source of Protein without contributing excess calories. NOURISH Protein Powder’s different food preparations are readily accepted and enjoyed by children as tasty alternatives to meat and dairy. 

So, here are all benefits of Protein Powder for kids.

NOURISH Protein Powder can provide additional fiber to kid’s diets.
In the same vein, It is a good source to check obesity among children.

It’s a balanced source of nutrients required for the growing tissue and cells
Moreover, it blends easily with their favorite food, like shakes and cereals.

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Smart Value Protein Powder for Women 

Firstly, I say that Preliminary research suggests, that a diet rich in Soy Protein may have several health benefits for women.

Moreover, It prevents Ostepories. Protein Powder provides relief from Menopause and reduced the risk of Breast cancer

It is widely believed that due to the tradition of consumption of Soy Protein in eastern countries. For example, China & Japan have a lower occurrence of Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis.

NOURISH Protein Powder for Men 

Similarly, Studies suggest that Soy has plenty of health benefits for men from lowering cholesterol levels to protecting against Prostate Cancer.

 Due to the high consumption of Soy Protein China & Japan have a lower occurrence of Heart Diseases & Prostate Cancer.

According to research, Indian men are genetically prone to Heart Diseases. On the other hand, Nourish Protein Powder contains isoflavones that benefit men, as it helps in reducing cholesterol in Blood and Promotes healthy blood circulation.

This Powder as a part of a well-balanced diet is very important to a physically active individual and helps in reaching an optimal level of health.

Smart Value Protein Powder for Older People 

Other people need more nutrients than younger people do because the physiological changes associated with aging are accompanied with aging by changes in the absorption and metabolism of the nutrients.

However, as energy requirements decrease, the Protein density of the diet should be Greater for both men and women

Protein Containing foods such as Lean Meat, Milk and dairy foods, eggs, and pulses should be eaten. For people whose diet includes only vegetarian food, NOURISH Protein Powder is an ideal way to add the required amount of Protein in the Diet.

Smart Value Protein powder helps in Weight Management 

To lead a healthy life, Weight management is also important. But during today’s busy life many of us are unable to maintain our weight properly. Due to its high fiber content, soy foods in daily diet benefit any weight loss program.

Nourish Protein Powder helps to incorporate soy protein into our daily diet. It makes us feel more satisfied and less hungry until our next meal. This is beneficial for weight management and control.

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Smart Value Protein Powder Price: 

Above all, If you want to buy Protein Powder in India, this is the best option for you.

There are 2 available quantities of Smart Value Nourish Protein Powder. Above all, the price of Nourish Protein Powder is below.

VolumePrice in M.R.P
500g1499 INR
200g749 INR

Nutritional facts of Nourish Protein Powder in Per 10g 

So, guys, here are the all nutritional facts of Protein Powder.

Energy41 kcal
Protein7.5 g
Carbohydrate2.14 g
Fat0.31 g
Vitamin B13.45 mg
Vitamin B22.75 mg
Vitamin B60.84 mg
Vitamin B122 mcg
Vitamin A474 IU
Folic Acid120 mcg
Magnesium20 mg
Manganese50 mcg
Copper211 mcg
Potassium80 mg
Calcium65 mg
Iron0.28 mg

Essential Amino Acids per serving of 10g:

  • Isoleucine                         399 mg
  • Leucine                             718 mg
  • Lysine                               505 mg
  • Methionine and cysteine   253 mg
  • Phenylalanine & tyrosine 728 mg
  • Threonine                          359 mg
  • Tryptophan                      129 mg
  • Valine                                457 mg
  • Histidine                            212 mg

Benefits of Smart Value Protein Power 

Here are the Ultimate health benefits of Nourish Protein Powder, following below

  • It helps in keeping bones strong.
  • Also, It helps in reducing bad Ldl and increasing good Ldl.
  • It helps in maintaining good health for all age groups.
  • This Powder helps in weight management.
  • It helps maintain colon health.
  • This Powder reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • It helps in improving prostate functions.
  • Highly, It helps in strengthing the immune system.
  • It can assist in Diabetes and also help to assist ease on kidneys too.
  • Similarly, It provides relief from menopause.

Add Smart Value Protein Powder to our daily Diet 

NOURISH Protein Powder is in a fine powder form and has practically no taste or flavor. Also, It blends with all kinds of dishes without altering their taste or appearance.

We can add it to wheat flour before making dough for roti, or paratha. Coming to mouth-watering desserts, just add a little of NOURISH protein powder to Kheer or Rabri and enjoy the Nourishing benefits or simply sprinkle it into soup, milk, or juice before drinking it.


To maintain the healthy growth of our body, we must eat protein. 50% of required protein can be obtained from the food we eat and the remaining 50% can be obtained from NOURISH protein powder.


In short, I recommended this Protein Powder is the best choice for you.

After all, you know all of the information about Smart Value Nourish Protein Powder in this article. Also, I recommended this not only to you but also for all to buy this product.


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