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In this post, I am going to share with you the Qnet Products Price list along with basic information about companies. 

Qnet Ltd, formerly known as Qnet, is a Hong Kong-based Multi-level Marketing Company. Only this company face the highest number of controversy and allegation, though, Qnet is registered in the list of Legal Direct Selling companies of India.

Basically, the joining fees of Qnet is too high than other company, that’s why there are rumors that Qnet is an Illegal Pyramid Scheme.

Even after facing all the controversies, Qnet is still actively working and has successfully completed around 22 years in the Direct Selling industry. 

Apart from all the controversy and allegations, Qnet is one of the rare MLM companies that has spent money on marketing. On the other hand, Qnet has sponsored many international sports like the Olympic games, FIFA world cups, and many more tournaments.

qnet india products

So, In this article, we will view the Qnet products price list PDF.

As you already know at the beginning of this post, I will share with you the Qnet Products Price List. But, before looking at the list of Vihaan direct selling products, Let’s summarize the company profile of Qnet.

So, let’s get started

Qnet Company Profile

Company NameQnet Limited or Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd.
LLPIN/CIN No.U52399KA2011PTC060730
Started 1998
FounderMalou Caluza
ProductsHealth Wellness, Beauty and Personal Care, Watches, Jewellery
Registered Office in India Hong Kong
Email IDsupport.centre@qnetindia.in
Qnet India Company Profile

Qnet India Products Category

Qnet company has a wide range of Products. The price of Qnet products is too high compared to other Direct Selling companies. According to the official portal, There are 4 categories of Qnet new products available in the company.

  1. Health Wellness 
  2. Home and Living
  3. Watches and Jewellery
  4. Beauty and Personal Care 
  5. Education
  6. Technology

Qnet India Products Price List 2023

This is a Qnet products price list. Mainly, Qnet India products have been divided into 4 categories Health Wellness, Home and Living, Watches and Jewellery, Beauty, and Personal Care. If you want to buy any of the Qnet company products or you are an existing Direct Seller of Qnet International and want to know more information about Qnet all products and to buy Qnet products online, this price list of Qnet India is very beneficial for you.

Moreover, you can also download the Qnet products price list PDF at the bottom of the products rate list of Qnet India. Basically, I added a Google Drive Link to the PDF file of Qnet products prices in India here.

So, Let’s Get Started with the Qnet India products price list.

1. Qnet Health & Wellness Products Price List

Qnet company have a total of 32 Qnet health & wellness products such are Nutriplus Busy Bee Honey Assorted Pack, Nutriplus Busy Bee Honey Basic Pack- Jamun, Nutriplus Celesteal Premium Tea- Revive, Nutriplus Gut Health, and many more. Here is the Price list of health & wellness products of this company. Moreover, you can also Download the PDF file of this price list at the bottom of the content.

SR No.Product NameMRP (In INR)Pack Size
1Nutriplus BoneHealth — Basic Pack2,13060 Tablets x 2
2Nutriplus Busy Bee Honey Assorted Pack1,640Pack of 3
3Nutriplus Busy Bee Honey Basic Pack- Eucalyptus1,640Pack of 3
4Nutriplus Busy Bee Honey Basic Pack- Jamun1,640Pack of 3
5Nutriplus Busy Bee Honey Basic Pack-Indian Laurel1,640Pack of 3
6Nutriplus Celesteal – Kahwa Tea2,00030bags x 2
7Nutriplus Celesteal – Rose Tea2,00030bags x 2
8Nutriplus Celesteal Premium Tea- Renew2,000100g x 2
9Nutriplus Celesteal Premium Tea- Revive2,000100g x 2
10Nutriplus Celesteal-Apple Cinnamon Tea2,00030bags x 2
11Nutriplus EDG37,02030 Sachets
12Nutriplus EDG3 x 1067,81030 Sachets x 10
13Nutriplus EDG3 x 1281,43030 Sachets x 12
14Nutriplus EDG3 x 213,75030 Sachets x 2
15Nutriplus EDG3 x 320,58030 Sachets x 3
16Nutriplus EDG3 x 641,09030 Sachets x 6
17Nutriplus EDG3 x534,22030 Sachets x 5
18Nutriplus FibreFit — Duo Pack3,87030 Sachets x 2
19Nutriplus FibreFit — Single Pack2,08030 Sachets
20Nutriplus Gut Health2,710Single
21Nutriplus Gut Health duo Pack5,20060 Capsules x 2
22Nutriplus Kids Protein Powder Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor Nutriplus ImmunHealth2,430 Single
23Nutriplus ImmunHealth Duo Pack4,62030 Capsules x 2
24Nutriplus Kids Protein Power ChocoButter Cookie Flavor2,430Single
25Nutriplus ImmunHealth2,390Single
26Nutriplus Natose Stevia — Basic Pack2,13050ml x 3
27Nutriplus Nature DiabaHealth — Duo Pack3,80060 Capsules x 2
28Nutriplus Nature DiabaHealth — Single Pack1,98060 Capsules
29Nutriplus Qafe – Duo Pack4,580Pack of 2
30Nutriplus Qafe – Single Pack2,390Single
31Nutriplus SkinHealth — Basic Pack2,13030 Capsules x 2
32Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil2,570Pack of 2 (250 ml x 2)

2. Qnet Home and Living products Price List

Qnet company has a total of 13 Qnet home and living products such are Air pure zayn, ORITSU Blossom, ORITSU Mosaic Euphoria, ORITSU Grandeur, and many more. Here you will see and also can able to Download the price list of Qnet home and living products at the bottom of the content.

SR No.Product NameMRP (In INR)Pack Size
1Air pure zayn69,950Single
2KENT QNET Smart Alkaline Mineral RO Water Purifier39,340Single
3ORITSU Blossom62,900Set of 30 Pcs
4ORITSU Mosaic Euphoria89,900 Set of 54 Pcs
5ORITSU Glitz62,900Set of 30 Pcs
6ORITSU Grandeur1,74,600Set of 71 Pcs
7ORITSU Mistique1,13,450Set of 71 Pcs
8ORITSU Euphoria1,74,600Set of 47 Pcs
9ORITSU Platina89,900Set of 47 Pcs
10ORITSU Rhaya red174,600Set of 71 Pcs
11ORITSU Sultan crown113,450Set of 54 Pcs
12SHARP QNET Zensational Air Purifier97,620Single
13SHARP-QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier40,570Single

3. Qnet Watches Price list and Qnet Jewellery with price

Qnet limited company has a total of 39 Qnet watch brands and Qnet Jewellery products. The company has a collection of many Qnet ladies’ watches and Qnet gold Jewellery such as Chairos Amore Couple Watch, Chairos Diva, Chairos Silver Mist Ladies, and many more. This is a list of Qnet products watches prices and Qnet products Jewellery prices. Moreover, you can also Download the PDF file of this price list at the bottom of the content.

SR No.Product NameMRP (In INR)Pack Size
1Chairos Alpine Neo (Stainless Steel)64,940Single
2Chairos Alpine Neo LS63,850Single
3Chairos Amore Couple Watch114,380Single
4Chairos Aquatica (Leather)64,450Single
5Chairos Aquatica SS66,270Single
6Azure Gents66,380Single
7 Azure Ladies65,950Single
8Chairos Crusader (Leather) Automatic109,300Single
9Chairos Crusader SS112,350Single
10Chairos Diva29,980Single
11Chairos Essenza Ladies63,250Single
12Chairos Exagon (Leather)65,260Single
13Chairos Exagon (Stainless Steel)65,260Single
14Chairos Florette GP64,950Single
15Chairos Florette SS63,950Single
16Chairos La Belle Pink Watch – Leather Strap63,410Single
17Chairos La Belle Pink Watch – Stainless Steel63,410Single
18Chairos La Belle White – Leather Strap63,410Single
19Chairos La Belle White – Stainless Steel63,410Single
20Chairos Latitude LS88,350Single
21Chairos Latitude SS89,720Single
22Chairos Lynette89,510Single
23Chairos Maya Black61,710Single
24Chairos Maya White61,710Single
25CHAIROS Signature Cardinal Black181,000Single
26CHAIROS Signature Cardinal White181,000Single
27Chairos Signature Opus GP176,000Single
28Chairos Signature Opus SS175,000Single
29Chairos Silver Mist Gents64,950Single
30Chairos Silver Mist Ladies64,360Single
31Chairos Starlet29,980Single
32Chairos Vector Silicone66,770Single
33Chairos Vector SS67,860Single
34Chairos Wizard (Stainless Steel)32,370Single
35Chairos Wizard GP31,120Single
36Cimier Qnet 20th Anniversary Watch319,150Single
37Mecanique Watch Diamond327,000Single
38Mecanique Watch-Rose Gold208,800Single
39Striker Victory Watch-Green189,400Single

4. Qnet Beauty Products and Personal Care Price List 

Qnet company have a total of 17 Qnet beauty and personal care products such are Beyoute Argan Care For Men, BeYouTe Deep Cleansing & Purifying Gel, BeYouTe Fortifying Toning Lotion, BeYouTe Protective Day Cream, and many more. Here is the Price list of Qnet beauty products and personal care products. Moreover, you can also Download the PDF file of this price list at the bottom of the content.

SR No.Product NameMRP (In INR)Pack Size
1Beyoute Argan Care For Men2,600100ml
2Beyoute Argan Care For Women2,600100ml
3Beyoute Argan Care For Women + Beyoute Argan Care For Men5,050100ml + 100ml
4BeYouTe Deep Cleansing & Purifying Gel3,240125 ml
5BeYouTe Deep Moisturising Body Lotion3,190200 ml
6BeYouTe Forever Skin glow51,000 
7BeYouTe Fortifying Toning Lotion3,280200 ml
8BeYouTe Lifting & Firming Eye Zone Gel3,94020 ml
9BeYouTe Micellar Water S & H Cleanser3,240200 ml
10BeYouTe Nourishing Hand Cream2,70075 ml
11BeYouTe Protective Day Cream5,76050 ml
12BeYouTe Refreshing Moisturising Mask5,70075 ml
13BeYouTe Restoring Night Cream5,98050 ml
14BeYouTe Revitalising Radiant Face Serum7,56030 ml
15BeYouTe Set (without pouch)37,720 
16BioSilver 22 Gel  — Duo Pack6,340100ml x 2
17BioSilver 22 Gel — Single Pack3,300100ml

Qnet Products Price List PDF Download

At the last part of the rate list post, If you want really the Qnet products list pdf on your Mobile Phone or Laptop, Kindly click the Button to Download the  PDF file via Google Drive.

Qnet Joining Fees

There is no Joining or registration fee in Qnet India, as per Direct Selling Guidelines. Only you have to purchase some products package from Qnet to become a Direct Seller of Qnet.


  1. What are the products Categories in QNET?

    1. Health Wellness 
    2. Home and Living
    3. Watches and Jewellery
    4. Beauty and Personal Care 
    5. Education
    6. Technology

  2. Why are QNET products expensive?

    Qnet Products are Generally available at an affordable price compared to others in the market. But, in some cases, Some Products of Qnet are very expensive because of their Unique Idea and Good Quality Materials.


I hope you have got the list of all Qnet products India and also the PDF file of the Price list of Qnet products from this blog Post. In addition, you also got a chance to know the Joining fees of the company.

Now, I’d like to know you:

As a Direct seller of Qnet What are your favorite products?

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