5 Questions To Ask, If A Friend Is Part Of An MLM

Questions To Ask, If A Friend Is Part Of An MLM
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Are you listen to this line from your friend,

  • Hey Buddy, Kindly Buy this product from me, your skin will be very cured.
  • Hi, kindly Purchase this combo of these Products and join with my Multi-level marketing Company.

Maybe, you listen, and you are in confusion, What to do?

If your Friend Is Part Of An MLM and asks you to buy their Products and join their company, it is very hard to refuse them.

Even, if you think the product quality is not good and overpriced, but your friend says, it is very good quality Products and the Price is suitable according to their quality. The situation is very tough to manage between your Mind and the words of your friend.

They believe it is still tempting to buy something to support them as a legitimate business venture.

However, what you are doing is giving them false hope that these could be rare MLM business success stories.

Instead of buying products, be helpful in explaining why your friend decided to join an MLM.

You can Encourage them to sit down with you and kindly Politely discuss and calculate some common things like;

  • How much the expenses for buying the Products?
  • What is the cost of MLM Products?
  • What is the Guarantee of the quality of these Products?
  • Have any extra taxes include when they get their Profits?

And also remember this question How Much Money they earn from the sale each month.

You have to ask this question to aware if your friend is either on Profit Bench or in Loss Bench.

The Bottom Line

I showed you what to do if your Family Member or Friend Is Part Of An MLM and asked you to buy their MLM Products.

Basically, I face this situation, that’s why, i shared my experience with you.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Which MLM Company’s Products, your friend say?

Let me know in the comment.

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