RMCL Business Plan: The Real Truth of the Scam

RMCL Business Plan Scam
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In this post, I am going to discuss a Multi-level Marketing Company, RMCL. In a few past years, there are many controversies happened about this company.

Basically, RMCL is running Money Marketing Pyramid Scheme and makes Crores from the Scam.

RMCL is one of the disparate MLM companies in the Share market. The same RMCL has been one of the legal direct selling company lists.

Today’s article will give you information about the RMCL Business Scam and How the Committed Fraud in the name of Multi-Level Marketing.

RMCL Business Plan

Radha Madhav Corporation Limited is located in Daman. RMCL founded in 1994.

RMCL is registered under MCA on January 7, 2005. Mitesh Agrawal and Abhishek Agrawal, who is brother, are the current managing Director.

RMCL is said to be a simple product selling company before becoming an MLM company, later in 2014, RMCL launched its MLM plan. Initially, RMCL worked based on Generation Plan.

RMCL came into controversy when their RMCL Business Plan came.

RMCL Galaxy Business Plan

RMCL has started their plan, named Galaxy Plan, keeping an eye on Future Maker, as Future-Maker made a lot of money at the time. Future Maker’s plan was money-circulation fraud

Due to their illegal activity which its Hisar, Haryana headquarters was attacked and Future-Maker was closed.

Seeing this, RMCL also shut down its Galaxy plan, because they knew their turn could come as a future maker.

Both RMCL and Future-Maker first invested Rs 10,000 in the name of buying products and then asked for some shares, in return for which there was a provision to pay a certain amount for a few months.

All in all, there was only money circulation in the name of MLM.

For This type of Illegal, fraud company using the name of MLM and in society the good reputation of Multi-level marketing is decreasing.

Multi-level marketing or Network Marketing is a full-proof Legal and Powerful business model in India and all over the world.

RMCL said they came up with the plan for the benefit of their big leader, but cheating for the benefit is a shocking thing.

RMCL’s fraudulent Galaxy plan can be understood from the video below that was discontinued a few years ago.

After close their RMCL Galaxy Business Plan, they had also brought their own Plan. By the way, they have fewer direct sellers. Because they lost their direct seller for the lack of trust in the company.

Phyto Atmoy

RMCL is now returning to the direct sales industry with its new name Phyto Atmay. Phyto Atmoy has a range of Ayurvedic products, each with its own separate Multi-level Marketing plan.

The Bottom Line

So, I hope you liked this article and find it informative about RMCL. 

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Did you join this company before?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

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