How A Pune Direct Selling Company Earned 419 Crore INR Despite Lockdown

Sujit Jain Pune Direct Selling Company Earned 419 Crore
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An Indian Direct Selling Company of Pune Earned Revenue of 419 Crore Indian Rupees in 2020-2021. In 2019-2020, they only earned Rs.270 Corers and jumped their revenue almost 2x in 2020-21.

The company stands on one of the lists that have beaten the economic showdown that accompanied the pandemic.

Sujit Jain, the chairman and managing director of the company Netsurf Network say, they are targeting 650 Crores rupee in 2021-22 Business Year. Because the growth of all direct selling companies knows, how is it to make revenue in this  Covid-19 pandemic?

The Data will curios to the buyer or people. Unlike the before year, People became more health and agriculture conscious than using cosmetics products.

Sujit Jain, Managing Director and Chairman of Netsurf Network says,  “I think a lot of people went back to farming as a way of earning their livelihood. They also became more concerned about using nutritional products to boost their health.”

The epidemic has changed all businesses, not only Netsurf but also much more Top Health Wellness MLM Companies in the world. 

Now, the Direct selling business is not Door-to-Door, it is Mobile-to-Mobile.

 With people sitting at home with their doors closed, the company can no longer rely on direct sales from individuals. They respond to their mobile app with pressure between distributors and retailers. When the distribution network delivers products, people can now use the mobile app to promote transactions and business.

This Pandemic have changed all fundamental. From individual person to Screen has the greatest impact on the Business.

 Sujit Jain declares that they have 6.5 Lakh apps downloaded users and 3.5 lakh out of 6.5 lakhs were downloaded in the last year.

So that, you can understand, How People are active on their Mobile Phone.

The core number of direct sellers of Netsurf also increased during the epidemic – with more people returning to their villages and small towns, a 75% increase over last year. “This is the incredible growth that we have seen throughout our history,” says Jain.

This Multi-Level Marketing Company, Netsurf Network is available in almost every state of India.

In Addition, the founder and managing director of Netsurf Network, Sujit Jain say,
“We were to expand into the US and Thailand, but the pandemic delayed the plans. The US is the cradle of the direct selling industry and would be the best place to reach the world, while Thailand would push our Look East Policy”.

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